Thursday, June 25, 2009

Uncommon Savings

So you know how I love things that set you apart and save you some cash. Well one of the great depots to stock up on some unique things is Uncommon Goods. This website stocks items that everyone needs and cannot live without, but has a twist to make it fun, different, or one of a kind. Now the website has over 100 items that are up to 70% off. Check out the sale section and find that one item you have needed for a long time, but couldn't find the one that fit your personality. My personal favorites are the bird feeder that looks like a tree trunk. Go ahead and confuse the birdies. The citronella candle that looks like a golf ball and tee is perfect for the guy who cannot pull himself off the links. With all the rain we New Yorkers have had, these kitschy rain boots that look like Mary Janes, are a way to not take yourself too seriously when you are water logged. From housewares, to jewelry you would be hard pressed not to find something to bring out your fun unique side. If you raise your white flag, I think you are just too vanilla. Go add some spice to your life.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

From River to Shinning River

Summer is synonymous with outdoor concerts. Do you even know what happened at Bonnaroo? I actually didn't think that was your scene, but I know you enjoy tunes on a hot summer night. If you are in NYC this summer, you should check out the River to River festival that has crept into the FiDi since 2002. This annual festival is happening now, and lasts until August. Each summer the schedule offers a wide array of programming, which are all free of charge to the public. In a response to September 11th, the purpose is to revive the downtown health through cultural programming. Tomorrow night you can go check out the NYC Opera's Magic Flute. You don't have to deal with Lincoln Center, and you don't have to get all dressed up. Most events are outside, so you can soak up the nature, and feel cultured while doing it. If you work down there get out of the office and check out a lunchtime concert. It will revitalize and motivate you to finish that huge report you have due at the end of the week. Drive in movies are not exactly an option in this city, but check out a movie downtown. For example, Monday July 6th, The Seven Year Itch is playing for your viewing pleasure. No use coming full, check out the restaurant showcase from the local dining establishments in the area. So no excuses that there is nothing to do this summer, with programming every day, maybe you should get a tent for Battery City Park so you don't miss any of the action.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Budget Friendly Weekend

So my budget friendly weekend started with heading midtown to the Louis Licari salon for my Today Show make-over. This was not an ambush, but a planned segment about how a haircut can make you look 10 pounds thinner. Take a look at my clip, I am the first one to come out. As a perk of being featured on the make-over segment, I got a new flattering cut and color. After spening an afternoon being pampered and primped, I couldn't just spend the night at home, without showing off my new look. So I headed downtown for dinner and drinks with friends at The Smith. Although my meal wasn't under $10, I did get a lot of food, and tasty drinks at a reasonable price. After my fun night out, I went home to rest up to deal with the crowds on Saturday.
Saturday morning, I put my comfortable, colorful sneakers and headed to Madison Square Park for the The Seventh Annual Snapple Big Apple Barbecue Block Party, which I told you all about last week. I was ready to wait for a long time to dig into pulled pork, but in actuallity our wait was only about 20 minutes. My $8 plate was satisfying, but next year I think I am going to invest in a fastpass. You can share it with even more people than the alloted two. In addition to my lunch, Edy's was passing out free ice cream scoops. After my belly was full, I went out on an adventure to find a great, sliming, solid outfit for my TV debut.
So this morning, I greeted my driver at 7AM sharp to be taken down to 30 Rock, to prep for my appearance on The Today Show. My perfect new cut and color was styled, smoothed, and made TV ready. I got into my clothes, had my make up done. I was suprised, that I was not as nervous to get up on live TV infront of everyone. It happened so fast. What an experience. However, I didn't get to meet my girl crush Ann Curry, Matt Lauer was on vacay, and my fave housewife, Bethanny was guest-cohosting the 75th hour to The Today Show. I couldn't tell Ann how amazing she looks for a 50+ year old woman (she looks better in person), or Matt Lauer how I have a thing for newscasters, or Bethanny that Skinny Girl Margs are drink of choice. But all in all, this was a great experience. Louis and his team were incredibly nice, and there was no on screen trip. That was my biggest fear.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Jai Want Those Earrings

So you watched Slumdog Millionaire, and were moved to tears, but then you thought to yourself, that you wish you could add a little Indian flair to your wardrobe. Its somewhat hard to rock the sari without getting tangled, but adding an earring or ring is easier to deal with. Due to Indian jewelery using such deep hued stones and rich gold its often hard to get the good stuff at a reasonable price. Starting at $10 check out Meenakari Earrings on Dolls of India. This website has a plethora of options of your to choose from. There are various colorways for you to ponder. They go from the very simple, to the extremely bold. So depending on the mood, or the venue where you are wearing them, you have options. I think the bold ones would look great this summer with dark jeans, white tank, and a slick backed pony tail. You want those stunners to be the center of attention. An added bonus, register with the site and save 10%. Shipping is free world wide. So if you are in a bind while on vacation in Italy, have a pair of earrings shipped to you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Basically Eat for Free

As you can probably tell my favorite Mexican restaurant in the city is Blockheads. Example A, one of my very 1st posts. One of my fellow Blockheads loving friend passed along some great news to me. If I want to order in a rice bowl or a burrito, I can now receive $10 off my next online delivery order. They redesigned the system, and we reap the benefits. Enter code "Blockheads" upon check out and knock a whole meal off your bill. That's right, there is no minimum, when ordering. So just get your dinner tonight, do you really want to cook? This is for delivery only. Its a shame they can't send a $3 margarita with your quesadilla.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kick Off with a Block Party

Summer months call for summer cuisine, which means BBQ. No I do not mean hot dogs and hamburgers. Any real southerner will tell you that that's called grilling. So if your southern at heart head to Madison Square Park this weekend (6/13-6/14) for The Seventh Annual Snapple Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. The country's premier pit masters going to descend upon NYC to satiate the pallets of the most critical eaters this side of the Mason Dixon line. There are 15 different BBQ masters from Texas to North Carolina offering their specialties. Is pulled pork your thing? How about Texas brisket? Well try them both. all tents are serving plates for $8 a pop. Admission is free, so go see what whets your pallet first or just indulge. If they are still available, get yourself a fastpass. Its $100 and can be split between 2 people. Just like at Disney World, with this pass you can cut the line and try all the BBQed delights. Its good for all weekend so go back sat and Sunday. Prep your stomach and make sure you are there when it opens at 11 AM. If BBQ isn't your thing, this might be the first time, there is no line at Shake Shack.
To help with the country fair atmosphere, live bands will be playing all weekend long. Like peas and carrots, blues and country music just go with BBQ. You can listen to Lucero or The Dixons. After you eat your way through park, you are going to wish you could cook like this at home. Take one of the seminars offered to bring smoked goodness back to your kitchen. Get in line early, over 100,000 people attended the event last year. After this weekend, its going to be hard to eat at Brother Jimmy's again.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Gotta Dolla?

So this was passed along to me in a chain email, but for some reason I feel it is legit; so I checked it out. This is too legit, to not quit. E.L.F. (eyes-lips-face) has recently been bought by Nordstrom, so there is some restructuring in the future. In order to get rid of current inventory, E.L.F. is offering their products for $1 a piece. The product will now be repackaged with the Nordstrom logo. Choose from powder to lipstick to brushes. All are one George Washington a piece, you just have to pay for shipping. If your cart happens to reach 15 products, enter code "
CAROLINA" to save $7.50 more. Did you want to try green eye shadow, but didn't even want to buy the drugstore brand. Here is your opportunity to try kelly, lime, mint, and hunter green eye shadow.

Friday, June 5, 2009


So for those who have not gotten to enjoy the custard from Shake Shack since you live on the left coast, head over to Old School Frozen Custard in Seattle tomorrow for a free cone from 10 AM to 3 PM. This is a perfect way to cool off from a late, warm spring day. Like it so much, don a wig and head back for seconds. I won't tell.

1316 E. Pike St.
Seattle, WA 98122
(near the intersection of E. Pike St. and E. Madison St.)

Sunday - Thursday: 12pm - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday: 12pm - 11:00pm


Monday, June 1, 2009

Sweet Memories

So your childhood days were filled with sucking down the juice from wax bottles or cracking a baby tooth on a frozen Charleston Chew. Well, those were my memories, but I am sure you have your own sugar induced ones yourself. You have been searching high and low for Mary Jane's and Sky Bars to bring you back to those better days. I bet you have found these delights from time to time, but at a steep cost or a stale taste. Now you can treat yourself to those confections for the same price as today's treats. Head over to Economy Candy in NYC's Lower East Side, to gastronomically reminisce. When you walk into this sweet location, there is candy from floor to ceiling. If you are looking for something to satisfy that sweet tooth, this place is your perfect destination. They have bulk candy, international candy, novelty candy, any type of candy at a reasonable price. Don't think one pack of Chuckles enough? Buy a whole case. Besides falling in love with London when I lived there, their chocolates hold a special place in my heart. For under $2, I can treat myself to a Flake or Aero bar, to send me back across the pond. Getting to the LES harder then boarding the subway? Don't you fret, they have an online shop. Just don't get caught with a candy cigarette, even pretending is not good for the health.
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