Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So there are somethings I take for granted and assume everyone knows. One of these things are the coins hibernating in your couch creases is money just like those greenbacks filling your wallet.  When you have accumulated enough they actually add up. This maybe an extreme but from high school through college I filled a Costco sized animal cracker vat with coins. Heavy yes, that's the understatement of the year. I took, more like dragged my teddy bear of coins to what is now TD Bank, where they or shall I say computer will count your coin for free. Not like Coinstar which charges about 8% of your total; can we say rip off?  So the machiene counts, spits out European coins you thought were pennies, then prints you a grand total. Take your recpit up to the counter, grab a lolly (no matter the color they are all cherry flavored), and the teller will had you stacks of cash.  See all those coins really do add up.  TD bank may be regional but you can probably bet that your bank too will gladly trade you.  Just ask them, you can only gain a fabulous pair of new boots.  So now tell me, what would you spend this sudden windfall on?
Image via Corrine Brown

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