Friday, June 11, 2010

Magical Dry Spell

You got stuck in yesterday's down pour. On your person was that appendage known as your cell phone. Without that, is like life without fresh air. You are also the dummy who forgot that your cell was in your back pocket exposed to the elements. This is when you wished that you had the Bheestie Bag. Disregrd the funny name, and order yourself a bag. This magical pouch will pull the water out of your electrical devises after they have unfortunately been water logged. You place your item in the bag and it will draw the moisture out of your phone or Ipod. How it works is a mystery to me, but who cares. At 20 bucks this is well worth it; you will not have to deal with the hassle of being without a cell or not capturing the classic moments to post on Facebook. All that matters is that you do not have to spend your Monday morning fighting with the guy at AT&T as to why you should not have to pay for your new Blackberry.

image via Bheestie


Subie said...

Great idea...even for us Iphone folks!!

Anonymous said...
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