Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marni Many

They are at it again.  Not even letting themselves cool off after the epic Versace for H&M do they announce their next collaboration.  The latest designer collab for H&M will be with the Italian design house of Marni, hitting stores in March of 2012.  Known for their boheminanesque designs Marni is the master of print and patterns.  The collection will be available both online and in over 250 stores, for both the ladies and the fellas.  It will feature both their iconic clothing and accessories.  Like all the past designer collabs not need to invest your life savings in one shirt; this stuff will be affordable.  Looking back on her favorite pieces founder Consuelo Castiglioni wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by using their signature fabrics and prints. Like the higher priced versions it will have the classic juxtaposition of prints and colors, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic and adding sporty utilitarian elements, which gives it that classic Marni touch.  This collection will not follow the trends, but rather set them.   

Ladies, be prepared for vivid colors mixed with bold prints.  You may be drawn to the simple color block patterns that scream Marni or the African inspired prionts.  Sillouettes are going to be in the Marni staple from full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped pants to jacquard knits.  Top the look off with jewelry, shoes, bags and scarves.  Boys, the prints will be more subtle for you, but it will be 100% classic Italian quality.  The Marni for H&M collaboration is the perfect way to start your spring wardrobe out on the right foot.  Since Nashville does not have an H&M (COME ON!),  March 8th, I will be glued to my computer adding the whole collection to my cart.  Hopefully, this won't be another Missoni for Target crash down situation. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

West Egg is Over Scrambled

So I am visiting the bestie in Atlanta this weekend and we wanted to chow down on Southern food.  Sure I can get it in Nashville, but I do not get out much.  Being a grad student is time consuming.  So we first try JCT, 2 hour wait.  Since my stomach was about to eat itself we made a reszzie for a different night and moved on to West Egg which was just down the street.  Well let’s say this place was promising.  I looked at the menu and nothing pushed 15 bucks.  This budget queen was happy as a clam.  Then we sit down and everyone is so excited to order their Southern favorites.  Then the waiter is chipper to take our order and kindly tells the party they are out of a good portion of items on the menu.  No soup, no chicken and dumplings, no this and no that.  Since half the menu is basically wiped out we start to get creative with what we would like to order.  Since we have the world’s largest Deviled Egg fan at the table we think maybe we could scarf down some of those while we rethink our order.  Those pesky eggs are served on a platter with other Southern delicacy we just could not get behind.  Thinking the waiter would be accommodating, we asked if it were possible to just order those eggs, but he just could not.  The pathetic excuse we got, the computer can’t key in a special request.  We ordered what we could; the food was tasty.  We moved on to dessert. The banana pudding was outstanding and the red velvet cake was how it’s supposed to taste.  I do not understand the red velvet cake, but I do understand the rest of the world loves it.  Being adventurous we also ordered the Coca Cola cupcake to honor our meal in the ATL.  Well someone else must have gotten the cupcake because our table was served a brick disguised as a cute little dessert.  So the moral of this story is, West Egg needs to keep their eggs on the stove just a tad longer; no one likes runny scrambled eggs. 
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