Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boost Your Avalibility

 This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let's face it its time to admit your addictions, to your phone.  Let's just say I face a bought with anxiety whenever I leave mine sitting on my night table in the mornings. I am one of those fancy people, or let's just say overly connected who has a smart phone to tweet, update, BBM whenever I am lucky enough to get service.  When I am stuck on the subway I am playing by 6,000th game of Solitaire.  These phones can get expensive; Boost Mobile is a great way to get the perks of a smart phone whitout draining your wallet and battery.  To make it even easier they have introduced the Re-Boost program.  It is a method to add funds to your cell prior to use.  Like a gift card, your cell will only work if there are funds to keep it up and running.  There are super easy ways to make sure you never loose touch with the twit-o-sphere.  You can pay online, in person or by the phone; 3 options, super easy.  Sometimes forgetful?  Set up your plastic for automatic payments.  Great for if you consistently use the same amount of minutes per month.  What's amazing about Boost is their phone options.  There is the ever popular Blackberry, which are no longer just for business anymore.  For $60 a month you can call nationwide, text, browse the web, email etc on an unlimited basis.  There is the i1 Motorolo as well.  This one is awesome since its powered by Android.  That means applications up the wazoo.  These are great for you to check in on four square, update your Twitter or write on your bestie's Facebook wall.  You will never be disconnected from your world or out of the loop about who just who became mayor of their dry cleaner.  Being in the know is your game and you can still be on top of it with Boost Mobile.  You know I am constantly updating, just look at my twitter feed.  Usually its from my trusty cell because all the web applications are a bit to confusing for me.  For a simple price you can have that great Facebook and other social connectivity for a monthly price.  Talk, talk, talk, tweet, tweet, tweet because you can at a low monthly price.       

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