Thursday, September 16, 2010

Relay to the Driver's Seat

Going green? AKA you got rid of your car.  Need to feel the wind in your hair?  But that two wheeler will not cut it. Check out RelayRides where you can rent wheels for as low as 6 bucks an hour.  And I am not talking about jalopies here.  Some of the options will turn heads as your obnoxious muffler turns the corner.  Like the other car sharing programs, this one is cheap and free to join.  Also for a limited time offer, there is a $25 driving credit.  Unlike the other services, those doing the lending are the actual car owners.  Relay provides the service, insurance, and technology to make this happen.  This allows, those who pay that monthly act payment, to make a little dough off of that small investment sitting in the driveway.  Those who need to use that vehicle has the ability to demand the service when they need it.  There is no coordinating with the owner, Relay does the dirty work.  Rates start at $6 an hour.  Sometimes that is cheaper than your pick me up latte.  Gas and insurance are always included in the hourly rate.    Join online, reserve your car, then drive to your hearts content.  Your car will be exactly where Relay says it is, waiting for your adventure.  Currently, only operating in the Cambridge area, wait just a bit, but this concept will be spreading like wild fire.  People love making money off of things they already own.  Go get the keys, grab some friends; its apple picking season and the orchard is calling your name.     
Image via Guttorm Flatabø

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