Saturday, May 29, 2010

Orange You Glad You Wanted Pizza

Orange Crocs? Bad fashion choice. Orange Crocs in the kitchen? Mario Batalli. Stomach full of hearty Italian fare? A small fortune thanks to his Food Network fame and Iron Chef status. Actually not the case at Otto Pizzeria, his restaurant down in the village. Upon entering through the revolving doors tell the hostess how many are in your party. Chances are you will have to wait. Grab a beverage at the bar and wait for the retro commuter board to let you know when your party is expected to be seated. Once you are called to board or be seated at your table, you will enter the modestly decorated dining area. The menu has various options and the wine list is extensive. Extensive is an understatement. For the older set, bring your reading glasses, because it takes up 3 whole pages with options for every price range. Our table split a $27 bottle of delicious Lambrusco. It was an excellent change from our standard glass of red or white. For dinner our table got a variety of pizzas all which were under $15. Some ordered a traditional pie and others chose the Batalli originals, aka a fried egg and pizza. Do not turn your nose up to it until you try it. All pasta dishes are 9 and the portions are perfect for dinner. Do not miss this place. Feel fabulous knowing that you have eaten on the cheap in a Food Network star's restaurant and actually enjoyed the food and laid back atmosphere.
Image Via Jeffrey Tastes

Friday, May 21, 2010

Deceptively Smart

You are trying to appear smarter. Appearances are everything this day. What happens between your ears is not really a huge concern. The words in this post may even confuse you. But if you look the part people will start to take you serious and may categorize you as cerebral (look it up). Sometimes all it takes is a thick pair of frames to make it look like your nose has been deep in a Dickens's (he is a profound author) novel recently. Now this is the smartest thing you will do, buy your glasses from Warby Parker. This site offers vintage inspired frames at one forth of the traditional boutiques cost. Costs are kept low because this is an independent design house that does not licence its product out for increased prices. In addition, by taking out the middle man and having a web based store only this is another way costs are kept down. Being that it is hard to tell which frames will work best on your face, Warby offers free shipping, returns and at home try ons. There is no need to stress it may not up the smart quotient (math term). They will ship out five frames without your prescription for you to try and decide on. On top of keeping the cost down, for every pair you purchase Warby will donate a pair to those less fortunate. With a mission like it is hard not to buy frames on the spot. Pick out the nerdy-chic frames that look best on you and start reciting neo-classical poetry.
image via Warby Parker

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I Found the Golden Ticket

Makeup Sets by Stila at ShopStyle

Without a doubt putting your face on in the morning is such a task. There is foundation, powder, mascara, eye shadow, blush, lip gloss to name a few. Add that up and your daily routine can register as an expensive habit. Plain and simple make-up is expensive. You may have just found the golden ticket everyone has been searching for. Check into Beauty Ticket for up to 85% off premium brands. Just like off price clothing retailers do it, so does Beauty Ticket. When our favorite brands finish a promotion, produce too much etc, Beauty Ticket will snap up the extras and offer you the deals. Since quantities are limited, its best to stock up. If you know you use it, buy buy buy. Where are you going to find Smashbox, Molton Brown, and Stila at drug store prices. Never step foot down the beauty aisle again looking for an inexpensive alternative again.
Image via Shopstyle

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Raiding Katy's Closet

If Katy Perry were put on a strict budget I believe Motel Rocks would be her home page. This website screams her candy coated cool mentality. It just maybe that all the clothing is on a model with a jet black hair-do and oversized sunglasses, but this place should be her one stop shop. However, I doubt she is Living the Life...on a Budget, but her fans sure are. And what is the sincerest form of flattery? Copy cats, of course. Motel Rocks is a British website that sells clothing with a sense of humor or air of fun. They conveniently convert all prices to US dollars, and everything seems incredibly affordable. That is because it is. Prices hover around $60, which for a dress is reasonable. I am instantly drawn to the Zoe Dress. Is it for the vibrant colors? The retro print? The aura of summer? Its all three, that make it such a fun addition to a wardrobe. Others have caught on; that dress was featured in Vogue. The sale section is great as well, that is currently teeming with tons of black and white options. If you are going to kiss a girl and like it, make sure you are wearing a Motel Rocks Frock, so she thinks you look pretty too.
image via Motel Rocks

Friday, May 14, 2010

No More Bare Walls

The last time you stepped foot in a gallery you fell in love with every piece of art work. If you could afford it, picking out just one piece to bring home would be one of the hardest decisions you would have ever made. But thanks to lacking funds, you could only imagine those masterpieces hanging above the mantel. What if there was the opportunity to bring home original art into your tiny apartment starting at $20? Would you jump at the opportunity to start your collection. I sure would and that is why I have bookmarked 20x200. Bringing together both the artist and the collector 20x200 makes it possible for the masses to have limited edition art avalible for all. Each week they introduce works on two mediums, photographs and paper. The works are offered in various sizes, starting at the low price of just $20. Every piece is accompanied by numbered certificate of authenticity that is signed by the artist, information about the artist and statement, and instructions for caring for your print. If you do not succeed at finding an aestetically pleasing piece, try try again. There will be new work next week.

image via Shonk

Monday, May 10, 2010

Consolidated Savings

With all the daily savings websites and reminder emails on the web today, your inbox is reaching quota at record pace. There is Groupon, Living Social, Blackboard Eats to name a few. Since there are countless sites to keep track of its no surprise that Yipit has made an appearance. Yipit will make sense of all the offers floating around for you to take advantage of. They will organize it based on what you prefer. Then a nice organized email with all your local deals arrive. This will help you to prioritzed which ones are worth it and you will no longer miss out on all the steals. From the looks of this blog, you know that my Yipit will tell me the latest deals at restaurants, spas, and stores. The chances of me buying into one of the sky diving deals, is slim to none. So you no longer have to be tempted by savings you will never use. This site will make it possible to live off all the deals in your city. Paying full price will be a thing of the past.
image via Yipit

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Demystifying the Doughnut

Demystifying the Doughnut

Check out the above article. It was first published on Examiner. Doughnuts at Doughnut Plant are delicious and reasonable priced.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

99+ Bottles of Beer on the Wall

Making the trek over to York Ave often feels like a hike. There really is no need to head over that far east, unless you want to walk along the river. But now you have two reasons, the second is to share a beer with friends. Located out east is David Copperfield's House of Beers, which is the perfect location for trying out various craft beers both on tap and in bottles. There are 30 craft beers on tap that rotate regularly and over a hundred bottled options from all over the world. This is the perfect location to take both the beer snob and the guy who just wants an inexpensive beverage. The average price of a pint is about six bucks, the average price you find around town. Or you can indulge in the $10 happy hour special, which is a beer stein large enough to go swimming in. Every night David Copperfield's offers different specials on both food and drink The menu is extensive, your standard bar food options. You may need to plan ahead to travel that far east, but its well worth the hike.
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