Sunday, January 31, 2010

Purify Your Life

With everything that you hear in the news you bathe in Purell. Its not exactly socially acceptable to pour the Costco size vat you lug around. I have a better option for you. It is the pocket purifier. This little devise will sanitize the dirty world we live in. This gadget had a built in UV bulb that kills germs and bacteria on surfaces. A germicidal ultraviolet bulb stops pathogens, bacteria, and viruses from future reproduction. You can use this bad boy on everything from kitchen utensils to the pacifier that inevitably ends up on the ground. As easy as it is to hold it, you kill those nasty buggers by holding the light over the surface for about 15 seconds. Then poof, clean as a hospital. Don't worry, pulling it out of your purse, you will not look like a geek. It comes in a cute pink version. Can it get anymore girly? I do not think so. This is sold across the country but you can also find it on their website. Now you have the chance to conquer your fear of subway poles, public restrooms, and any other place outside that bubble you live in.
Image via Purely Products

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

You have plans to catch up with an old friend, but have no idea where to break bread. You want a cozy joint, with good food where you can talk for hours. If you are in Philly, why not check out the new Zavino, a pizza and wine bar, located in the heart of Midtown Village. Also known as a place to order lots of food and wine, so you can chat for hours. During the remaining cold winter months, the inviting dark wood and marble topped tables will keep you warm. The perfect place to cozy up to one of their many artisan pies and pair it with the perfect glass of wine. The menu has options from small plates to order options to great seasonal specials. I am currently salivating at the menu; everything looks so good and I would have a hard time deciding what to order.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Billion Dollar Babes Have Got It Going On

You know I love a sample sale. Billion Dollar Babes has some great sales coming up this week. Check them out:

Starting Monday 1/25– Blake Standard, Baby Star, PAIGELAUREN baby
Starting Wednesday 1/27– Kalorik, Porridge Home, Orly Beauty, Pangea OrganicsFriday 1/29 – Starting Saturday 1/30 – Cocobelle, Kasil, Women’s Designer Fragrances

Not a member? Click the link on the right hand of the page and beging your free membership.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skip Dinner, Go For Brunch

You know that super trendy restaurant in town? The one where you are willing to eat dinner at 10:30? The one where drinks are $15 and the entrees are the size of a quarter? You have been, I have been, we have all been. Now have you been for lunch or brunch. Recently I went to New York City's trendy Dos Caminos in Gramercy for a brunch with friends. Not my choice because I had been for dinner before and left broke and hungry. Well brunch was the total opposite. With the obvious Mexican twist no plate was over 15 bucks and you get one of their famous drinks included. The group I was dining with ordered a plethora of options from the breakfast quesadilla which could feed a small family to the pan torrejas (Mexican french toast). Finishing the plates would have been near to impossible even if we were starved, and may have been some of the best food we have ever eaten. So this may seem like a unique case, but let me set you straight. Most of these so-called fancy trendy places serve brunch and lunch were the food is the same and the prices are significantly cheaper. Also there usually is not a wait, and you will be able to sit down at a decent time. Don't trust me? Head to the site of the restaurant you have been itching to try and check out their lunch or brunch menu. Head over enjoy, and do not forget to ask for a doggie bag.
Image via Flickr

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Cookie Where Art Thou

Let's face it, your resolution went out the door on January 5th. That's when you picked up a cookie and you have not put it down. I understand, we all have weaknesses. Well put down the Mrs. Field's and pick up a O'Cookies for a healthy indulgent treat. Offering various, wholesome cookies they are low in fat and cholesterol, made with only natural and organic ingredients aka none of the junk that packs on the pounds. Swapping out the refined, these cookies are made with whole wheat flour, unrefined sugar, and only egg whites. To keep the fat content down, very little butter is used, and dried fruits are used to amp up the sweetness. Attempting to satisfy that sweet tooth, without the guilt O'Cookies cookies are your ticket to sweet heaven. If you do not trust me, just check the nutrition facts. O'Cookies always has certain flavors available on site, such as the Dark Chocolate Raisin Oat which is only $12.50 a dozen. Where can you get a healthy cookie, for a reasonable price? Basically nowhere except this site. Check often for the limited edition cookie, which is now the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Oat. Now you are no longer breaking that resolution when you pour yourself a calcium rich glass of milk to dunk your Dark Chocolate Peanut butter Oat cookies.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Pub Grubbin'

The gastropub is the new revolution in dinning. With the 600 that have popped up in New York City alone it is hard to distinguish which are good, which are a value, which are trying too hard. A gastropub you ask? Yes, this is a modern spin on the classic British/Irish drinking institution, where you can order up craft beers and gourmet options of your favorite pub grub. One of your many options if the Lower East Side's The Clerkenwell. Offering both the classics ala fish and chips to spinach and ricotta crepes you would be hard pressed to not find something delicious on the menu. Do not worry, a staple on the gastropub menu everywhere is some form of pork belly, and The Clerkenwell serves their slow-roasted version with a simple parsnip puree and baby carrots. You do not need much with that delicacy. The drink menu is not beer heavy, there are options of wine for those who are not feeling the ale that night. Offering a great brunch, you can order the classic brunch staples, with of course some twists and new refreshing options. So when you do not know where to grab dinner, remember the Clerkenwell, where you will experience good food, cozy atmosphere, and a refreshing take on the dining scene.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cross It Off The List

That list of books you are dying to read keeps growing and the time keeps slipping away to make your way through them. Then there is the cost, buying that many books could put you in the poor house. For some reason you do not use your public library. If this is the case you may just want to check out BookCrossing, a website that has books floating around the world for eager readers to pick up and relish. So the original intention of this site was to follow books on the journey their original owners let them travel on. The original owner registers the book where the site generates a unique code. After the book is branded with this code it is set free to find readers thirsting for a great read. Your book may just end up all the way up on the top of the Empire state building or in the Tuileries of Paris. Then BookCrossing evolved. Taking it into their own hands the members have started a community where trading of great fictions and tall tales is happening all the time. How this now works is you have a book on your list, you then search to see if someone on BookCrossing has it listed in their personal library. If it is not traveling around the world, or part of ones permanent collection you can send them a personal message to see if they are willing to do a trade. If so they can take a glance at your library to see if you posses one of their books they have been meaning to get to. Via mail, you send yours our and they send theirs; in the mail you receive one of those books that you have been craving to sink your teeth in. The system is purely based on honesty, but I have never had a bad experience with the site. All it cost you is postage. Do not forget to send it out Media Mail, it will save you bundles.
Image via BookCrossing

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Want This, Need That

In pops one of those daily emails you always look at because who knows what tidbit it holds. The other day it was from Shopbop, which led me to this sequined top which looked vaguely familiar to me. With a little research, okay, a click of a button I opened the Antik Batik Buli Tee. So I can only assume the design team found inspiration from the 1970s when the butterfly top was ripping up the dance floor from discos around the country. Next time you are on Etsy or Ebay or in your local thrift store search for this butterfly top I speak of. Unlikee most vintage, this piece is incredibly easy to come by. I was first introduced to these threads in the beyond fabulous London street markets, where there were racks and racks of this sparkly top. I finally scored mine in a vintage shop in New York's East Village for $15. Compared to the designer piece I saved myself $400. So puruse the racks and pages, because I guarantee you can get one in any color or size. Styling options are endless. Wear it over a plain dress, or some skinny jeans and high-heeled boost remember since this is shinier than the top of the Crystler building keep the accessories to a minimum; you do not need anything to distract from this centerpiece. As a beautiful butterfly, spread your fashion wings and shine, shine, shine.
Images via Shopbop and Ebay

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

YHOP (Your House of Pancakes)

You love to cook, especially breakfast. You hate to clean; its the bane of your existance. Now we have found your Mecca in Portland, OR. Head over to Slappy Cakes, whenever you get the inkling to fry up some flap jacks. Specializing in make your own pankcakes this restaruant puts the diner in the drivers seat. First you pick your batter from traditional buttermilk to seasonal pumpkin. Then you jazz it up with everything from Blueberries to Bacon. Its okay you can have sasauge-hazelnut pancakes and noone is going to judge you. Your server brings you the raw ingredients and then you work your culinary magic. Remember, if it comes out like a 5-star establishment or like you are chewing on a rubber dog toy you can only blame yourself. Not really into the whole MYO food since you are paying for service? Do not fret, Slappy Cakes has full menus for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. If the hour is appropriate, was them flapjacks down with an adult beverage, or if it isn't quite past five, try the delectible Stumptown coffee. From 2-5PM head over for happy hour where you can get your southern favorite of a chicken and biscuit for just 2 bucks. To wash it down, split a pitcher with your buddies for just 15. Next time you crave some silver dollars at 7 o'clock but can't nor want to make them with cherries and marmalade, you know exactly where to head to.
Image via Flickr

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raiding Momma's Closet

You know I love vintage (I even start all my posts this way). Every other post is about getting the best most unique piece I can find; the older the better. I am sorry, I cannot help it. I just love the stuff, like this great 1950s coat I scored on etsy. It would be great to get everything at the goodwill for 5 bucks, but lets face it that is not happening. But if you shell out a little more cash you can come across some really wearable pieces. Feel like raiding mom's closet? Well she gave all her fashionable frocks away in the spring cleaning of 92, but Mother's Daughter's online store may reunite you to that great fur bomber mom didn't think she was going to wear past 1979. She never thought she was going to have such a fashionable daughter like you. What is great about this selection of vintage is its wearability. I see many of these pieces as being work appropriate. The Forest Wool dress is corporate enough for your co-workers to think you got it at Ann Taylor. But you know it will never look that way since you are the one pulling it off. With the cold we have been having these past weeks, you need to bundle up and this suede number is amazing. There just are no words to describe how cool it is. If I didn't have a closet full of coats (thanks to my mother's obsession, do you see the theme?) this would be in my cart. Sort through the items, see what you cannot live without and show off your new look, even if its from the past.

image via mother's daughter

Monday, January 4, 2010

Yum Yum Tacos

So you started the New Year off to a great start, and then it hit you. That craving for Mexican food. And we are not talking about Fajitas without the tortilla. We are talking cheese, beef, beans, the works aka Tacos. Its a hard habit to kick. If you indulge sporadically its an okay treat. So head to Don Pistos, in San Fransisco to feed that addiction. Like how all Mexican joints should be, this place has both a take out section or an informal dining room. Changing with the seasons the menu will offer the freshest ingredients. With various taco options, it is hard to choose one variety, but with prices so small order them all for the table. Or the Tortas sound divine, such as the carnitas. How bad could it actually be. So head over to the North Beach section of town, order a cerveza and first warm up with tortilla soup before devouring Mexican delights.
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