Thursday, April 8, 2010

Breath Easy, Drinks are Cheap

Its Friday night and you want to unwind after a hectic week. You want a drink or two in a relaxed environment where you can rehash the week with all your good friends. Then I suggest you head to Phillips if you are anywhere near Uptown, New Orleans. Every Friday night they have their strong delicious artisinal martinis for you to consume for only $3. The martini menu is extensive so don't limit yourself to having just one. I have been twice and each time did not disappoint. My favorite one was the Passionfruit, but for the real Southerner, I suggest the sweet-teaini. It tastes like the real thing with the added bonus--a surprisingly strong mixture of Sweet Tea vodka and lemonade. To sustain the evening you can order a nosh or two as well. The music ia great and as the night progresses you won't be able to not dance. So when deciding on a place to get drinks tomorrow after work you know exactly where to head. If you enjoyed your time so much this week head back on April 16th when Phillips will go smoke free. You won't get the lung while you have a great time. Now breath easy, drinks are cheap.
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