Friday, April 23, 2010

Extra, Extra Read All About What You Want

Who has the time to scan the paper every morning? I sure do not. I hardly have both shoes on both feet when I leave for work in the morning. When I do sit down to catch up on the news, I feel like I am playing "Where's Waldo" trying to find the articles that interest me. I no longer have to worry about Newspaper fingers with the help of Straight Up Headlines. Checking the major news sources Straight Up consolidates all the headlines streaming over the web. In addition to the headlines you can read a little blurb of the article so you then can decide if you want to enlighten yourself further. We all know you are not always interested in the breaking news, so you can click over to the culture sections such as Fashion, Foodie and Traveler. Guess where I will be spending most of my time? I know, it is that obvious. Since you will be keeping up with current events and trends you will always have something to talk about next time you know no one at a party, are on a first date, or just having that awkward silence we all hate. Your accompanying party will look to you as the guru who knows whats going on and the facts behind it. Go impress the world.
image via Straight Up Headlines

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