Monday, April 5, 2010

Second Chance For First Rate Duds

Face it, spring has sprung, and so have your closet doors. That cubby hole is stuffed to the gills. You know what that means. Spend some quality time with it and clean it out. When you are done sorting through the chaos bring your gently worn clothes to Second Time Around. With locations across the country you can find a new larger home for your old threads. You do not even need to be near a STA location to consign your duds. If you are near one of their various locations, call ahead and set up an appointment to see if your clothes make the cut. Or if you are not as fortunate to live close enough, you can mail your items to them with all of your information. Enter one of their locations and you will see that the racks are filled with high end designers and brands. Rule of thumb is that clothes should be less than two years old and in good condition. If it has been sitting in your closet for that long without seeing day light, you should have Second Time Around consider it. Make sure everything is freshly laundered with no stains. When they hit the shelves, the retail price is about a third to a fourth of the original value and when it sells you take home 40 percent of the profits. Payments are doled out once a quarter. If your stuff does not sell after a certain period, you can retrieve them from the location they are staying at or they can permanently shack up until someone else finds them a treasure. Remember that when you step into their locations it is to give your old things a new home, and not foster someone else's designer frocks.

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