Monday, December 28, 2009

Let Them Handle The Searching

The initial point of Internet shopping was to make life easier. Then you search for sneakers, and one billion sites are returned where you can buy new kicks for your new year's resolution. Now stop furrowing your brow and head over to your one stop shop, Designer Apparel. Making your life a bit easier this site brings all the sales onto one platform. Sifting through hundreds of designers and sites to find you exactly what you were looking for. Do you have a couple of go-to brands that you treat yourself to? Sign up for their My Sale emails, where Designer Apparel will send you updates when your favorite brands have sales all across the world wide web. Once that deal pops up on your screen, click the link and you will be taken directly to the site housing the great deal. Shop and check out like you normally would; it is that simple. So now that you know the power of this website, what are you going to search for. If I could get some sick Louboutains I probably won't stop smiling for a week.
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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Meet Your Beauty Butler

New Year, new you. You have heard this phrase a million times. However, this time you are really considering a transformation, but you just do not know how to start. Lifebooker is here to get the outside process started. The inside takes a couch, someone with a PhD, and a lot of time and effort. So lets work on the easy stuff first. This site will transform your beauty regimen. It houses your city's exclusive spa and beauty deals for you to take advantage of. Find out where to shape those unruly brows and cut that wig of yours. Come on its almost 2010, and the Rachel is beyond old. Ate too much fruitcake yesterday? Know you are going to polish off a bottle of Champagne next week? They can even find you a detox. Nothing says New Year, New You, as a toxin free body. Just tell the site what you need done, how much you have to spend etc. Then loading on the next page are all the great deals at the best salons. This is a co-ed operation, so spruce up your man too. You can find him everything from that shave he has needed since July 4th, to a day of manscaping. Neatness always counts. So have the booker always ready, its like having your own personal beauty butler to take care of all those pesky needs.
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Lucky Cash

You know how I feel about Lucky Magazine. It encourages me to hit the net, street, mall etc to find all the goodies inside their pages. Knowing that I am not a singular case, Lucky has set up a program to reward you for your insatiable appetite to shop. If you are a loyal subscriber to the magazine you are entitled to join Lucky Rewards. Lucky has partnered with various online merchants to offer cash back bonus when you spend some of your hard earned money. The percentages can reach up to 10% back on your latest purchase. You can earn cash back from various merchants from the likes of Target to Sephora. It is simple to use. All you have to do is click on the link through the Lucky Rewards website. Go about your shopping, check out, enjoy your new clothes, camera, chocolate, etc and watch the cash pile up in your account. When you are ready, tell the progrm and they will send you a preloaded Visa card with the cash amount you have earned. Now I know you are going to go back to Lucky Rewards and put that cash towards some internet purchase to fill up your account.
Image via Lucky Rewards

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Flatten Your Chances

Admit it we love our heels; the higher the better. But sometimes you need a break and with all the ice around a risk of a broken ankle is not worth it. The next best, fashionable option are a pair of ballet flats. Yosi Samra has some great option to fill that fashion void. Offering simple light weight flats you will wear these all over town. If you cannot part with your towering heels, these are perfect to slip into your purse as you change into your heels. Us city girls know you cannot walk twenty blocks in a 5 inch platform, without pain. This is where we have perfected the fashionable switch-a-roo. And now your new Yosi Samra flats take a supporting role. At $50 a pair, they are the perfect shoe to have as back up. They take up minimal room, feel like you are walking on a cloud, and prevent unsightly bunions (gross, but a consequence of heels for hours on end). So if I have not convinced you to walk a little closer to the ground, I give you permission to check out the other sections of the site, they do have some great heels.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Open Dores

I have a soft-spot for anything having to do with a certain shipping family. I got a good four years out of them. Thats why I am going to head over to Brooklyn and check out the newest bar in town, The Vanderbilt. Anchored down in Prospect Heights, the newest bar is adding history into the mix. Taking a note from the gastropub trend sweeping the streets you can cozy up to a Sixpoint Sweet Action ($6) and a pot of Steamed Bouchot Mussels ($12) while catching up with your college buddies. The warm, homey dark wood interior will help winter nights go by as you hope for the green of spring to emerge. I am writing this during the first snow fall of the season, so I know you can sympathize. Maybe you will try a signiture cocktail ($9) like the King Edward which Tasting Table says is "a strapping, aromatic blend of rye, Cherry Heering and vanilla, with a spritz of Scotch providing smoky depth." This is a place I will make the trek out into the BK for. You can find me there soon waiting at the end of the bar for Cornelius to walk in.

Image via Daily Candy

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Barky Bites

Some people have lists and lists of people to buy gifts for, where you only have one significant other. That significant other just happens to have four legs and he just happens to want something that can go in his mouth. If its a plush chew toy, your new Jimmy Choos, or a huge cheeseburger. Why don't you treat your pooch to something that will satisfy his little tummy. Also you will not be running to the cobbler to get your heels reattached to your shoe. Then it is time to order your Puppy Cake. Sounds funny, because it is. Head over to their site and order a box of cake mix. Yes you read that correctly, cake mix for your puppy. Just like those devilish treats you enjoy, you can whip up a batch of holiday treats. Your spoiled pooch deserves this treat for keeping you company, warm and safe. Is his birthday coming up and all the canines from the neighborhood coming to a party? These are the perfect party food for his friends. We all know that you consider him to be your flesh and blood, so feed him like one. No more food from a can.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Independently Chic

I love an independent designer like the rest of them, but I only like never own. I simply cannot afford the price tags associated with the chicness that accompanies a independent designer. I understand that I am paying for the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and quality; however at the end of the day I have an electric bill to pay. Then I found Take Your Clothes Off. Housed on my favorite site Etsy TYCO has simple yet edgy pieces to add to your independent designer collection. The dresses are a perfect balance between structure and draping. I did not know you could have a dress that encompassed both before visiting the Etsy shop. Or check out the Cowl Wing Vest, which is business in the front and total sex in the back. Before you wear this number work on your lat-pulls at the gym. What about a little something for the hipster man in your life? The Shredded Stripes Tee has hipster written all over those strategic distressed stripes. Most items in this shop are $120 and under. They are unique and simple enough for everyday wear. And this is exactly what you will do, is wear TYCO items every day.
Image via Etsy

Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Clothing Cycle

Recycling is trendy, so why not look trendy when participating in this everlasting trend. Well let's just say you will be wearing those recycled goods. With this far from stellar economy consignment shops have popped up and are currently booming. In Miami the latest shop to open in town is The Sale Rack, which brings customers designer goods at deep discounts. Since the ladies of Miami love the finer things in life expect to see some great labels from Marc Jacobs to Paul and Joe. Nothing on the racks are over $75 and most start at $12, that's better than the after Christmas sale at Saks. On the other, you know your wardrobe will be augmented by your loving friends and family this season, bring in that whole wardrobe with the tags still left on or those never worn shoes to The Sale Rack. If your goodies sell you can keep 30 percent of the profit to go to Aventura for a dress that will probably end up back at The Sale Rack. Or take a gander at what the other ladies of Miami have brought in and get 35 percent of your profit to store credit. All items accepted are in excellent condition. This is not like walking into the Goodwill and finding the needle in the hay stack. This is like stepping into the trendiest boutique and leaving with the looks of the runway. Go step on that catwalk and show them all what you just scored at the Rack
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Friday, December 11, 2009

So in life there are ridiculous things you just cannot help but buy. In the spirit of the impending New year, you are are going to pop some bubbly. Well why not brew your own batch. Check out Spike Your Juice, straight from Germany where you can do this in three simple steps. Sounds crazy and a wee bit frattastic, but why not have some fun. How it works is you take a 64 ounce bottle of juice, and pour the special packet into the bottle. Throw away the lid that came with the bottle and replace it with the air locked one provided in your kit. After about 48 hours you have yourself a nice fermented beverage whose bubbles will tickle your nose. For 10 bucks you get yourself a kit with 6 packets to juice up your next party. Its not the finest beverage from the hills of France's champagne region, but it is a chance to have a little fun with the bar at your next party. The website even has recipies to better use your new concoction. When someone asks you what vineyard and vintage your spirit is, have some fun and make them think you know your wines.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Beauty Blitzkreig

You walk into Sephora with the intentions of buying a lipgloss, and some how end up with eyeliner, shampoo, nail polish and a face mask.  For some reason you do not even have that forsaken lipgloss you went there for.  What if you could try and get these goodies for free?  You would be in beauty heaven.  Then I have a daily task for you.  1) Head to over to Beauty Blitz, your new bible for all things beauty related.  2) Click the Free Style Tab for your chance to win products and goodies from fragrance to foundation. 3) Repeat.  You have a chance to score some great products.  This month you can score Arcona Cranberry Gommage which will keep your mug shot glowing through the holiday season.  I know what you are thinking, I am never going to win, but that is a lie.  I know for a fact that you can win, multiple times.  So when your friends ask why your wig looks fab, and your complexion looks like a cover girls, refer them to your new favorite website.  

Friday, December 4, 2009

Minky Bling

So the sparkly trees all around remind you how you are missing that personal adornment.  You have been looking for a great piece of jewelry that will add to your Holiday glam.  Wendy Mink is the perfect stop to add that perfect twinkle to your outfit.  She has great pieces that fit your boho lifestyle or that extra wow factor for your New Years celebration.  Her crystal layered necklace will work like a charm and make your Forever 21 dress look like a Fendi.  Additionally her delicate pieces will work seamlessly into your everyday life.  The hoop earring options will punch up your office wear.  Prices are relatively inexpensive to begin with, but starting December 10th in New York City, the Wendy Mink Sample Sale will be taking place.  With prices severely slashed it will be hard to contain oneself, and with the upcoming holidays you may just need to get all your ladies a little trinket  If you cannot get to the Lower East Side, or happen to be a wee bit far from the city limits, there is a sample sale section online.  You will not feel cheated, and there are pages of baubles to fawn over.         

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Return of a Classic

Is it the colder months that makes me crave comfort food? Is it the fact that I am currently eating my mother's brisket influence this post? Most definitely yes. But going to the trouble of making stick to your ribs food can take a whole day's effort. So if you are in Atlanta, you may want to head to The 57th Fighter Group Restaurant to get comfortable. Returning after a 2 year hiatus this restaurant is updating its star dishes and adding new flavor to the mix. From their Roasted Chicken to Zucchini Fritters you will be able to warm from the inside out as the days get colder. On Sunday's enjoy the buffet style Champagne Brunch. All the classics make an appearance from waffles to the southern favorite of peel and eat shrimp. For under $25 you maybe able to fill up for a days worth of calories. i.e. small dinner. With its proximity to the Peachtree-Dekalb Airport you will understand the aviation decor. Now this is a reason to show up to your flight with plenty of extra time.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Go Jane, Go

So you braved the black Friday crowd today, and you failed miserably. You were looking for real deals and steals, but came up empty handed. Now that the holiday season is upon us you are looking for some trendy, on point pieces to spice up your boring outfits. However, you know there is a chance you will not wear some of this stuff into 2010, so why pay a fortune. I do not have the answers for all your wardrobing needs, but I am pretty well versed on the topic of shoes. And I know you know this. So head over to Go Jane, for some fashion forward shoes that look like you pulled them straight off the runway. If you are an avid reader, you know which ones are going to be my favorites. The Balmain look-a-likes, with several options to boot. When prices for a pair of kicks hover around $40, I don't think I even have to decide. There are other great options for frugalista's feet. Did you want to jump on the candy colored heel band-wagon? Go Jane has plenty of options. Stocking up? Chances are you are going to buy $50 worth to get in on that free shipping too. Buyer be wear, there are some great looking shoes on the site, but with prices this low you are going to find some shoes that only have a place at night, on women from the oldest profession. With that being said, sort through those and get to the good stuff, people are going to wonder how you could afford those designer shoes.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Slice of American Pie Abroad

So you are across the pond enjoying the sites, sipping some tea, and getting your culture on. Then it hits you, you need a taste of home. You cannot go another night eating fish and chips or tandoori chicken. Instead of Texas Embassy in Trafalgar Square, head over to The Blues Kitchen for soul food to mend your cravings for ribs. Serving the standard fare you can get spinach and artichoke dip, followed by a Po boy. Yes you read that right, you can get your favorite Louisiana sandwich all the way in the heart of London. By getting your grub on with your favorite foods, you think you are going to leave unsatisfied with an empty wallet. Well prices here are reasonable. In addition to chowing down you can enjoy the live music that is pumping through the joint every single night. Come to eat and listen to great blues as you down soul food. When you are missing a slice of American pie, head to Camden and have some Mississippi Mud Pie to fill the void.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shameless Promotion

I consider myself a Renaissance woman. In addition to this lovely blog I write, I fancy myself a pretty good photographer. Instead of keeping these treasures to myself, I have decided to share my art with the world. And what is the best platform for this you ask? Etsy of course. Debuting at the perfect time, are my limited addition prints at my Etsy Shop. Many of these images are from my travels, or just everyday life when I thought something was interesting and worthy of places far beyond Facebook. These will make great holiday present as they look great on walls. The standard 8x10 prints retail for $10, and will be signed. If that it too big or small, we can discuss other size options. Do not hesitate to ask questions. I am here to get you the perfect gift this holiday season. Do not worry that you and everyone will have the same prints on your wall; each print is a limited edition to be produced only 50 times. Once a purchase is made, the image is developed, and immediately shipped out. I can attest these images add charm and character to any room. Why not give it to your friend who's walls are more bare than the Sahara Desert?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mug Shot Prep

So you need to make sure your next mug shot looks like Paris Hilton's or you want to glow in all the upcoming holiday party pics. What is the best way to make sure you glow brighter than the rest in the group? A facial of course, but regular facials are even a better plan. But that could get pricey. Not if you head to Chicago's Blo Salon and Day Spa before the month's end. The perfect facial here includes pore cleansing, exfoliation, masks, and massages to rejuvenate you for the coming hectic days. For a whole hour, you will get a customized service to make your skin look as fresh and new as possible. For $90 you will get to experience this two times. What a great deal, two days of relaxation for the price of one.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shoe Pop

If you know me I love shoes. I buy them more than I buy groceries. As I write this post I am wearing leopard print pony hair boots, so I would say I have them in every flavor in mood. That is why when I found out about the Bailey's Irish Cream Pop Up Shop down in SoHo I stopped everything and started my investigation. Yes, I said Baily's Irish Cream, but it is to benefit Clothes Off Our Back. Starting tomorrow at 421 West Broadway at 11 in the morning you will have your chance to buy shoes from designers such as Sergio Rossi, Farylrobin, Vanessa Noel, L.A.M.B., Barbara Bui, Claudio Merazzi and many more for only $75 a pop. This sale last until Friday, but I highly suggest staking a place in line well before 11 tomorrow morning. You know how women are with their shoes, and when you add the designer adjective, they go crazy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Knock 'Em Down

What are you doing tonight? Reliving your past? Well if its cheap sure. Well in celebration of Boston Bowl's 50th anniversary everything will cost you a half a dollar. Yup 50 cents, like the rapper. From 11 in the morning until 7 that night each game of bowling you throw will cost a half a Washington. Every soda you throw back, will set you back a Kennedy coin. Want a burger or a slice, same price. I bet you have not seen prices like this since, well never. Take full advantage of a day of bowling, soda, and burger like the good old times. Sometimes a simple afternoon is the best to have. Grab your friends, spend the day, take pictures, act like a kid. But first order of business is to raid Charlie Sheen's closet for the perfect bowling shirt. You want to look like you can throw a strike, even if you have the bumpers up.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wine and Beer!

You like wine, he likes beer. When you go out you usually have to sacrifice one for the other. What if there was a beer bar within a wine bar. Did you just step into an oasis? Well if you answered Yes you are probably at Bin18 in Miami. This new place is a match made in heaven for those who fight the fight over wine or beer. We know you could go to any bar in town for the run of the mill stuff, but Bin actually has artisan beers and a wine list to ponder over for more than a hot second. As you are savoring your beer, his wine, you can sustain your taste buds with their menu that are perfect for pairing with all their beverages. Celebrating local and fresh, the food is a great price for the value and flavor you will be paying for. This place will tickle your taste buds as you unwind with your favorite adult beverage at the end of the week. Appropriately located in Miami's art district, once you emerge for your experience you will feel enlightened to conquer the world through your creativity.
Dunkin' Donuts. Dunkin' keeps me blogging. Try Dunkin' Donuts Coffee For Free. Get a Sample

Monday, November 2, 2009

Last Minute Vacay

Halloween left you broken and dead. Now it's time for a change of scenery STAT. Do you have anything planned for this weekend? Of course not, but you need to get the hell out of dodge this weekend, for cheap. is exactly what the doctor will prescribe. This site is for those who need to get up and leave at a moment's notice, but do not have the jet setter bank account. Tell them where you are, where you want to go, and you can have a mini vacay for about $200. Packages can include everything from hotel, flight, car etc. Need the sun? There are options. Want to hit the slopes? See what Lastminute has to offer. There are so many vacation options it is hard to make up one's mind. All I know is that right now its better than home. A little refresher in paradise will clear your mind and freshen your outlook for the crazy holiday months ahead. Yes, I said it, the real holiday months are upon us. Now get out of here, and enjoy some deserved time off.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Lucky Dream Come True

Here is the scenario. Long day at the office, even longer day to come home to. You get home and check the mail. Yes! this month's Lucky just came in. You know exactly how the rest of the night will pan out. You will forget to cook dinner, the dog will forgo his evening walk… oh, and the gym. Did you honestly think you were going to make it to the gym? No, tonight you slip into your sweats, plant yourself on the couch with a big cup of tea and study and tab anything and everything you need in the magazine. At the end of the day do you ever get anything you marked in the issue? Chances are no.
Now is your chance to live the Lucky lifestyle. The first weekend of November Lucky mag will be having its annual LuckyShops. This is where the pages of your favorite magazine come to life at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City on November 6th and 7th. A $20 price of admission will get you into the best shopping experience this town has to offer. Brands such as Vera Wang and Devi Kroell will have pop-up booths for you to get clothes, jewels and beauty items for up to 75% off. In addition to getting those new J Brand Jeans at wholesale prices, sip on some cocktails and score some freebies. There will be lots of perks for your purchases, like complimentary bejewelment with your brand spanking new Havianas. Go ahead, pinch yourself, because you are living among the pages of Lucky mag.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Safety First, ALWAYS

So we spend a lot of time here at Living the Life On a Budget talking about getting your drink on. With spreading the news about the deals and steals out there, I assume you are making the right decisions at the end of the night. But sometimes we forget our senses and make stupid decisions. In NYC, its easy to stick out your arm and an army of yellow cabs will safely get you home, but in other cities this is not always an option. Amongst the crazy night life that is LA, you now have the option of Y Drive LA. In an effort to prevent DUIs and you waking up with your car parked in your garage, Y Drive LA makes the morning after a bit more pleasurable than in the past. For $38, comparable to 2 cab rides, one home and one to find your pimped out SUV the next morning, Y Drive, will transport you home in your own vehicle. Well how does the driver get back to where he started? Granted you don't have all the contents of your life in your trunk, a Y Drive LA driver stores his foldable scooter to later drive him back to help another night owl. Now program Adam's number in your phone (888) 401-DUI7. And this weekend if you even think you are a bit tipsy, give him a ring. The $38 you spend on Y Drive is a whole lot less than all those legal fees when L.A.P.D. pull you over.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Get Me Out of This Place

Its that time of year, when you just need a break. You know you want to check out all the places I broadcast about on Living the Life on a Budget. Now is your chance to break free from the daily grind and book a flight across country for $100 each way. Virgin America, is giving you this opportunity, to fly to either coast at reduced prices. Its soon to be winter and you are going to want to escape the frigid weather they call winter in Boston and go to LA for $200 round trip. Live in San Fran and want to see what snow and winter is like in NYC, you too can make it happen. You have until October 27th to lock this deal in. You have your options of traveling to Boston, DC, San Fran, LA, Fort Lauderdale, etc, so the options are endless. You have to travel by March 10th, but I think you will have taken full advantage of this already. Just remember it maybe fall out today but in just 2 months you are going to wish you had taken full advantage of this deal.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Excuse Me, Over Here, Ms. Celebrity Please Pose for a Picture?

Its less than two weeks away, and you have the perfect costume. Of course you are going to hit the streets as Lady Gaga, you have your pantless outfit all picked out and you have been doing squats in preparation since Fall showed up. If you happen to be dressing up and getting down in Chi-town this Halloween, there are a whole host of parties for you to show off your celebrity alter-ego and potentially walk away with a little something, something. Take the elevator up to the 27th floor next Saturday night of The Wit, to try and win the $1,000 cash prize for best celebrity look-a-like. The 9th Annual Black i Ball Party at Roof starts at 9, and there is no cover. Just because you look like a celebrity, does not mean you can be as late. You need people to see that costume.
Or do you have a thing for dead celebs, everyone from Elvis Presley to Bob Ross? Then the party at LuxBar is more your speed. Dead Celebrity Halloween has no cover as well and begins at 10 PM. So you can hit up The Wit as well. There are tons of drink specials, and the ability to win a $500 Gibsons Gift card. So its time to get to work and figure out which celebutant dead or alive you can pull off the best. I want you guys to get mistaken for a stumbling Lilo or bumbling Kanye. I will see you in next week's US mag.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Pizza Battle Continues

So you both decided what you wanted for dinner. Pizza! You want a slice, he wants deep dish and you are nowhere near shielding your big apple from the blistering wind. You are in LALA land and just need the closest thing to satisfy that craving. Nestled in Santa Monica, you can give him what he wants without sacrificing what you need to get through the day at N.Y. & C. Pizzeria. There is no need to compromise at this joint. The menu sells slices for the true pizza connoisseur and deep dish for those who want to wave their Midwest pride. Like the place you are familiar with from back home its small and has no frills to get you in the door. The good food the kitchen keeps sending out keeps the pizza lovers coming back for more. So when noone can compromise on what they want for dinner head to N.Y. & C. because you do not have to be in the middle of that fight anymore. Everyone (aka your spoiled friend) can get what they really wanted.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Vintage Delights

You know I love vintage. You know I love reworked vintage. And finally you know I love to bring you sites that do both those things. So go check out Ramona West, to find some modern vintage. Hailing from the laid back cool capital of SoCal, Ramona West is an edited collection of love. Taking note of what is happening on today's runway the collections are tailored to fit the modern silhouette. You will not look like you just traveled through a time machine from the 1970s. Service is not thrown by the wayside, orders are shipped within 48 hours. Ramona does not want you to miss out on her wares. If you cannot find what you are looking for at the new e-commerce site, check out the etsy shop too. Oops, I almost forgot to mention that most items up for sale are under $60. I would say its hard to find good quality in stores today at that price. So choose wisely, as each item is unique, and send your friends to H&M to try and find knock-offs.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Treats

So as the days get a little colder, you think you should forget about fro yo and other frozen desserts that put smiles on your face. But as the mercury dips, you still can handle a little frozen delight at the end of the night. Are you making this a daily habit and your pocketbook and hips paying the price? Head over to your closest McDonald's and proudly order off the dollar menu. I know you are thinking, a trip to Mickey D's without gilt, that is like saying a zebra does not have stripes. Well little did you know that the Vanilla Reduced Fat Ice Cream Cone is one of those simple delights that will satisfy your sweet tooth. At its bare bones, it is just vanilla soft serve in a wafer cone. But sometimes simple is the best. What brings the value home is that in most places it is on the dollar menu and only puts a 150 calorie dent into your diet. If you are religious Biggest Loser fan like I, you know that a treat of those calories is not going to tip the scales in the wrong direction. So skip on the fancy chocolate souffle with your date, and take him to where you can get perfection for pennies.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Diamonds And Chocolate?

What is a girls perfect fantasy? Brad Pitt shirtless cleaning the kitchen with a hot meal waiting for you when you return from work? Well duh, but we are talking about the attainable here. So if you had the chance to wear a 16-carat diamond necklace for two weeks, wouldn't you jump at the chance. Well guess what, Hershey Bliss Chocolates is giving you the opportunity to tell them why you should be rocking some serious bling. Click on the link and you could be on your way to having a new statement piece. This contest was inspired by the best selling book The Necklace, somewhat like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants this novel follows 13 women as they wear the coveted jewels. Sounds like something every girl wants. In order to qualify, tell Hershey's how this bauble will bring bliss to your life. Then you could be walking around with a serious neck ache (just kidding) from all those flawless gems.

Monday, October 5, 2009

I Want Some Pie

Living abroad you get to taste a lot of new foods you learn to love, and other ones you can say you tried. You do not need to tell anyone you spit it out. Living in London, I indulged in a meat pie from time to time. The word meat pie does not exactly sound appetizing, but if you deconstruct what is inside, how can it really be that bad? Flaky crust, savory meat, smooth potatoes. That's a win win situation in my book, maybe not my hips. Just like the Brit's the Australians enjoy this treat from time to time, but being on the other side of the globe its hard to keep it fresh and hot on the flight back. So now you can enjoy Boomerang's Gourmet Veggie & Meat Pies in the comfort of your own home. In the Aussie tradition, these are made with the flakiest pastry and the most fresh ingredients with no artificial flavors or ingredients. To get these on your dinner table you can order a dozen pies for at home preparation. At $60 it may sound steep, but do the math. Its 5 bucks a pie and we all know what you can get for dinner at that price. So why not make it a treat and get some to change up your dinner routine. Having a dinner party and do not want to cook. Look like a hero and put a bunch of these in the oven. Your guests will not be able to get over the smell wafting through your place. Impress your guest with an Australian staple.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pizza Makes Everyone Happy

So happy hour at your fave bar just ended, but your happy time has just begun. In an effort to keep the party going you want to find a place that keeps it up on a budget. Just opened in Oakland, Marzano, has a happy hour that starts, not ends at 10 pm. For a whole 2 hours, you can refresh with $5 beers, $6 specially cocktails and sustain with $10 pizzas. Jonesing for something healthy (well balancing out all the beer)? Salads are the same 6 bucks as well. This happens every night. Amazing! So you know every night when your wallet is tight you can still have a good time. Grab your coworkers, friends, bum on the street and move onto here after all the other drink specials end. Or if you are an investment banker, this is when your happy hour starts, since you crunch numbers for hours on end.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Belt It Out on the Stage

So there is a film festival everyday of the week celebrating every type of videographer that covers the face of the earth. Last week you went to the technology film festival, that only showcased movies made entirely on computers. Enough already. What if there was a festival celebrating the art of live entertainment? Well I am sure like me, you have been humming, singing, belting out show tunes since you spit your first word out. Starting tomorrow, in New York City, The New York Musical Theater Festival (NYMTF), starts its three week run. As stated by their mission this festival exists to revitalize one of the greatest art forms by introducing a diverse audience to the vibrancy of contemporary musical theater, and by discovering, supporting and promoting new There are tons of options for you to choose from for your entertainment pleasure from dance productions to full scale productions. Take your man to see Fantasy Football: The Musical. All events are $20. Jump on the chance to see hot tickets before they explode. When Gay Bride of Frankenstein explodes, and you can only get tickets from a scalper, you can stand up proud to proclaim: "Been there, Done that!"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Season to Stock Up

So you love shoes just as much as I do. Now that it is officially fall you cannot contain your excitement for boot season. And the first place you look for the season's funky options is Urban Outfitters. They have the all the coolest brands from Dolce Vita to Frye and prices that range from pennies to save a bit. This weekend only Urban is giving you 20% off shoes at check out. Just enter code "Theshoefits" at checkout. Take this deal and run with it. Although, I love Urban Outfitters, they often do not run promotions this great. This is the perfect opportunity to get your motorcycle boots, studded flats, peep toes, and all the other fashion forward foot options for this fall season. So think about what your closet really needs, and start adding things to your cart. Just do not think too long, or you will miss new shoes for this fall.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Spin into Shape

So I do not have the coordination to try spinning. I shy away from the upbeat music that pumps out of the studio at my gym while I try to find my zen in the adjacent yoga class. However, this does not mean you should not hop on and spin like you are Lance Armstrong. Opening this Friday on New York City's Upper East Side, SoulCycle is celebrating by giving you the opportunity if trying this sport out for free. From the die hards, I know this class will give you the bang for your buck (ok I know your not paying, but you know what I mean). It melts calories off, up to 600, but that does not mean go get a big mac to supplement. You come out toned. Say hello to your Beyonce thighs. And last but not least, invigorated from all the endorphins your body releases from exercising. This amazing steal starts Friday. Call (212) 639-1300 and book a class for the following days Friday, Sept. 25 at 1PM & 6PM, Saturday Sept. 26 at 5PM, and Sunday, Sept. 27 at 5PM. Then when your done, make sure to wear your short skirt that evening. You have to show off what you worked so hard at.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

50 Reasons to Wait Until 9PM

If a restaurant is still around after 50 years, they must be doing something right. Then the New York City mainstay, Brasserie must be doing something right. You would love to eat here on a regular basis, but when no appetizer is in the single digits you are going to save this place for a special occasion. When someone else pays. However, if you can wait until 9PM to eat dinner, Brasserie, has a 3-course meal for only $19.59; its in honor of the year they opened up shop in 1959. This is your chance to taste the classic french cuisine that has sustained this restaurant for so long. Until the end of the year, you can help celebrate Brasserie by enjoying the famous Burger, or french onion soup. Check out this special menu to see what would tickle your taste buds. So head to midtown, after 9PM and see why you could have eaten here when Don Draper was roaming the city. If you cannot wait that late to eat, grab a pretzel off the street before. Its just as New York as eating at the best restaurants in the world.

Friday, September 18, 2009

This Will Make You A Cookie Monster

So you are up to date on the latest restaurant trends, which means you have been on the Momufuku wait list for months. Then the big day came and you were stricken with the joyful 24 hour bug. Reluctantly giving up that coveted spot you still wanted to experience the creativity of this place. Well if you have a sweet tooth check out Momufuku's Milk Bar. This is where your dessert is turned into a inventive treat. Check out their menu, and see what these crazy chefs have come up with. You can get everything from coffee flavored milk (not coffee with milk) to an Arnold Palmer pie, just like your favorite refreshing summer drink. Well I have only had the cookies, and they are something to write home about (or a blog post). With only 4 options you would think you wanted to have more to choose from. My personal favorite, is the compost, which is basically, everything but the kitchen sink. With pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, butterscotch, and chocolate chips, how could it be bad? At $1.85 these are not horrible for New York City prices, but if they happen to have some left overs, Milk Bar will sell them to you the next day for 85 cents. Where can you get anything in this city for under a dollar? At 85 cents you cannot get a chips ahoy for that price. So they maybe a day old but honestly can you even wait to eat it? Before you leave their doors you will be back at the counter for seconds.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Real Live Samples

With all the online samples sales, you miss the madness. Waiting in line for hours, clawing for the it bag, stuffing your body in a blouse 3 sizes to small. Well then sign up for Clothingline email updates. Located in the heart of New York City's garment district, Clothingline holds and hosts sample sales from today's hottest designers from Tory Burch to Theory. Running sample sales 40 out of 52 weeks a year, you should plan your schedule around what designers they are currently featuring. Currently J. Crew is flying off the shelves. Like any sample sale, prices are slashed; you are not going to find these on sale racks in the stores. Most styles are current, but past seasons have been sold before. So if you missed out on those jeans from seasons past, they may just pop up at Clothingline. Head to the site, and join their mailing list, tell your friends. You are going to need a buddy when you line up at 6 AM to score cashmere at t-shirt prices

Monday, September 14, 2009

Market Share

If you know me, I have a thing for markets, farmer's markets, flea markets, street markets, every market but the stock market. My favorite part of living in London was Spitalfields Market, and continue to get compliments on my finds. In Washington, D.C. the Fenton Street Market has opened up shop to bring our patriots unique crafts and goods for you to pick up on your weekends. Located right outside the city in Downtown Silver Spring, MD, you can shop from a variety of 60 vendors. This bazaar will be open every weekend on Fenton St and Silver Spring Ave every weekend until October 3rd. Fill up on everything from Ajay Malghan's photography to Three Stone Steps eco friendly and fair trade imports. This market supports many ideals I hold dear to my heart, local wears, environmentally friendly, and support of the artist and small business. This weekend make sure to venture out to Silver Springs. Just remember this market is only open until 2 P.M. Bring your eco friendly totes, I feel you are going to end up with a lot to schlep beck to Dupont Circle.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Salad Society

I never get why a salad costs the most when I go out for lunch during the work week. Its just a bunch of lettuce with maybe a few bits of protein. To soften the blow, Chop't, the salad mecca is offering $5 off your first online order. At this salad haven you can get your greens exactly how you want it. With a make your own option you can customize your salad to be as unique as you. Are all those choices too overwhelming? Chop't understands and they have crafted some tasty options for you to order.
To get this great deal, just visit their website. When prompted to order online, click the link and start ordering away. Upon check out enter the code "Chopsite" for your deal. You can either pick it up, or have it delivered. There are a ton of locations in both New York City and Washington D.C. When a salad in this city pushes $10, its nice and refreshing to get a healthy meal for a little less.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special Agent Mission Find Deal

Launched just this past summer, aka a week ago, but probably a little more established is Specials Agent. This brand spanking new website searches your town looking for great drink specails and meal deals in your town. Currently only operating in Chicago, I am sure they are ready to expand to other major locations. They are here to protect the draining of the wallet. Use their search feature to tell your special agent what day, time, or location you need and in return you will see what fits your criteria. Everyday they have one deal that you will get to participate in via collective purchasing, just like Groupon. They have a team of agents finding the deals, but if you know of a killer happy hour special you cannot keep to yourself, tell them. Spread the word! Want to take full advantage? The site shows you where in the city, it is located near other events. Although the site features Chicago specific deals right now, you can find your town, and follow them on twitter. Stay up to date where you can eat like a king for peasant prices.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fashion's Night to Save

So I am sure you have heard about Fashion Night Out occurring this September 10th; the big push to save the fashion industry, by enticing us to spend our hard earned money. While the stores engourage you to come shop til you drop (or until the clock strikes 11) they are going to lure you in with some deals and steals. Thanks to New York Magazine, they have sorted through all the events to see where you can get the most bang for your buck. Well maybe you can keep your wallet in your new purse because a ton of places will be throwing things at you for free. Take a look at their extensive list to see what hot spots you want to hit. Head over the Barney's grab a drink and meet the cutting edge designers from Isabel Toledo to Alexander Wang. Hungry? Head to Unis in Lolita for a delicious Thai dinner as you browse their latest collection. After all that eating and drinking head over to C.O. Bigelow for a free tube of Mentha Lip Shine to soothe your pucker. These are just some of the goodies you can get as you peruse the special offers being thrown around for FNO.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Margarita Madness

So you know I would do just about anything for a $3 margarita, but what would happen if they were only a buck? So this Sunday, September 6th in Los Angeles, The Mission Cantina is celebrating its one year anniversary with $1 margaritas and cervezas (beer for those speaking one language). What a perfect way to celebrate the long weekend is a day filled with the lime and salt goodness that is a fresh margarita. While you are there you may want to sustain your stamina by lining your stomach with some of their fresh delicious tacos or quesadillas. They are open late, but I would not wait. With no reservations, you know the deal conscious are going to be throwing back a few too many. So as Mission continues to celebrate in the years to come, lets home they keep the $1 drinks, but the years keep racking up. In ten years, I do not want my celebratory marg to cost ten Washingtons.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Slather It On

If there is one thing I love about going to Florida is Publix. Its without a doubt the best grocery store on the planet. If there is one thing I hate about Florida (or any sun exposure) is the sunburn I will inevitably get. Once upon a week long stint at the beach I suffered the fair skinned curse and wanted a cheap remedy. So as I am stocking up on fruits and veggies I got some Aloe & Vitamin E Skin Lotion for my fire red burn. At 3 bucks and 18 ounces I thought I was going to have to buy some better stuff. But no, was I wrong. This lotion is the best stuff I have ever slathered on my body. This thick white lotion sits on your skin when you first apply but it is quickly absorbed by your skin. With no fragrance, it keeps your skin moisturised for hours. This stuff soothed my burn, but after the pain subsided I kept bathing myself in the stuff. This no frills lotion has become a part of my daily beauty regimen. Now go give your Me-maw down in Boca a call, she wants to hear your voice. Then tell her to pack you up a case of the good stuff. Everyone should enjoy this cream.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fish Tacos, Get Your Head Out of the Net

As you know from previous posts, I just got back from Florida. On my little beach vacay, I needed a break from the sun and nourishment to keep tanning (or should I say burning) myself. So driving up A1A, my family and I stopped at the Golden Lion Cafe in Flagler Beach, Florida. Though this was not my first time to the cafe, this experience was much more memorable. Craving beach food, I could not decide what exactly I wanted. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks, fish tacos. With two options to choose from I decided to go for the traditional, Cali style. My mom went for the Thai style. While taking in the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, I sipped on my iced tea as we waited for our fish tacos. As lunch came, my stomach was grumbling. With my first bite, I knew these were without a doubt the best fish tacos I had tasted. The catch of the day must have been caught 5 minutes before hitting the grill that's how fresh it tasted. I cannot really describe how good they tasted, but WOW. My mom's Thai style had the perfect amount of kick, with ginger style cabbage topping the sesame encrusted fish. We both put Lion's special tarter sauce, which gave them the extra kick (not that they needed it). My grandmother's crab cakes were delicious, all meat and barely any fill. They happened to come with the most amazing french fries I have ever tasted. They had this crisp texture that was unreal. For the amount of fresh seafood we consumed at this meal, I thought the bill was wrong. The fish tacos were under $9 and the crab cake barely was over that. Also the portions were hearty, just enough fuel to help you bake until the sun goes down. Golden Lion has great margarita specials and live music on the weekends. I highly recommend you stopping here next time you are in a 50 mile radius of Flagler Beach. I am already planning my trip back.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Want This, Need That

Walking to work a couple of days ago a bus zoomed passed me with just a split second for me to notice the obnoxious advertisement plastered on the side. Then I took my judgement back when I noticed those Gap jeans. You know the ones I am talking about. The distressed skinnies with the perfect hole placement. Since I was already rushing to wherever I was going I couldn't make a pit stop at the Gap. So I waited a few too many days to fall back in. Then I get there and ask a salesperson for them. Before the words even leave my lips he replies "Sold Out." So with a little depression setting in I went about my daily business. On a recent trip to Florida, I went to my favorite Florida attraction, Target. After searching for the GO International clothing, I made my way through the other racks. There they were, in my size, jeans that rivaled the Gap's rendition. From the Converse line, these casual jeans, are my answer for my
new fall denim. Just like the Gap ones they are skinny throughout, and have holes
in the perfect places. It looks like you have worn these for years. An added bonus is the discoloration; some parts of the jeans are darker than others. As I write this post I am wearing these jeans. Today I chose a causal look with a t-shirt, leather flip flops, and my straw fedora. However I see these jeans incorporated into multiple outfits from day to night, from work to play. I have a strange suspicion people are going to think I have
one pair of pants this fall. Hurry fast to Target's website as these jeans are currently on sale for $30.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ride Amongst The Monsters

You moved to the city, got rid of your car, and committed to living a green lifestyle. This means you have one of those retro bikes with the wicker basket. Now you need to build up the courage and get on that two wheeler. Your excuse of "how do I get there" now fails thanks to Ride The City. Now serving New York City, Chicago, and Austin Ride the City is the Hop Stop for your biking needs. Enter your starting and ending address and volia your route is calculated. Ride the City will calculate while avoiding roads that are not suitable for the biking set such as highways and busy streets. If there is a bike path, RTC will find you those streets that are on your way. Hello safety first. Speaking of safety, wear your helmet, this is a time that fashion does not always come first.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Relaxed Prices

At the end of each day I wish I could get a massage to let the stress of the day just melt away. However there is no chance my pocketbook could handle the stress of paying. Prices for an hour massage are usually in the triple digits. If I were a resident of Philadelphia, I think I would indulge in my wishes at
Affordable Skin Care Salon. This no frills salon provides services that the most pretentious place offers at six times the price. With no facial over $50 you can treat yourself to that glowing look without the added guilt. Remove your unwanted hair for the same prices as the seedy nail place on your corner. An hour massage will run you $52, and thats less than a dollar a minute. Choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuro muscular, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Rolfing and Athletic message; all for the same low price. Because you and I both know this will become a weekly habit, so does ASKS. They will offer you a discount if you become one of their regulars. Call now, because once people catch on, getting an appointment will be like finding these prices at another salon.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Flip for College

So you may be out of college for one year, or for ten years, but man you miss it. What do you miss most? The friends, the forum for free thinking, or the frat parties. Its the frat parties, and more importantly flip cup. You dominated that sport for four years. Well will you still be the champion when you head to Las Vegas this Fall The World's Largest Flip Cup Tournament on October 11th? For a $30 entry fee you can participate you can press your luck at winning a 7-night Jamaican vacation. Hello Spring Break 2010. He or She who wins the Survivor tournament is going on a cruise for 2 to the Grand Caymans thanks to VH1's Best Cruise Ever. This happens to be a floating music festival featuring the likes of Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, and so much more. Not showing your best game? You could win other prizes from a Vegas vacay package to tables to help with next year's event. For your small registration fee you get access to a 3-hour open beer bar and free playing beer included. Being held at the Hooters Casino Hotel (how appropriate) participants can get discounted rates on rooms starting at around $70. Just tell them you are a "FlipCup" member to get in on the sweet deal. So book your flights to Vegas now, and have no regrets, play like a champion. In your nice room, you can spend the 12th recovering, and not cramming for that O-chem test.
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