Thursday, December 30, 2010

Scrub a Dub Dub

To be a functioning member of society showering once a day is a requirement. Some bath products can be indulgent and others just need to get their job done. Suave Naturals Refreshing Body Wash falls in the latter category. Known for products those are inexpensive but also effective this line of body washes lather up. Grab a shower poof or wash towel squeeze a little of this fragrant product and clean. That’s what this product does, it cleans. There are no extra additives to moisturize or exfoliate. Often these additives just jack up the price but do not support the advertised benefits. Just moisturize after the shower with an excellent cream or lotion. Also exfoliating on a regular basis is not always healthy. So when washing up its best to keep it simple with just a wash like Suave Naturals. This comes in 10 fragrances most resemble a tropical destination. Something that is necessary during these cold, frigid days. The wash is infused with Vitamin E to nourish. There are also shampoos, conditioners, and body lotions featured in the Naturals line. Available at most major drug stores

Sunday, December 26, 2010

We All Scream Ale Yeah

A cold brew is all we want sometimes.  Maybe we had a bad day at work, make that week, wait make that year.  Or we are chowing down on pizza and wings or maybe foie gras.  Whatever it is Americans love beer.  Sometimes we want to step it up a notch and drink something other than Natty Light.  Maybe we want to appear well traveled and sip on a micro brew from Lithuania.  Duh everyone has been to Lithuania, its the new Greek isles.  Well lets pretend we've all been and go to the Ale Yeah where they have numerous types of brew maybe even that coveted one from Lithuania .  Located in metro Atlanta, Ale Yeah brings to Georgia the joys of local and international craft beers.  Take a look around at their selection and create your own 6 pack where you can try a variety of flavors.  To accompany your drinking experience Ale Yeah offers cured meats, fine cheeses and chocolates that bring the experience to a higher level.  The staff is incredibly knowledgeable about the brews so do not hesitate to ask any questions. There is a beer for everyone here.  When you find if go ahead and scream Ale Yeah!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas to all, and to all my Jews out there, happy chinese food and movies.  What are y'all seeing?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

No Glove, No Love

I have a new favorite blog, well after mine, the Man Repeller. The 21 year old Leandra Medine, has a closet anyone would dream of owning and what seems like an apartment that I could only fantasize about. Do it, check out her pics. But one of her recent post led me to what I believe one of the greatest update to our boring shoe collection. I should say yours. I kinda buy more shoes than anything. But we all have a pair of the boring black pump for business, and all other dressing needs. What if we could update that shoe without having to buy a whole new pair. Check out the Heel Condoms. Yes it sounds exactly as you would imagine. It is a little sleeve that you slip onto the back of your pumps to jazz them up. Yes, I just used the term jazz. The heel cover is a a little slip that goes over the back of your shoe.  There are a variety of options to fit your mood.  Feeling sweet but a little edgy?  Go for the cheetah printed bow.  Its that balance of girly femininity but in a femme fatal pattern. There are studded red satin ones and runway feather ones.  With about 15 options and prices starting at $20, you only need one pair of shoes and an array of Heel Condoms to add variety to your shoe options.  All are reusable and protect heels from wear and tear.  There is a condom for everyone there is no reason why you should not step outside without one. 
Image via Heel Condoms

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Play It Out

My senior year of college, I spent a good amount of my Thursday nights at the new piano bar in town.  it wasn't your average one, it was dueling.  Now what seems like the eternity since I bid adieue to Nashville which in actually is only 2 and a half years it seems like this concept has taken a strong hold across the country.  In Dallas, The Penguin Piano Bar has recently opened its doors.  So there are two pianos facing each other, usually with a fish bowl resting nicely atop it.  Take the napkin intended to be your ice cold drinks coaster and find a pen, write down what song you just can't live without hearing.  Is it Gaga?  Is it Elton John?  Who cares, just write it down.  Bring your pretty little self up to the Piano man (or woman) and give them your napkin, preferably with a dollar or two if you want to hear the song before the sun comes up.  Then sit back as the national touring piano players jam out your song.  Don't be disappointed if a mash up occurs, or a dual. You never know how Teenage Dream will sound with Thunderstruck.  They are currently open Thursday through Saturday and have a small cover charge.  Go with your friends, its a greater way to hear the music you want to hear, dance to the songs you want.  Its an all around good time.
Image via  HenryStradford

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fresh Mex

So it seems that all I have reporting on is euphoric food places lately.  Maybe I am famished from all the Zumba I have been doing.  Speaking of Latin culture, last Satruday after the wait at Ippudo was eons long, and meandering the cold city was out of the question, a friend and I went to a little hole in the wall, Dos Torros.  I did not waver because of all the accolades I had read about this place  The simple Mexican flavors had been extolled by some of the harshest food critics, and that's because this place can back it up.  Time Out New York was partisan to the carne Asada tacos, but I decided to give tantamount consideration to other menu options.  So I loaded up on one carne, and one carnitas with a side of guacamole.  Each heaping, overstuffed taco was under $4 and was savory, flavorful and fresh.  The place has about four tables so dine with a friend to dive headlong into the first available table while waiting to order.  Do not worry, you will get over that gaucherie once you settle in and bite into the deliciousness.  And I am sure that person you swiped the table from is long gone savoring their taco.  In addition to the tacos do not abstain from the other menu options like burritos and quesadillas.  Much to your chagrin, own the fact you will soon be the Foursquare mayor. 
Image via Swift Benjamin

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Wana an Empanada

The Empanada is the new IT food. There are so many IT foods I do not know what it is actually replaceing, all I know is that its the new one you should be chowing down.  As I write this post I have 3 options sitting next to me.  Not really but I am salivating thinking about this.  In Los Angeles, Nonna's Empanadas is brand new to the scene ready to offer you an option for your Latin cravings.  At about 3 bucks a pop you can try the whole array of options.  There are beef, chicken, veggie options to name a few.  Get them spicy or not; have a breakfast option on the way to work.  There is a wonderful sidewalk cafe to enjoy your treat.  In addition to empanadas, there is an extensive menu to chow down on pizza, tostinos, and dessert for your sweet tooth.  Everything is baked daily, which means fresher, than fresh.  Can't find the time to sit down. Get in on the combo deals: 3 empanadas and a soda or if you are hungry 6 and 2 sodas.  Now get on trend and head to Nonna's.       
Image via Nonna's

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So your sick of it. Your apartment, your home, your bedroom, that corner. It needs something; It needs a change. But redecorating is sucks your will to live. That's why I leave that job to others (thanks mom and auntie). We know you are busy right now because of the holiday times, but come 6 weeks from now when your New Years Resolution will be in full swing you are going to want a change.  This year we resolve to redesign our apartments and not our bodies.  We know we can't keep the later.  It is beyond overwhelming to start this project, but keep MyDeco in your back pocket.  This will be your only Internet stop for your decorating dilemmas.  Taking the plethora of websites out in the black hole called the Internet, My Deco aggregates everything that's of quality in one neat website.  Cutting the time of picking out a sofa or a throw pillow you won't be overwhelmed with the options, but be able to make clear decisions about how your palace should look.  In addition, there is are experts to give advice, 3D planning tools to give your perspective and the key to success these days a social network of users to give you advice, ideas and opinions.   The site is easy to use and you may get lost in the fantasy, but once you come back from the rabbit hole your apartment will be the example of pristine decorating among your friends. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My Favorite E.L.F.

My name is Stephanie, and I am addicted to beauty products. I fully admitted to myself and all those around me that I had an addiction this past weekend when I was at Target. Mind you I did major shopping less than a week before in the product department.  Perfectly placed at the end of the isle were the Eyes, Lips, Face products for the holiday shoppers. There were sets with eyeshadows, blushes and lipsticks. There were small and large options. Like a moth to a flame I was there with arm fulls of options. As I shopped the rest of the store I eliminated varieties. Until I was left with just one, the Limited Edition Studio Endless Eyes Pro Eyeshadow Palette. Variety is an understatement, there are 100 eyeshadow shades, none of which I have ever had before (yeah right). I tried to guilt myself out of buying it. Telling myself there was no reason I needed it, for that price would the shadows actually work, why did I want to shlep this back from Florida, etc. But I could not do it. There was a little red sticker that was subconsciously telling me to buy buy buy. This red sticker said it was $10, yes ten bucks for 100 hundred eyeshadows; ten cents per shade. I can't even get 2 lattes for that price.  So when I got it back north, in one piece, I didn't know where to begin. Do I go safe with neutrals or play with color? If you know me, you know the answer. It was love at first application. I am glad I didn't wait, the Target up in Harlem was sold out. Each day is a new color option and it lasts through out. Now go track one down and paint the town, with your beautiful face.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Boom Boom Design You

We all want to appear cultured, even if we are not.  So we go to the museum shops and buy prints of Vermeer paintings.  Well I buy them because he is my favorite artists and love that his entier life's work was basically painted by the same window and amount to a baerly enough for a retrospective.  So I would say I am cultured and like to show for it.  That's why the shops on Designboom have great items to show your artistic preference.  Designboom is a sight that displays some of the most cutting edge displays of architecture, art and design.  Their "museum shop" allows for one to purchase items inspired by these unique artists.  There are fun childish items like crayon rings.  Great for your budding princess or the glamour artist in you that does not want to give up her bling.  There are intricite lamps that are just made from paper.  Scare a dinner guest with the Shark Fin salt and pepper shakers.  Everything in this store looks like it would be found lingering in a Phillipe Starck hotel or property.  So what is stopping you from making you abode the next hotspot for models and fashionistas to stop at? 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let No One Go Thirsty

So the fact that a water bottle cost 9 dollars is not something I would usually write about. The fact that I am on a crusade to save the planet since I was about 5 is very apparent. So I will shell over 10 bucks to never have to buy a water bottle from a hot dog stand in Manhattan. Vapur is the anti-bottle because when it is empty its flat as a pancake and fits in any space available in your pocketbook.  When the thirst hits, find a water fountain, tap, cooler or a Brita to fill it up.  No longer will you have to tote those annoying metal bottles that clink and clank on everything you own.  So long is the bulk.  No longer will you have to shell out 3 bucks to the hot dog man down in SoHo for a bottle you just cannot seem to find a recycling bin for once you are down.  The bottles come in an array of colors each with a mini carabiner to attach to your purse.  They are freezable which is great for long trips and made in the USA.  So add a Vapur to your Holiday list.  There is no reason why you should ever be thirsty again. 
Image via Vapur

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet and Beachy

It may not exactly be the time for ice cream, but I hear in LA the mercury never dips below 70.  So maybe I need to try it out for a bit.  To be honest, when it gets to be negative 50 in New York as long as I am cozies up in my apartment I won't hesitate to grab a spoon and a pint.  So whats stopping me?  Nothing.  This is why I may book the next budget fair to LaLa Land for this confection.  Why would I cross the country for one of Beachy Cream's Ice Cream Sandwiches.  Hello there is ice cream and their are cookies; what more could a girl ask for?  Taking organic, sustainable, local ingredients Beachy Cream whips up interesting concoctions.  There is the Key Lime Cowabunga which is a refreshing Key Lime ice cream smushed between two coconut oatmeal cookie.  Hello, Caribbean vacation!  Our Strawberry Surfer Girl is sugar cookies with a strawberry balsamic swirl.  Those are just two I would hoover down once I got my hands on them.  You can pick up your choices at various locations or follow the cart on twitter.  Unlike your childhood memories, the cookie probably won't stick to your fingers.     
Image via Beachy Cream

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Beneficial Shopping

We all love to shop.  Do not deny it.  I see you shaking your head in the corner as you try and hide those shopping bags.  Yes we are all victim to it.  I will stand on the roof tops and scream "I am Stephanie, and I love to SHOP."  However, if you are like me too you also like to spend as little as possible.  But what if you could or could not save on said purchase but made a little back from swiping your plastic.  Now that the busy holiday season is fast approaching sign up for to make money from all those presents you will be buying regardless.  On you will earn cash back on all major retailers, up to 15% of your purchase.  Every store from Saks Fifth Ave to Barnes and Noble is on site for you to start earning as you spend.  Sign up today and 5 bucks are deposited in your account.  When you reach 10 smackers you can cash out with a check or deposited in your Pay Pal account.  Tell your friends about it and when they spend $25 both you and your friend will get $5 deposited in your account.  Before clicking order see if there is a coupon listed on the site as well.  When the urge to shop hits make sure that is in your tool bar so you do not miss out on earning.  With all those presents you need to buy earning all that cash back will not be hard.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

There is nothing I love more than a weekend brunch.  I would do it every Saturday and Sunday if I could (I am talking to you my lovely friends in NYC ;-)).  I would do it in every city, like Chicago.  On my list of stops would be Bakin' & Eggs.  Their brunch menu is teaming with all the classics from eggs your way to buttermilk pancakes.  If you want to think outside the box indulge in the bacon waffle that is made with a rum batter.  Head down south for a meal with the southern comfort bowl.  If you can't get out of bed for brunch this weekend Bakin & Eggs serves both breakdfast and lunch during the week.  Trust me we have all been there.  There is a full breakfast menu, so you can catch some of the brunch features.  The lunch options have everything from a beet salad to a turkey wrap.  Each day of the week there are daily specials from half priced espresso drinks all day on Tuesdays to kids eat free on Thursdays.  Add it to the list of brunch spots, I know I would if I were heading to the Windy City. 
Image via baube1942

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Group Star Savings

Groupon, KGB deals, Living Social, those are just a few of the coupon sites you buy from on a daily basis thanks to Yipit's daily email. Chances r you are not schlepping to X for Y or you really never see youreself waling the tight rope between 2 buildings. Or your the one who missed the chance to save 50 percent to risk your life. Maybe Lifesta will have that missed opportunity. Site is the eBay for group buying websites; it is a market place for you to buy and sell all of those daily deals that we need in our lives.  If you have a deal that you know you will never use, you list it on the site.  Then the person who keeps kicking themselves for letting it slide serendipitously stumbles upon your listing.  Its the perfect transaction.  You get your money back for that deal you have no idea why you purchased and the buyer gets exactly what they were looking for.  No worries about buying a fake; every transaction is guaranteed to be authentic by The Lifesta Deal Guarantee. To sell your deals you click "Sell A Deal" and follow the instructions. You set up your seller profile, tell them the deal and have an Amazon Payments account.  Simple enough.  Once the buyer is charged  the money is deposited into your account.  If you are buying, you will get an electronic copy of your purchase for you to print out at your leisure.  Now that you do not have to think twice about all those deals just buy them, you can always sell them to someone who is actually interested later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Charm It Up

I love a good charm.  I may wear opulent, over the top baubles; lets face it I go big or I go home.  Even when I am going in either direction I am always wearing my simple charm necklace.  As I scrolled through my reader to see what was happening on the blogosphere, Love at First Shop had made the most charming purchase.  Pun is intended to the max.  I Adorn U, on Etsy, has some of the greatest simple but uber interesting pieces I have seen out there.  Trying to diversify my jewelry drawer, one of the elegant bracelets would fill the void I have.  The initial bunny bracelet is the perfect answer and addition to all of the bangles and beads I pile on.  Let's face it every girl wants to feel feminine and theses accessories are a great option.   Since it is holiday time, this shop has the perfect nostalgic gifts for you and your best friend.  Buy the bestie the Best Friend Necklace; you get one whale and she gets the other.  Prices are beyond affordable and they are great ways to add a classic touch with a twist.  I know I will be adding the options to my holiday list.  Now the trouble comes to when I have to narrow it down. 

Image via Love At First Shop

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its Always 5 O'clock Here

So if you are not as fortunate as me to win a happy hour for 50 of my closest friends at every establishment I drop my business card in there are other ways to enjoy a post work drink for less than the asking price. All you need in your possession is an I'm Not At Work card. At over 80 bars and restaurants in New York City this card opens discounts not avaliable to the rest of the general public, keeping happy hour a 24 hour occurance.  By purchasing this little card you have access to some sick discounts on food and drinks.  At Chelsea Brewing Company you get 10% off food and drinks all the time.  Throw back $1 drafts at The Bullpen.  Those are examples of some of the amazing deals this card opens up.  Have the card, but do not see your favorite watering hole?  Tell the manager to get on his game and offer exclusive discounts.  Thanks to this little wallet addition, there is never a reason to pay in full for a drink.        

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wear It Like You Mean It

So there are those outfits you think you look hot in, but you need someone's honest opinion about it.  Sometimes our friends do not want to hurt our feelings so they just say it looks fine.  Then there are the boyfriends who know that the only answer to respond with is "Yes, you look beautiful."  For example, the outfit to the left has just a tad too much going on.  In reality you need and unadulterated, honest opinion that you actually look divine in your over the top fur vest.  Thanks to this great new invention of social media and the Internet, Go Try It On is your answer to what exactly you should walk out the door in.  If your in the dressing room and are thinking, should I buy this, just snap a photo, post it to the site and let the answers pour in.  Give a blurb about where exactly you would wear this, why you want to wear it etc.  Is it for a date, job interview, girls night out?  Basically, pour your heart out about this frock.  Then you share this info, which will be featured on the home page for users to review and give you advice.  As the feedback rolls in you will be able to decide if this will be your go to outfit, or you are going straight to Goodwill.  Now that you have your honest best friend at your fingertips now, you will never have a day looking bad on the street. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So there are somethings I take for granted and assume everyone knows. One of these things are the coins hibernating in your couch creases is money just like those greenbacks filling your wallet.  When you have accumulated enough they actually add up. This maybe an extreme but from high school through college I filled a Costco sized animal cracker vat with coins. Heavy yes, that's the understatement of the year. I took, more like dragged my teddy bear of coins to what is now TD Bank, where they or shall I say computer will count your coin for free. Not like Coinstar which charges about 8% of your total; can we say rip off?  So the machiene counts, spits out European coins you thought were pennies, then prints you a grand total. Take your recpit up to the counter, grab a lolly (no matter the color they are all cherry flavored), and the teller will had you stacks of cash.  See all those coins really do add up.  TD bank may be regional but you can probably bet that your bank too will gladly trade you.  Just ask them, you can only gain a fabulous pair of new boots.  So now tell me, what would you spend this sudden windfall on?
Image via Corrine Brown

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Parisian on The Upper East Side

Image via cherrylet
Tickets to Paris, on the pricey side.  So the only way for me to get back is participate in French like activities: wear breton stripe shirts and black ankle pants, have a slight attitude, and eat excessive amounts of cheese washed down with gallons of wine.  On that gastro note I finally redeemed my groupon for the Yorkville Creperie this weekend. I stumbled upon it over a year ago when enjoying a very good Springsteen cover band next door.  Being located on York Ave and me lazy never made it east for a short gastro trip to Paris. On this beautiful fall weekend we made plans to get our crepe on. The dark wood floors, brick walls and chalk boards covered in specials add to that homey french flair.  The menu has both extensive options for both sweet and savory crepes.  If you can't find exactly what you like feel free to make your own. There are salads and paninis if crepes are not exactly your thing. Each night after 5pm the creperie offers a different special; everything from two for one drinks to $15 for an entree and cocktail. Your meal may last only a short period of time but the quality of ingredients and care put into your meal will transport you to that little sunlit cafe with a few outdoor tables.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Velvet Rope

Some trends are easy to adopt in full force: Military. Others not so much: velvet. When I saw this cascading down the runway I admit I was on the fence. I loved it on all these lithe models but really could not see myself incorporating it into my daily wardrobe. Its either too fancy and I am not going to any balls or galas in the near future. Or it was too heavy; the last thing I want to do is futz with my dress. Then the bell went off. Sometimes go small or go home is the way to go. The best way is to start of in the accessories department.  Always starting with the toes, shoes pack the trendiest punch.  With a pop of color and a lot of luxe, the Asos Luxe Velvet Bow Ballerina is the best way to dip into this trend.  The jewel tone is bright enough to add a twist to your boring blacks, browns and greys.  They are sweet and innocent for your very adorable girly attire.  As the days get colder, your head is going to need some adornment.  I find this BLUI hat to be an interesting style but have great function.  For some reason it reminds me of Elmer Fudd's hunting cap in an incredibly wearable, functional, and oh so cool way.  There are even cool accessories sporting Velvet details.  Anthropologie's Plush Bangle, which is conveniently on sale, has it going on.  There is ruching, color and everything in a small little bracelet.  So remember when trying to be trendy, start small, and then work up to embracing a gown like the one above.       

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meat Mondays

When was the last time you went out for a steak dinner and paid for it.  Never, unless we are talking about the hockey puck I prepared last week with discount meat from Trader Joe's.  Stop worrying, my health is great, he he.  Now thanks to the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I can now afford a huge steak dinner on Monday nights for $15.  At The Butcher Shop Steakhouse in Memphis and around the south, each Monday they offer their epic special.  Where just a rib eye costs $25 on any regular night, you can have that with a baked potato and a salad for ten bucks off the asking price.  You most def are getting your money's worth.  This maybe the best steal and a half because just go to your butcher and your uncooked steak will ring up to the same price.  After the manic Monday you are probably going to have this is the best way to end the day with a meal you do not have to cook or clean.  Now when the bill comes, do not be shy, pull out your plastic and treat your party to a meal to remember.           

Thursday, October 7, 2010

There Is Always A Second Way In

So you hear about all these events. They range from charity to food fests. You want to participate but then after a quick research you clearly cannot afford the price of admission, even if it is for a good cause. You need to pay your electric before you can dance with the stars under the stars on a 100 foot yacht. There is another way to get your foot in the door. Well guess what, some friends and I are doing just that this weekend. The annual New York Food and Wine Festival is coming to town this weekend.  Being the not so secret foodie, I yearned to afford tickets.  No go, my small wallet put that to a screeching halt. Then it was brought to my attention that I could volunteer to work these sorts of events.  Granted I won't get to enjoy it leisurely but I jumped at the chance to see what all these things are about. This week we got our assignments, none the same but they are all pretty darn cool.  There is a chance we will get to sight our favorite Food Network stars or maybe even get to enjoy the food that is being served. All in all if nothing comes of it we will be helping the Food Bank for New York City. This is a great way to do something different with your time. Normally my weekends are filled with shopping, errands and brunch. This is a way to break it up  your routine while having a fun time. Go find what big events are coming to town and see how you can get involved.  Added bonus is the volunteer t shirt I will now be sporting at the gym.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boost Your Avalibility

 This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let's face it its time to admit your addictions, to your phone.  Let's just say I face a bought with anxiety whenever I leave mine sitting on my night table in the mornings. I am one of those fancy people, or let's just say overly connected who has a smart phone to tweet, update, BBM whenever I am lucky enough to get service.  When I am stuck on the subway I am playing by 6,000th game of Solitaire.  These phones can get expensive; Boost Mobile is a great way to get the perks of a smart phone whitout draining your wallet and battery.  To make it even easier they have introduced the Re-Boost program.  It is a method to add funds to your cell prior to use.  Like a gift card, your cell will only work if there are funds to keep it up and running.  There are super easy ways to make sure you never loose touch with the twit-o-sphere.  You can pay online, in person or by the phone; 3 options, super easy.  Sometimes forgetful?  Set up your plastic for automatic payments.  Great for if you consistently use the same amount of minutes per month.  What's amazing about Boost is their phone options.  There is the ever popular Blackberry, which are no longer just for business anymore.  For $60 a month you can call nationwide, text, browse the web, email etc on an unlimited basis.  There is the i1 Motorolo as well.  This one is awesome since its powered by Android.  That means applications up the wazoo.  These are great for you to check in on four square, update your Twitter or write on your bestie's Facebook wall.  You will never be disconnected from your world or out of the loop about who just who became mayor of their dry cleaner.  Being in the know is your game and you can still be on top of it with Boost Mobile.  You know I am constantly updating, just look at my twitter feed.  Usually its from my trusty cell because all the web applications are a bit to confusing for me.  For a simple price you can have that great Facebook and other social connectivity for a monthly price.  Talk, talk, talk, tweet, tweet, tweet because you can at a low monthly price.       

Image via Honou

Visit my sponsor: Reboost

Monday, October 4, 2010

Get The Shecky Out of Here

Us girls need a little time with our friends. Whether its eating raw cookie dough out of the tube or dressed to the nines getting down on the dance floor its always better when your best friends are along side.  But what's the best activity to do with a gaggle of girls? Shop, duh.  Across the country Schecky's makes this easier with their Girls Night Out events.  Touring the country, these events make an appearance for about 3 days bringing joy to every attendee.  Sponsored by major brands, your price of admission opens you up to a shopping event of up-and-coming designer names from across the country.  While shopping enjoy complimentary cocktails and mini makeovers.  At the New York event which I will be attending this week I am looking forward to browsing jewelry from Claudia Gill Designs and see what 5th and Madison has to offer.  In addition to shopping I am going to need something to sustain me.  And what is better than food and drink.  At the end of the night, attendees get to tote home an amazing gift bag worth well over the price of admission.  It has everything from books to cosmetics.  Find out when they will be holding their event in your town.  Grab a gaggle of girls and go laugh the night away. 
Image via Annie Mole

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Internationally Speaking

Being the crazy insane person that I am, I recently decided to go to Macy's herald square. Yes the same one you see every thanksgiving, where us New Yorkers often need to be sedated to enter due to the skewed native to tourist ratio. Why I choose to go was due to the September issue of Marie Claire where every fur vest I was coveting happened to be from Macy's. This year I was determined to get one since the one I commissioned to be repurposed from a vintage stole last year never happened.  Bracing myself for what I thought was going to be hell on earth, I walked west to the "World's Largest Store."  I mozied around, not finding anything that blew me out of the water or that fit my short shopping list.  Then it happened, I was at the end of the store.  It was the INC International Concepts department of the store.  From my past experiences I always thought of this in house brand as very professional.  If I worked in a buttoned up office I am sure I would be wearing them from head to toe.  This is all in the past because there has been a revamp from the last time.  Off the bat I found 4 fur vest options.  I lugged around the one that was furry and leopard print, one that looked like a Mongolian beast and others that fit the more traditional mold.  Then there it was the shearling vest that was as close to the Burberry ones as I can possibly get to.  As I noticed everything I wanted was here and then some I started to browse.  Lets just say I did not need to go to the gym after lifting plenty of items to the fitting room.  The sale rack was great where everything was $30.  From there I took home a sequined t-shirt, and another casual number.  Then there was the black avaunt guarde bolero with loops of yarn covering the sweater.  I also found this great gold metallic button down that is the perfect replacement for a boring white oxford.    As for the purpose for entering Macy's, I decided on the black Mongolian fur vest that is frighteningly reminiscent of a rug from my grandparents home.  I purchased a lot, but the bill was not exorbitant and nothing was over $90.  Now that INC is on a role I will be referencing them for forth coming seasons as every trend was represented in the department at such a reasonable cost. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Betel, Trying A Bit Too Hard

 Recently I had the pleasure of going to the brunch preview at Betel in the West Village. Working in an environment off fabulocity I knew this was the new hot spot on the map. So I jumped, wait I mean lept at the chance to give the new brunch menu a chance.  With a girlfriend in tow we headed downtown for what was soon to be an interesting and long brunch. Stepping into the resto the decor is minimal and modern. A long communal table anchors the center of the establishment. Upon being seated our waiter was initially attentive. He explained the non traditional menu and suggested what we should eat and drink. With the idea of brunch in our heads I was expecting a mix of sweet and savory options remixed into Betels Asian palate but there was maybe one egg dish and not a french toast or a pancake in sight.  We started with a Dim Sum and then a main course; or this is what we expected.  We ordered Pork Buns and Duck Dumplings.  Well the pork buns were sitting in grease, and saturated; however the flavor was mild.  The dumplings never came so I cannot harp on what the waiter said was delicious and one of the best dishes offered.  Our main courses were the roasted pork sandwich and the banh mi burger.  The roast pork sandwich is not to be missed. Served on a soft, almost soggy baguette, the tender pork is the right mix between sweet and savory. Incredibly tender, the crisp vegetables balance the complex textures of the sandwich.  Before the burger arrives, the aroma reaches the table. Trading in the pork for beef, the flavors burst in ones mouth. Served on a soft bun, the patty is topped with cilantro and all the other necessities to make the perfect banh mi. Although much more expensive then the ones available in Chinatown, the flavors are stiff competition.  Served, with sweet potato fries that are actually crisp, the sweet balances the sharp flavors of the burger.  The food was great here for the exception of the buns, and maybe the dumplings are out of this world but I will probably never know.  Service was incredibly spotty, our waiter would disappear on ends and the time elapsed between courses was not consistent.  Prices are consistent with what other restaurants offer.  I am not so sure what this is called brunch, maybe to be on trend, but in reality this is just a restaurant that is open during brunch hours serving lunch.  Maybe once the kinks are ironed out Betel will be worth trying again.  As for right now there are a million options here in the city and the ones with bottomless mimosas are that more tempting.      

Friday, September 24, 2010

Shake It Like You Mean It

You love to dance, but you are not auditioning for Julliard.  You enjoy the exercise and the endless fun you have.  Missing it, you have researched dance classes around New York City, but it seems like everything is too serious or too expensive.  Now located downtown is Liberated Movement, a donation based dance studio.  For the beginner to the expert this a studio where dancers are welcomed with open arms.  There are various classes offered.  There is Ballet, Cardio Jazz and Hip Hop to name a few.  Classes are offered on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings; just check the schedule to make sure you can make the class you want to shake your booty at.  Classes are offered at Battery Dance Studios down in Tribeca.  Once you are hooked, have a girls night out on the town and show off all your moves on the dance floor.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flower Power

Let's face it, who does not like to receive flowers?  Its the small surprises that help us get through our days, like when someone sends you a bouquet.  Everyone in the office gets jealous, you are intoxicated by the fragrance, and that smiler plastered from ear to ear are just some of the benefits of that little gift.  You know the feeling I am talking about.  And this is why you are going to be sly and slip the boyfriend, husband, significant other this blog post.  Your man or woman can now save 10% on same day flower arrangements at 1st In Flowers.  Even before the 10% discount 1st In Flowers is a more economical option than the other dealers out there.  All one needs to do to save on fresh cut vines is enter the special code “Frugal" upon checking out.  And guess what, this code does not expire so come anniversary, birthday and that little lovely holiday in February remind your man about this site and promotion.  The options are endless and can fit any occasion you need them for.  Not everyone has a man doting on them, but you may have a new nugget in your life.  Get the brand new mom an arrangement that will wow the rest.  Now when you are surprised by this delivery, remember to run home and smack a big wet one on the person who loves you so dearly.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lunch Delivered

We have the Wined & Dined post where the NYC food trucks are parked for the day.  Well Los Angeles needs some love too.  There is a new iPhone App to help plan out your mobile meals.  Its so hard keeping track where everyone will be stopped each day.  So this reconciles all the options from the Kogi truck to the Grilled Cheese Four Wheeler.  We all know traffic in this town is a nightmare, so you can see what will only cut into that tiny hour our bosses give us for lunch.  Download the Road Stoves application for your iPhone or touch to pin point exactly what mobile kitchen is in your neighborhood.  Sometimes parking can be tricky, and twitter has yet to update where exactly they are.  Using GPS this application will show you how far you are from that truck.  It is not delayed thanks to modern technology.  If you are hungry at 12:01, you can see what's to eat at 12:01.  No need to complain about being starvels the clown, just download this app and feast away.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Simplicity In Time

You may think that third appendage, also known as your cell phone, Twitter tracker, Facebook updater, alarm clock is all you need to tell time.  This is probably true, but when was the last time you wore that phone on your hip.  I doubt you are a middle aged father ready to embarrass their children.  So chances are you can juggle two, time telling devices, one that just happens to be a fashion statement. Simplicity is the name of your game, which is why you were instantly drawn to Uniform Wares wrist watches.  Unisex, every day watches in a multitude of colors will keep your busy schedule on track.  The face is the same color as the strap.  The uniform color creates a modern monochromatic look.  Sleek and simple these do not stick out.  What also does not stick out is the price tag.  Coming in at $132, this is an incredibly reasonable price for a wrist watch.  The strap is durable rubber, and can be switched out if you want to break up the uniformity of color.  There are also leather options.  Hailing from the UK, they are available through their website, but a select few US stores carry options.  If you just cannot wait see what they have left of the limited quantity.  Tick Tock, time don't stop, but at least you can try and be on time now.        
Image via Uniform Wares

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Relay to the Driver's Seat

Going green? AKA you got rid of your car.  Need to feel the wind in your hair?  But that two wheeler will not cut it. Check out RelayRides where you can rent wheels for as low as 6 bucks an hour.  And I am not talking about jalopies here.  Some of the options will turn heads as your obnoxious muffler turns the corner.  Like the other car sharing programs, this one is cheap and free to join.  Also for a limited time offer, there is a $25 driving credit.  Unlike the other services, those doing the lending are the actual car owners.  Relay provides the service, insurance, and technology to make this happen.  This allows, those who pay that monthly act payment, to make a little dough off of that small investment sitting in the driveway.  Those who need to use that vehicle has the ability to demand the service when they need it.  There is no coordinating with the owner, Relay does the dirty work.  Rates start at $6 an hour.  Sometimes that is cheaper than your pick me up latte.  Gas and insurance are always included in the hourly rate.    Join online, reserve your car, then drive to your hearts content.  Your car will be exactly where Relay says it is, waiting for your adventure.  Currently, only operating in the Cambridge area, wait just a bit, but this concept will be spreading like wild fire.  People love making money off of things they already own.  Go get the keys, grab some friends; its apple picking season and the orchard is calling your name.     
Image via Guttorm Flatabø

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

High on Fried

Summer maybe over but your once a month hankering for a funnel cake does not hibernate with the cooler weather.  Well does it ever actually get cooler in Miami?  Prob not and that's why Gorilla B's exists.  Not exactly a place to hit up every day, but once in a while a fried hot dog is just something you need.  However, you may not be at the state carnival or on the boardwalk so head over here.  Their menu reads like what your childhood memories were made of.  If it can be dipped in batter and then fried you can order it up.  They have the gluttonous classics like Oreos and Snicker bars and some new ones like Poptarts.  I know your sugar receptors are firing off right now and there is usually a time of month when these do taste the best.  In addition, to the fried baddies, Gorilla lets you get down in a thick slice of cheesecake.  There is the classics and the tropical.  We are in Miami, so get a guava or a key lime version, both which I am pretty sure the fruits were just picked from the vine.  And now that it is unfortunately fall, there is the delicious Pumpkin, that everyone looks forward to. Don't worry, you can get a Diet Coke to wash everything down, so your guilt and glutton won't consumer every bit of your conciseness. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

On a recent trip to Six Flags my girls and I took a detour to the Jackson Outlets. Everyone said they were great, had huge selection of all the stores you want to save at. However, I was underwhelmed by this place. Yes they had your staples from J. Crew to Brooks Brothers but something was missing. But recently being the frugal momma that I am I took a drive up to Woodbury Commons Premium Outlets in Harriman, New York. Now this is the mecca of outlet shopping. Being my first outlet experience from my childhood, it has let my expectations down for future savings trips. Covering aces of land and having every off price store imaginable there is no reason to test out other outlet centers.  Ancorhed by one of four Ralph Lauren stores, the center spreads itself with impressive store fronts . There is something to satisfy anyone's shopping needs; unfortunately there is even an Ed Hardy store. Fashionistas strapped for cash head straight to apple court where there is a Prada, Off 5th, Last Call, and a Dolce & Gabbana just to name a few. Get this ladies I saw the coveted Balmain Zipper boots in multiple stores. The discounts here are legit and even come with more reduced at the register. If your in the city rent a Mint car. Visiting the city and bored for a reason, make your trip out here. The bags of designer goods you lug back into town will equal the bags of money you saved.
Image via Woodbury Commons

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tibesti Bet Online

Let's face it, Internet shopping is scary.  You never know exactly what you are going to get.  Is the picture right? Is the model really in children's clothing masked for women?  Is that post production of faux leather look like it is the highest Italian quality ever?  Chances are you have shopped on the Internet, and have been beyond disappointed by a box that UPS dropped off.  Then there is the whole return process which we will not even get started on.  Before you impulsively press pay now 1st head to Tibesti.  This site brings in product information, reviews, price comparison and cash back on all purchases.  There are more thank 5,00 reviews by a whole host of experts from hair stylists to journalists, to chefs.  Tibesti aggregates all third party reviews floating on the Internet for the products you are considering purchasing.  Scouring the web are Tibesti experts to find the best value for your hard earned dollars.  They want to highlight products you may have never heard of before that could revolutionize your life.  In addition, they search high and low for the best possible price.  There is incentive to use the site as well; if you purchase through them you can make cash back or have it donated to your favorite charity.  So the next time I stand on the mountain tops screaming for a size 10 All Saints Military Boot to magically appear I will first check Tibesti.  Disclaimer, I have given my lungs a rest as I now own these boots and take them off only to sleep and shower. 
Image via andycoan

Friday, September 3, 2010

Move to the Head of Mama's Table

Admit it you watch it you want to be apart of it. I am talking about one of Caroline Manzo's Italian family dinners. Chances are you don't want to make the gravy (aka sauce) or you don't have a stitch of italian blood coarsing through your veins. So next time your in the FiDi (that's financial district) head over to Harry's Italian Pizza Bar for the best next option.  It may not be as authentic but you will feel like you are sitting down for family dinner.  Harry's is a traditional italian restaurant and pizza bar that offers its menu options Family style.  The extensive menu has all your favorite classics from Chicken Parm to Fried Calamari.  I recently dined at Harry's for a friend's Birthday.  With 7 girls it was impressive how easy it was to order for a large group of opinioneted women.  We started with an appetizer and a salad, then moved onto two main courses.  We had a protein and a pasta dish.  And of course there was vino involved.  The food was the perfect amount.  We did not leave feeling stuffed, just satisfied.  More importantly a family style meal brings the guests together.  You have to pass around the food, and interact with your fellow diners.  That may sound weird but the converstation keeps up.  What also was great about this meal was the check.  We were shocked when we each got our bill.  Before tip each person had to pay only $25.  That never happens when you go out with a large group for a birthday.  Usually you have to take out a second mortgage.  With the great food and company I will be returning to Harry's anytime the MTA is working smoothly (that story is for another time). 

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What To Do With A Weekend Away?

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Summer may almost be over, but your desire to travel and go on vacation is not. But your pocket book may not be able to handle the added expense. What if you could win this said vacation. I think I would jump higher than high to get on this bandwagon. What if you could bring 100 of your closest friends for the ultimate give-a-way? I probably would use it for my adventure to Six Flags this coming weekend. How awesome would it be to wait for El Toro with everyone you know and love. Hampton Inn's have got your back. Now is the time to enter the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes where the Grand prize is said vacay with 100 of your friends for a weekend. There is also the chance to win on a daily basis a weekend to any Hampton Inn for you and 3 of your friends. Entry is easy, just follow the link and enter all your information. And people, this is happening on a daily basis, so you have a great chance to win.  Ok so I have the Grand Prize picked out for this weekend, but the contest is on going.  Give other options, I may choose the Hampton Inn Miami-Coconut Grove/Coral Gables down in Florida.  With the weather unfortunatly about to turn, I am going to want a warm girls weekend and what town is better than Miami for that.  We will tan during the day, shop during the afternoon and hit the town at night.  I could not ask for a better getaway.  It is so important for us to take a vacay with our friends and escape the everyday lives we lead.  This will refresh and renew us to take on the challenges we left at home. You cannot take for granted all the memories you will make and laugh about for years to come.  But if you happen to win the Grand prize will you take me where ever you choose to go?
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second String Dog, Please Stand Up

I am sick of all the press the beloved American hamburger gets on all these food blogs I satiate over. When is their grill BFF going to get to shine in the light? The hot dog deserves its comeback. Well in a little nook in Chicago you can get your dog on at Franks 'n' Dawgs.   These Dawgs range from your Classic weighing in at 1/4 of a pound to, to Dawgs infused with global flavors to the Hawt Dawgs which take 5-star dinning dishes and slap them on a bun.  From the Global corner the Lamb Keema with English peas, cucumber salad, pearl onions & Socca sounds like a trip to the Mediterranean.  Don't worry veg heads, you can partake in this Dawg craze too by ordering up the FU which is marinated tofu, grilled eggplant relish & portabello with salsa verde.  You no longer have to feel left out of this meat fest.  Each month a local, celebrity chef will whip up a gourmet dog which is available for just that month.  There is also a monthly charity, where the sale of the featured Hot Dog has 25% of its proceeds donated to the specific charity.  Now step up to the plate, and give that patty's friend a chance to be the shinning star.  You will soon be saying hamburger who?
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