Monday, January 4, 2010

Yum Yum Tacos

So you started the New Year off to a great start, and then it hit you. That craving for Mexican food. And we are not talking about Fajitas without the tortilla. We are talking cheese, beef, beans, the works aka Tacos. Its a hard habit to kick. If you indulge sporadically its an okay treat. So head to Don Pistos, in San Fransisco to feed that addiction. Like how all Mexican joints should be, this place has both a take out section or an informal dining room. Changing with the seasons the menu will offer the freshest ingredients. With various taco options, it is hard to choose one variety, but with prices so small order them all for the table. Or the Tortas sound divine, such as the carnitas. How bad could it actually be. So head over to the North Beach section of town, order a cerveza and first warm up with tortilla soup before devouring Mexican delights.

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