Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Head of the Class Dining

You love to eat out, but with this recession it seems like you can build a sculpture out of all those empty Chef Boyardee cans that have accumulated. Back in the day your sink rarely saw a dish, and your fridge constantly kept a bottle of ketchup cold for the occasional use. Well its about time you ventured outside for a meal. Take full advantage of this weather and sip a glass at a sidewalk cafe. You deserve it, but you do not deserve to pay full price. No one ever should. This is when you move to the front of the classroom and check out what is on Black Board Eats. All you need to do is sign up for the free email and the exclusive, handpicked dining deals at the hot spots and hidden gems start rolling in. In addition to the exclusives they highlight the offers and deals that restaurants are independently offering. Coverage runs the gamut from the pricey special occasion locals to the no-frills take a break from the Boyardee joints. Blackboard does the dirty work; they test the waters so you don't have to sort through every review ever written to decide if its good. They tried and they think you should buy. Now as the email reaches your inbox you have a whole 24 hours to buy into this deal, its similar to Groupon's concept. When you get to the dining establishment mention the code to the host, and enjoy your meal, the company you are with, and the extra money you have padding your wallet. Bon Appetite
image via Black Board Eats


Subie said...

Great site. I'm signed up!

Anonymous said...

Cool site. Does the offer only last for one day? Or is there a window to save.

Stephanie said...

Well according to the deal today it has an expiration date. So you have time to use it. This is great!

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