Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Raiding Momma's Closet

You know I love vintage (I even start all my posts this way). Every other post is about getting the best most unique piece I can find; the older the better. I am sorry, I cannot help it. I just love the stuff, like this great 1950s coat I scored on etsy. It would be great to get everything at the goodwill for 5 bucks, but lets face it that is not happening. But if you shell out a little more cash you can come across some really wearable pieces. Feel like raiding mom's closet? Well she gave all her fashionable frocks away in the spring cleaning of 92, but Mother's Daughter's online store may reunite you to that great fur bomber mom didn't think she was going to wear past 1979. She never thought she was going to have such a fashionable daughter like you. What is great about this selection of vintage is its wearability. I see many of these pieces as being work appropriate. The Forest Wool dress is corporate enough for your co-workers to think you got it at Ann Taylor. But you know it will never look that way since you are the one pulling it off. With the cold we have been having these past weeks, you need to bundle up and this suede number is amazing. There just are no words to describe how cool it is. If I didn't have a closet full of coats (thanks to my mother's obsession, do you see the theme?) this would be in my cart. Sort through the items, see what you cannot live without and show off your new look, even if its from the past.

image via mother's daughter


Anonymous said...

Love the coat in that pic!

Kristin said...

I raid my Mom's jewelry all the time!