Thursday, March 25, 2010

Blow That Wig Out

It's almost the weekend and your wig is a mess. It has been a while and people are starting to get concerned. You just do not know what you are doing when you turn your blow dryer on. Take a cue and make the first available appointment at Drybar, in Los Angeles. This place specializes in one thing and one thing only, the art of a good blow out. For $35 you have a choice of cocktails (aka hairstyles) to choose from. The "straight up" is their signature blow out. Look like you just took the Red Eye (in a good way of course) from New York with the "Manhattan" for that sleek and smooth look. Or you took a drive down the PCH from the boo, with the "Mai Tai." You will be rocking the messy, beachy look every girl covets. Hooked on this idea? You can open a bar tab which entitles you to savings and discounts on services. We know this environment can breed addicts, so beware, we just don't want to see you in the next Blow Outs Anonymous meeting.
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bitter Rewards

So this past St. Patrick's Day I decided to venture outside my apartment. With the amount of people who descend upon the city, hibernation is what most partake in to avoid the drunken crowds. I was invited to a show down at the Bitter End. Knowing this would be a bit more mellow than the shenanigans on 2nd Ave, I got a group of friends to head downtown for the show. The Bitter End is New York City's oldest rock club and a place one must check off their bucket list. The likes of Lady Gaga and Bob Dylan got their start there, so you know the place has street cred. There is usually a cover to get in anywhere from $5-10. There are seats for you to sit at which are front and center. Just as a warning if you pop down center stage there is a 2-drink requirement. A small price to pay to listen to tomorrow's hit makers. Don't feel like drinking, stay by the bar and enjoy the show. When I was there I saw Ryan Jay and Emergency Service bring the house down. Ryan's music is a mix of Jason Marz and John Mayer. His music will put you in the mood for the warming weather and may just become your summer anthem. The group I was with judged Emergency Service by the cover, but once they started playing the club was on their feet. Unlike the bands on the radio, Emergency Service brought energy which is hard to come by thanks to their stellar trumpet player and free-style raps. So next time you want to get out, head to the Bitter End and next time you turn on the radio Ryan Jay or Emergency Service may be playing for everyone to hear. Price of admission is a fraction of what it will be when they headline at the Garden and sell out in 5 minitues. I am talking to you Gaga.
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Friday, March 19, 2010

Lil Piece of Home On The Road

Going away soon and dreading going through security. Nowadays you should come in your swim suit so you can get through as quickly as possible. On the other hand if you do not want to deal with all those looks you can use Suite Arrival to make the process a tad faster. You no longer have to choose between cheap hotel toiletries or shleping your 3 ounce bottles in those one quart plastic bags. Before you set out on your journey head over to Suite Arrival and add all the products you use during your daily routine. They have all the products you use to keep fresh and clean. Go through your medicine cabinet and make sure to add everything you would need on your trip away. Suite Arrival will deliver your products right to your hotel room. Feel safe knowing you will be washing your hair with your normal Pantene shampoo and not the generic moisture striping shampoo the hotel claims is a luxury brand. All items are travel size, so if you do not finish you can decide to bring them back home with you. Although the prices are a bit higher than travel size items at the drugstore, remember you are also paying for the luxury of having a piece of home when you are on the road. When the other hotel guests ask why your hair is silky smooth, let them in on your little secret.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Put A Sock On It

The real question is how did you find an apartment with hard wood floors? Then why do they look brand new. That is apartment gold you are residing in. But those thrift store chairs you have are wreaking havoc on those precious floors. Well we all know you cannot go out to Pottery Barn and replace them, but you can prevent that shiny new floor from looking old and haggard. It is time to dress your chair legs up with some Chair Personality Socks. We have all seen the tennis balls your 5th grade teacher put on the bottom of your math room chairs so she could teach you the Pythagorean theorem in silence. These look cool, fashionable, and like they should go on a child's foot. The only way to describe these argyle or sweat sock creations is adorable, quirky or a bit odd. Since there are many options, find what best fits in your place. When your whole place is decorated, these will be the icing on your cake. Next time you have guests over, see who notices them first and try to fight a conversation about them all night. I dare you. Get a pair for all chairs in your home and your landlord will be happy how the floors have looked so great for so long.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Loose the Tea

Not everyone is a coffee drinker. Some get their caffeine fix from tea. However on every corner you can get an artisan cup of joe, with about two options for the tea drinkers. Well now is the time for the tea drinkers to stand up and cheer. Now there is Argo, which is tea's answer to Starbucks. Combining a cafe and boutique Argo is your new one stop shop for legal herbal remedies. Offering a full range of drinks from loose seeped tea to Tea Sparkle which is a carbonated tea. Their current seasonal tea is a non-alcoholic Irish Creame Tea Latte. The rich caramel and toffee flavors can be enjoyed with either tea or coffee. Yes I said coffee. Your coffee drinking friends can tag along and get their standard brew house fair. As can you, they take the barista specialty and make it delicious for the tea sippers; and then the unique ones as well. Do you want to take the goodness home? You can buy the loose tea in 2 oz packages and all the equipment to brew it. There are a multitude of tea varieties for you to pick from. There are herbals, black, green, and exotic teas. I picked up the Earl Grey Creme tea, and at first sip you can taste the complexities that you cannot get in your standard supermarket tea. With one visit you will become an addict like I and there is a club for us. Argo offers a loyalty card where your continued purchases reap many benefits. From your many trips you will get a free drink on your birthday or after you have downed ten. Those are just some of the perks. Argo currently operates in New York and Chicago, but I am sure the craze is going to spread. No where near either metropolis? You can at least purchase the tea online. As you wait for your local Argo to open (which I am sure it will) curl up with a book and blissfully enjoy your refreshing cup of tea.
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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nuvo Nashville

If you know me I love a little musical city in the south, better known as Nashville, TN. I also love Mexican food. Although I never made it to East Nashville during my time down there (one of my many regrets) I can still report on its fabulocity. In the new, burgeoning section of town with its hipster vibe, of course the next cool Mexican restaurant will follow suit. Next time you are east of the Cumberland head to Five Points and refuel at Nuvo Burrito. In a city lacking delicious Mexican cuisine this is a breath of fresh air. How many times can a Nashvillian eat bland Mexican food without throwing a fit. Well travel south of the border without leaving the 615. Nuevo offers diners excellent Mexican options, all under 9 bucks. The most interesting burrito is the Heart of Dixie which has mashed sweet potatoes, caramelized vidalia Onions, Monterrey jack cheese and bacon. Mixing sweet ans savory, I can only imagine how decedent this burrito is. When the sun goes down and the fun comes out, Nuvo starts their after dark specials. There is a special night menu and appetizer specials. Now is your chance to take the bridge over and find out what is so great about East Nashville.

Image via Nuvo Burrito

Monday, March 1, 2010

Blog Worthy Weekend

So I escaped the snow by the skin of my teeth last Thursday and headed down to Florida. Although I couldn't get my tan on, I could get my shop on. I have my standard stops when I head south, which is the mecca aka Target. I had a preview last weekend when friends and I hit the Brooklyn Flea Market and Target was next door. We couldn't avoid the magnetic pull of that store. Although the selection at the Florida location was less than the Brooklyn one, I was able to score a flirty floral mini and a silk tank that will be great when it finally warms up. Today I am transitioning it in the chilly temps with an over sized cardi, knit tights and knee high boots. Grand total came to 35 greenbacks. In addition to my fashion finds I picked up some fabulous plastic bowls that look like Spanish ceramics you would bring back from your European travels. Then it was onto T.J. Maxx where I got a black tank covered in sequins 12 and necessary side zip leggings for 7. That night we headed to Bonefish Grill for healthy seafood grub to fill up on. For 8 bucks I got a huge patron margarita. Its helped to wash down their crusty bread and tasty fish tacos. A ginormous plate of sushi grade tuna was under 15. With a relief from the cold and some budget friendly fashion finds, I will be able to take on the next month of cold and emerge looking good for the spring weather.
Image via Bonefish Grill and Target
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