Monday, September 21, 2009

Spin into Shape

So I do not have the coordination to try spinning. I shy away from the upbeat music that pumps out of the studio at my gym while I try to find my zen in the adjacent yoga class. However, this does not mean you should not hop on and spin like you are Lance Armstrong. Opening this Friday on New York City's Upper East Side, SoulCycle is celebrating by giving you the opportunity if trying this sport out for free. From the die hards, I know this class will give you the bang for your buck (ok I know your not paying, but you know what I mean). It melts calories off, up to 600, but that does not mean go get a big mac to supplement. You come out toned. Say hello to your Beyonce thighs. And last but not least, invigorated from all the endorphins your body releases from exercising. This amazing steal starts Friday. Call (212) 639-1300 and book a class for the following days Friday, Sept. 25 at 1PM & 6PM, Saturday Sept. 26 at 5PM, and Sunday, Sept. 27 at 5PM. Then when your done, make sure to wear your short skirt that evening. You have to show off what you worked so hard at.

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Kristin said...

I cannot spin for the life of me. I'm pretty bad at riding a bike in real life too. Ah ha