Thursday, January 21, 2010

Oh Cookie Where Art Thou

Let's face it, your resolution went out the door on January 5th. That's when you picked up a cookie and you have not put it down. I understand, we all have weaknesses. Well put down the Mrs. Field's and pick up a O'Cookies for a healthy indulgent treat. Offering various, wholesome cookies they are low in fat and cholesterol, made with only natural and organic ingredients aka none of the junk that packs on the pounds. Swapping out the refined, these cookies are made with whole wheat flour, unrefined sugar, and only egg whites. To keep the fat content down, very little butter is used, and dried fruits are used to amp up the sweetness. Attempting to satisfy that sweet tooth, without the guilt O'Cookies cookies are your ticket to sweet heaven. If you do not trust me, just check the nutrition facts. O'Cookies always has certain flavors available on site, such as the Dark Chocolate Raisin Oat which is only $12.50 a dozen. Where can you get a healthy cookie, for a reasonable price? Basically nowhere except this site. Check often for the limited edition cookie, which is now the Dark Chocolate Pistachio Oat. Now you are no longer breaking that resolution when you pour yourself a calcium rich glass of milk to dunk your Dark Chocolate Peanut butter Oat cookies.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree - I absolutely LOVE O'Cookies! The company just released a super yummy vegan cookie, too: Vegan Dark Chocolate Raisin Oat. I highly recommend all the flavors - great sweets without guilt!