Monday, October 4, 2010

Get The Shecky Out of Here

Us girls need a little time with our friends. Whether its eating raw cookie dough out of the tube or dressed to the nines getting down on the dance floor its always better when your best friends are along side.  But what's the best activity to do with a gaggle of girls? Shop, duh.  Across the country Schecky's makes this easier with their Girls Night Out events.  Touring the country, these events make an appearance for about 3 days bringing joy to every attendee.  Sponsored by major brands, your price of admission opens you up to a shopping event of up-and-coming designer names from across the country.  While shopping enjoy complimentary cocktails and mini makeovers.  At the New York event which I will be attending this week I am looking forward to browsing jewelry from Claudia Gill Designs and see what 5th and Madison has to offer.  In addition to shopping I am going to need something to sustain me.  And what is better than food and drink.  At the end of the night, attendees get to tote home an amazing gift bag worth well over the price of admission.  It has everything from books to cosmetics.  Find out when they will be holding their event in your town.  Grab a gaggle of girls and go laugh the night away. 
Image via Annie Mole

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