Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Internationally Speaking

Being the crazy insane person that I am, I recently decided to go to Macy's herald square. Yes the same one you see every thanksgiving, where us New Yorkers often need to be sedated to enter due to the skewed native to tourist ratio. Why I choose to go was due to the September issue of Marie Claire where every fur vest I was coveting happened to be from Macy's. This year I was determined to get one since the one I commissioned to be repurposed from a vintage stole last year never happened.  Bracing myself for what I thought was going to be hell on earth, I walked west to the "World's Largest Store."  I mozied around, not finding anything that blew me out of the water or that fit my short shopping list.  Then it happened, I was at the end of the store.  It was the INC International Concepts department of the store.  From my past experiences I always thought of this in house brand as very professional.  If I worked in a buttoned up office I am sure I would be wearing them from head to toe.  This is all in the past because there has been a revamp from the last time.  Off the bat I found 4 fur vest options.  I lugged around the one that was furry and leopard print, one that looked like a Mongolian beast and others that fit the more traditional mold.  Then there it was the shearling vest that was as close to the Burberry ones as I can possibly get to.  As I noticed everything I wanted was here and then some I started to browse.  Lets just say I did not need to go to the gym after lifting plenty of items to the fitting room.  The sale rack was great where everything was $30.  From there I took home a sequined t-shirt, and another casual number.  Then there was the black avaunt guarde bolero with loops of yarn covering the sweater.  I also found this great gold metallic button down that is the perfect replacement for a boring white oxford.    As for the purpose for entering Macy's, I decided on the black Mongolian fur vest that is frighteningly reminiscent of a rug from my grandparents home.  I purchased a lot, but the bill was not exorbitant and nothing was over $90.  Now that INC is on a role I will be referencing them for forth coming seasons as every trend was represented in the department at such a reasonable cost. 

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Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh, sequin tee. I'm lovin' the sound of that! SPARKLES!