Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Oh Yes Its Ladies Night

Yup tomorrow is the day. Hump day. Get through it and the rest of the week flies by. What if there was a way to cap off the day to make the rest of the week that much sweeter. If you are a girl, above 21 and in a 500 mile radius of New York City (ok that's pushing it, but if you are near the concrete jungle) head to Piola in the East Village just off Union Square. So every Wednesday night after 8 PM, all ladies drink unlimited wine with the purchase of an entree. This is not one of those places with a menu that fits on a 3x5 note card, Piola has a pizza pie to fit everyone's tastes. If pizza is not what you are craving, but want to throw back a few glasses, do not fret, there are other great Italian entrees to enjoy. The food is great and incredibly reasonable. I dined with 5 people and everyone's bill including tax was 20 bucks. Oh and it probably would have been cheaper had my friends not been so generous. We went for my Birthday. It was the perfect environment for a girls night out. Large dining room, festive decor; flags lined the wall, but that is probably for this little soccer thing happening, The World Cup. Piola has locations all over the country and world with various specials each night of the week. For me Hump Day Happiness as I like to call it is the best deal. But the food and experience was so good, I am sure you will see me having a pie there on an average day.
Image via Laura Skwarek

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