Friday, June 25, 2010

Tastes Like America

There is nothing more American than a juicy burger. But what happens if you are outside our borders and feeling a tinge of nationalism in the form of a craving? All that shopping at Selfridge's leave you drained. Then head to Guerilla Burgers for a refuel. This burger joint will become your destination when the ex-pats crave burgers, hot dogs, and fries, not chips. Burgers start at about £5. Your patty can be beef, turkey, or a chicken breast. Add fries, regular, sweet, or smothered to round out your pleasure meal. For the good ole American try add a shake. There are other various options if you are not jonesing for a patty. There are nachos, shrimp (prawns), fish tacos, and various dipping sauces to add variety to your meal. Monday's through Wenesday arrive before 7PM for happy hour. For under £10, enjoy a cheeseburger, fries, and beer or wine. On a health kick, you can lose the bun and no one will judge. As you are throwing back an ale, or savoring your meal your foot will be tapping along to all the hits from the 60s and 70s. Piece of advice ex-pats, maybe make a reservation for next Sunday? You can pretend there are fireworks as you chow down on a juicy burger.
image via Guerilla Burgers

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Adding a Pill of Flavor to Your Day

Before the skies decided to open on Tuesday with a summer thunder storm, I was supposed to be in downward dog participating the the record breaking yoga class on Central Park's Great Lawn. This great, huge event was organized by the people of Flavor Pill. Delivered daily, Flavor Pill will fill you in on all the cultural events happening around your city. They facilitate bringing the culturally savvy together. Their editors scour and comb through what your city is offering and tells you which ones you should participate in. This means everything from the obscure, to the underground, and your in the face main stream. Currently broadcasting events in New York, Chicago, LA, San Fran and across the pond in London, you can find the flavor in your city. Obviously they are expanding. There are free events, ones that cost pennies, and ones that should be for special occasions. However, there is no reason why you should not participate. For those like me trying to be more well rounded a little culture in our life is a good thing. Sometimes we meet people who want to talk about things other than which celeb is in rehab and where to find a maxi dress for under 50 bucks.
image via Laura Skwarek

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Yes Its Ladies Night

Yup tomorrow is the day. Hump day. Get through it and the rest of the week flies by. What if there was a way to cap off the day to make the rest of the week that much sweeter. If you are a girl, above 21 and in a 500 mile radius of New York City (ok that's pushing it, but if you are near the concrete jungle) head to Piola in the East Village just off Union Square. So every Wednesday night after 8 PM, all ladies drink unlimited wine with the purchase of an entree. This is not one of those places with a menu that fits on a 3x5 note card, Piola has a pizza pie to fit everyone's tastes. If pizza is not what you are craving, but want to throw back a few glasses, do not fret, there are other great Italian entrees to enjoy. The food is great and incredibly reasonable. I dined with 5 people and everyone's bill including tax was 20 bucks. Oh and it probably would have been cheaper had my friends not been so generous. We went for my Birthday. It was the perfect environment for a girls night out. Large dining room, festive decor; flags lined the wall, but that is probably for this little soccer thing happening, The World Cup. Piola has locations all over the country and world with various specials each night of the week. For me Hump Day Happiness as I like to call it is the best deal. But the food and experience was so good, I am sure you will see me having a pie there on an average day.
Image via Laura Skwarek

Friday, June 18, 2010

Hitting The Marc

Rings by Marc by Marc Jacobs at ShopStyle

I don't know how it took this long for me to bring this place to your attention. Oh wait, I remember now. I just found out about it. On a stretch of Bleeker street where there are more designer outposts to keep track of, there is one that should go to the top of your list. Located at Bleeker Street, between 11th Ave and Perry Street, is a nondescript Marc Jacobs store with incredibly reasonable accessories. They have everything from wallets, to bracelets and other great classic Marc accessories at rock bottom prices. This is not an outlet, this is not a sale, this is an every day occurrence. People other than myself have caught on, so sometimes there can be a line to snag one of his pieces. A friend who tipped me off, acquired a fabulous zip wallet for just 80 bucks. Hit up the Marc counter at Bloomies, and the price tag will triple. Next time you need a gift, head to the West Village, your friends will think you spoiled them rotten while you spent next to nothing.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Magical Dry Spell

You got stuck in yesterday's down pour. On your person was that appendage known as your cell phone. Without that, is like life without fresh air. You are also the dummy who forgot that your cell was in your back pocket exposed to the elements. This is when you wished that you had the Bheestie Bag. Disregrd the funny name, and order yourself a bag. This magical pouch will pull the water out of your electrical devises after they have unfortunately been water logged. You place your item in the bag and it will draw the moisture out of your phone or Ipod. How it works is a mystery to me, but who cares. At 20 bucks this is well worth it; you will not have to deal with the hassle of being without a cell or not capturing the classic moments to post on Facebook. All that matters is that you do not have to spend your Monday morning fighting with the guy at AT&T as to why you should not have to pay for your new Blackberry.

image via Bheestie

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Taking It To The Max

The weather has turned. As in turned up the heat. Figuring out what to wear when the only suit you wish was appropriate was the one you were born in. Never understanding the appeal of the maxi dress I was the first to knock it. I figured I would look like a huge blob in it and being the klutz that I am would constantly trip over its incredibly long hem. But as I write this post, I am comfortable lounging in my new summer uniform: the maxi dress. This past long weekend, I figured that I would try out this long trend. Not wanting to invest a whole bunch of my hard earned money, I went down to Old Navy on a shoppers tip. For $30 I picked up this Surplice Drawstring Maxi Dress. This was the perfect stepping stone into the maxi foray. It has thick straps to hide bra straps; to some of us the thought of a strapless bra is like having a root canal. On that note, the cris-cross bodice is a flattering neckline. Made from soft jersey, this will keep you cool as you get through the hot summer days that are bound to hit us. Now that I am a convert, this will become my new uniform. Obviously not wanting to break the bank, I have shopped the internet for my next frock. The main stay for fashion forward on the cheap is Forever 21. They even have a couple options for under $15. Since this will become your new uniform remember to mix it up with accessories. Its what makes the outfit.
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