Friday, April 30, 2010

Hillbilly Heaven

Nashville! What is the first thing that popped into your head? Country Music. So when visiting put on your cowboy boots (not with a dress) and head down to 2nd Avenue to hit up the great Honky Tonks. This is your chance to embrace your country bumpkin side and enjoy all that Music City has to offer. Holding onto its stake as one of the city's last authentic bar's is Robert's Western World. Home of traditional Country music, this is where original artists come to get their start. You will be hard pressed to find a cover band strumming along on the ole guitar. When you come to spend your evenings or afternoons, you will be ahead of the trends. Next year that band or artist may just be up on stage accepting their first CMA award. Check the schedule to see when they will be playing live. If you work up an appetite order up the Recession Special from the Honky Tonk Grill inside. The no frills menu will do just the job, satisfy your hunger. Its not fancy, but that should be expected. They have your southern standards like fried Bolonga and fried pickles; something you must try at least once in your life time. Next time you are cruising down 2nd Ave and are fixin to find a place to enjoy the evening, Robert's should be at the top of your list.
image via Robert's Western World

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Kind Of Neckwear

Who does not love Anthropologie? I do not think I have ever met a woman who has said nay to the style emporium. We all know a couple of people who individually keep them in business. I made the small mistake by clicking on the links in the latest email I was sent. Now I am having issues narrowing down just which necklace I need this season from Anthropologie. I first lay some ground rules for buying a trendy necklace. I will never pay more thank $100 for something that may not last more than a season. Versatility is key; how many outfits can I wear with this piece with? The more I wear it, the further my dollar stretches. Last but not least, will it make me stand out? Without a doubt the individuality at Anthro is embedded into everything they sell.
First is the Vernal Festoon Necklace:
Necklaces by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

I love the bright colors that will work with the neutrals that are huge for this season. This will stand out among the crowd of simple necklaces. It encompasses the floral trend I have been harping on for a really long time. At $58, your return on investment will pay off fast. In addition to the neutrals pair it with jeans and a white tank for a simple look. Wear it to work for an unexpected surprise in the board room. The styling options are endless.

Then there is Sea Spectrum Necklace:
Necklaces by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

As the name states, this was the first thing I thought of upon setting eyes on it. I have a thing for shades of blue. Maybe it's the calming effects of the colors or the fact that I wish I were writing this post from the beach. That does not matter, I just love the varying colors, and its simplicity. Those are just two of the many that Anthro is currently offering. I know you are going to have trouble deciding. They are all fabulous and deserve a safe home around your neck.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Head of the Class Dining

You love to eat out, but with this recession it seems like you can build a sculpture out of all those empty Chef Boyardee cans that have accumulated. Back in the day your sink rarely saw a dish, and your fridge constantly kept a bottle of ketchup cold for the occasional use. Well its about time you ventured outside for a meal. Take full advantage of this weather and sip a glass at a sidewalk cafe. You deserve it, but you do not deserve to pay full price. No one ever should. This is when you move to the front of the classroom and check out what is on Black Board Eats. All you need to do is sign up for the free email and the exclusive, handpicked dining deals at the hot spots and hidden gems start rolling in. In addition to the exclusives they highlight the offers and deals that restaurants are independently offering. Coverage runs the gamut from the pricey special occasion locals to the no-frills take a break from the Boyardee joints. Blackboard does the dirty work; they test the waters so you don't have to sort through every review ever written to decide if its good. They tried and they think you should buy. Now as the email reaches your inbox you have a whole 24 hours to buy into this deal, its similar to Groupon's concept. When you get to the dining establishment mention the code to the host, and enjoy your meal, the company you are with, and the extra money you have padding your wallet. Bon Appetite
image via Black Board Eats

Friday, April 23, 2010

Extra, Extra Read All About What You Want

Who has the time to scan the paper every morning? I sure do not. I hardly have both shoes on both feet when I leave for work in the morning. When I do sit down to catch up on the news, I feel like I am playing "Where's Waldo" trying to find the articles that interest me. I no longer have to worry about Newspaper fingers with the help of Straight Up Headlines. Checking the major news sources Straight Up consolidates all the headlines streaming over the web. In addition to the headlines you can read a little blurb of the article so you then can decide if you want to enlighten yourself further. We all know you are not always interested in the breaking news, so you can click over to the culture sections such as Fashion, Foodie and Traveler. Guess where I will be spending most of my time? I know, it is that obvious. Since you will be keeping up with current events and trends you will always have something to talk about next time you know no one at a party, are on a first date, or just having that awkward silence we all hate. Your accompanying party will look to you as the guru who knows whats going on and the facts behind it. Go impress the world.
image via Straight Up Headlines

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frilly, Flirty, Fun

With the blooming flowers and a new attitude on life it is time to ditch my hard edge clothing and embrace my feminine side. A whole wardrobe redo will cost a pretty penny, but thanks to Ruche I may be able to get a closet full of girly frocks for a fraction of what I thought I would have to pay. Lucky for all of us one of the biggest runway trends was florals, aka dress as girly as you can. Stocked with countless of floral tops, dresses and skirts it is going to be hard to decide which ones are to find a home in my closet. Prices are incredible, hovering around a $50 price tag. It is often hard to find clothing with such detail and craftsmanship at those prices. There are styles that will flatter all body types and they stock the whole size range. In addition there is something for every occasion. This summer you will have an outfit for every party, event or day in the park you need. Since I will probably be buying the whole collection we will need to chat before leaving the house; I do not want to have a who wore it better war going on.
image via Ruche

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saucy Savings

We have all done it, bid on something online. I would bet my month's rent you did it on a certain website we ALL know. There are many who are frustrated with this site, and have taken actions to create an alternative. This is where BidSauce becomes your new auction home front; however it is a tad different than the format we are all used to. They are committed to providing users with with hottest brand name electronics and hot ticket items at ridiculously low prices--think iPod touch. How it is different, is you need a full account to start winning. A customer will purchase a Bidboxes. This gives them the power to start scoring incredible deals. They are sold in 25, 50, 100, 250 and 500 and cost as little as $0.70 per bid. It sounds intimidating to lay your money out before you know what you are going to buy, but trust me you will come away with killer savings. Last time I was on the site a $100 Amex gift card was selling for under $15. If you are overwhelmed there is 24 hour support. This is a great resource to stock up on gift cards to all the places you constantly frequent. At these prices, everyone's birthday presents are going to be iPods, and I will continue to look like a big shot.
image via Flickr

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Na(h) Na(h) Sushi

There is a reason I have countless posts on happy hour deals; drinks can be expensive even when the food is not. Well what if there was a place where you could set the price of your drinks, aka a BYOB sushi place where the food is not exorbantly priced and the atmosphere is chic. I am not making up lies, unless last Saturday night was a dream. When invited to go for inexpensive sushi at a BYOB place, I had my doubts. Had the rest of my party dined at this location before? If so, how did they feel the next morning? I was not risking the plague just to save coin as I consumed raw fish. Boy was I put in my place. Located in the heart of Murray Hill, Nana Sushi is the newest restaurant to inhabit Third Ave. Walking in, the restaurant is clean, and modern. We were shown to our table, a large booth that felt private and incredily hip. The party I was with all felt like we were VIPs at some downtown hotspot. The sushi menu, was the standard fair, but the presentation was unreal. Drinks are cheap because you essentially name your price; hello its BYOB. This is temporary as NaNa currently does not have a liquour liscence, so do not hesitate when choosing a place to eat. This will not last forever. Next weekend, make this your starting place, I gaurentee the rest of your evening will be fabulous.
Image via Flickr

Friday, April 9, 2010

Just Beat It

You want it, you need it, you just do not want to pay full price for it. Finding the best deal is similar to having a full time job. You already have one of those, that is what is helping you afford whatever it is that you are looking for. Now it is time to employee your new best friend, Beat My Price, brought you by the fabulous Retail Me Not. Say you want a new watch, but being that it is a hefty purchase you need to shop it. Find a site where you can purchase the item. Then you will type the name, website and the listed price into Beat My Price. Then click, and the website will work its magic. In a matter of seconds they scour the web for the best price out there. For this said watch I was able for find it for over $75 less. With savings like that I could buy a new pair of hot sandals for the warming months. This site is for everything from clothing, furnishings to big ticket electronics. Before pressing check out on all future purchases remember to visit your new friend, they have your best interest, aka your pocketbook.

image via Beat My Price

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breath Easy, Drinks are Cheap

Its Friday night and you want to unwind after a hectic week. You want a drink or two in a relaxed environment where you can rehash the week with all your good friends. Then I suggest you head to Phillips if you are anywhere near Uptown, New Orleans. Every Friday night they have their strong delicious artisinal martinis for you to consume for only $3. The martini menu is extensive so don't limit yourself to having just one. I have been twice and each time did not disappoint. My favorite one was the Passionfruit, but for the real Southerner, I suggest the sweet-teaini. It tastes like the real thing with the added bonus--a surprisingly strong mixture of Sweet Tea vodka and lemonade. To sustain the evening you can order a nosh or two as well. The music ia great and as the night progresses you won't be able to not dance. So when deciding on a place to get drinks tomorrow after work you know exactly where to head. If you enjoyed your time so much this week head back on April 16th when Phillips will go smoke free. You won't get the lung while you have a great time. Now breath easy, drinks are cheap.
Image via Flickr

Monday, April 5, 2010

Second Chance For First Rate Duds

Face it, spring has sprung, and so have your closet doors. That cubby hole is stuffed to the gills. You know what that means. Spend some quality time with it and clean it out. When you are done sorting through the chaos bring your gently worn clothes to Second Time Around. With locations across the country you can find a new larger home for your old threads. You do not even need to be near a STA location to consign your duds. If you are near one of their various locations, call ahead and set up an appointment to see if your clothes make the cut. Or if you are not as fortunate to live close enough, you can mail your items to them with all of your information. Enter one of their locations and you will see that the racks are filled with high end designers and brands. Rule of thumb is that clothes should be less than two years old and in good condition. If it has been sitting in your closet for that long without seeing day light, you should have Second Time Around consider it. Make sure everything is freshly laundered with no stains. When they hit the shelves, the retail price is about a third to a fourth of the original value and when it sells you take home 40 percent of the profits. Payments are doled out once a quarter. If your stuff does not sell after a certain period, you can retrieve them from the location they are staying at or they can permanently shack up until someone else finds them a treasure. Remember that when you step into their locations it is to give your old things a new home, and not foster someone else's designer frocks.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Liquidating Tastes

I have known about this secret for fairly a long time, and now I am just revealing it to the world. Well it actually took a reminder on my recent trip to spread the savings with everyone. As I was gearing up to leave Nashville years ago, a savings mecca was setting up shop on West End Ave. Walking into the unassuming storefront, I was just checking out the newest shop in town. With no expectations, I was not exactly floored, but then I started drinking the Kool Aid. What flavor is this Kool Aid you ask? It is United Apparel Liquidators. The purpose of UAL is exactly what their name states. They take excess inventory from department stores and designer boutiques to sell to you for up to 90% off. I was just as shocked at that mark down when I was in the New Orleans location last week. I picked up a pair of thousand dollar Pierre Hardy shoes for about $200; its a shame my feet resemble the ugly step sister's and not Cinderella's. There was also the Thread Social dress that you could have spent $345 on, but at UAL it was available for $60. There are four UAL locations dotting the South East. Not in the South East? The brick and mortar stores are not the only place you can pick up these savings. Available to the rest of the world is the UAL eBay store. Do not worry it was available in every size so it is not like finding a needle in a haystack, you will leave with thousands of dollars worth of clothing by only dropping pennies.
Image via Flickr
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