Thursday, April 22, 2010

Frilly, Flirty, Fun

With the blooming flowers and a new attitude on life it is time to ditch my hard edge clothing and embrace my feminine side. A whole wardrobe redo will cost a pretty penny, but thanks to Ruche I may be able to get a closet full of girly frocks for a fraction of what I thought I would have to pay. Lucky for all of us one of the biggest runway trends was florals, aka dress as girly as you can. Stocked with countless of floral tops, dresses and skirts it is going to be hard to decide which ones are to find a home in my closet. Prices are incredible, hovering around a $50 price tag. It is often hard to find clothing with such detail and craftsmanship at those prices. There are styles that will flatter all body types and they stock the whole size range. In addition there is something for every occasion. This summer you will have an outfit for every party, event or day in the park you need. Since I will probably be buying the whole collection we will need to chat before leaving the house; I do not want to have a who wore it better war going on.
image via Ruche

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