Thursday, September 10, 2009

Special Agent Mission Find Deal

Launched just this past summer, aka a week ago, but probably a little more established is Specials Agent. This brand spanking new website searches your town looking for great drink specails and meal deals in your town. Currently only operating in Chicago, I am sure they are ready to expand to other major locations. They are here to protect the draining of the wallet. Use their search feature to tell your special agent what day, time, or location you need and in return you will see what fits your criteria. Everyday they have one deal that you will get to participate in via collective purchasing, just like Groupon. They have a team of agents finding the deals, but if you know of a killer happy hour special you cannot keep to yourself, tell them. Spread the word! Want to take full advantage? The site shows you where in the city, it is located near other events. Although the site features Chicago specific deals right now, you can find your town, and follow them on twitter. Stay up to date where you can eat like a king for peasant prices.

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SpecialsAgent said...

Thanks for the post! While our SpecialOps feature is currently only in Chicago, you can search food and drink specials in most major cities via the website ( our iPhone app, "Specials". Livin' life on a budget isn't so bad! :)