Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Na(h) Na(h) Sushi

There is a reason I have countless posts on happy hour deals; drinks can be expensive even when the food is not. Well what if there was a place where you could set the price of your drinks, aka a BYOB sushi place where the food is not exorbantly priced and the atmosphere is chic. I am not making up lies, unless last Saturday night was a dream. When invited to go for inexpensive sushi at a BYOB place, I had my doubts. Had the rest of my party dined at this location before? If so, how did they feel the next morning? I was not risking the plague just to save coin as I consumed raw fish. Boy was I put in my place. Located in the heart of Murray Hill, Nana Sushi is the newest restaurant to inhabit Third Ave. Walking in, the restaurant is clean, and modern. We were shown to our table, a large booth that felt private and incredily hip. The party I was with all felt like we were VIPs at some downtown hotspot. The sushi menu, was the standard fair, but the presentation was unreal. Drinks are cheap because you essentially name your price; hello its BYOB. This is temporary as NaNa currently does not have a liquour liscence, so do not hesitate when choosing a place to eat. This will not last forever. Next weekend, make this your starting place, I gaurentee the rest of your evening will be fabulous.
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oooo i love a good byob