Tuesday, December 30, 2008

An Old But Clean Diaper

Thanks to Daily Candy:

Here’s a West Side Story you haven’t heard before.
You just met a girl named Maria, a single mother of two who was recently laid off.
Maria turns to charities for child-rearing necessities — but they, too, are down on their luck.
WestSide Baby (and its hardworking staff of two) — which supplies almost 95 social agencies in the Seattle area with diapers, cribs, clothing, and toys — has been forced to turn away requests due to donation shortages. And from September to early November alone, the nonprofit saw demand more than double.
Diapers (especially sizes three to six), car seats, and boys’ clothes are always needed. But with many shelves entirely empty, the nonprofit will gladly accept any item listed on its site in new or gently used condition.
Not everything’s free (or easy) in America.
WestSide Baby, 10032 15th Avenue Southwest (206-767-1662 or westsidebaby.org). To volunteer, e-mail volunteercoordinator@westsidebaby.org.

So if you are from the Seattle area or just feel compelled to help out, please take a moment and help those who have a budget much tighter. So if your kid's have already grown up and their crib is gathering dust, this is the perfect opportunity for you to clean out and make some room. Live in Boston and can't get your stuff to Seattle, try and find a local charity near you.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Lend Me the Latest

Times are tough and money needs to go to more important things than your romance novel collection. Can’t give up that small pleasure? Well why don’t you get back to your childhood roots and head to your local library. Do you know how much the library costs you to read the latest books? NOTHING; its free. In these economic times this is the greatest time to use your library. Go pick up the latest best seller for free. Can’t finish it in the two weeks you are allotted? Re-new the book and it is still free.

Another news flash! Since the last time you went to the library you probably had braces and DVD stood for who knows what, there have been significant changes as well. You can borrow (aka rent) the summer blockbuster you never go to the theaters to see or finally watch the classics. Once again a night in at home with a great movie only costs you the popcorn you attempted to make in the microwave before it burned.

Wake up and use the resources your tax dollars are funding. The library is one of the greatest resources your town has to offer. There are constantly special events that will bring a community together, and entertain your family for hours. So renew your love for the library, but remember to return your books on the due date. It would be a shame to have to pay that ten cent over-due fee.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Don't miss this rare deal

Please refer to my post on 9/13/08 about the atelier.....she is offering 50% off her merch....hurry up an buy buy buy

Don't miss this rare deal
One of my favorite stores on Etsy.com, the Atelier (http://www.theatelier.etsy.com) is having a summer clearance sale. The designer has the most exquisite jewelry that are unique and intriguing. The prices range from the very affordable to the more desirable. The pieces are original, classic, and creative. Colors are vibrant and will spruce up any outfit. To make everything better the Atelier is having a promotion, 40% off everything in stock. That necklace that may have been a bit of a reach could now be super affordable.
I purchased Lapis earrings that I have had my eye on for over a year. I am so happy The Atelier ran this promotion or I may have not purchased. Another great plus to this shop, is that The Atelier accepts returns.
The Atelier uses various materials from gold to semi-precious gemstones. Since the materials are of the earth, they will be different and have character all on its own. I am sure if you purchased a piece your friends would think that your husband or boyfriend broke the bank for your anniversary. But you can keep the secret to yourself that you were able to afford this incredible glamour on a budget.

Friday, November 28, 2008

An Artist's Pallet

Is it time to refresh your look? Are you still rocking the blueeye shadow and Barbie pink lip stick? I didn't think you were stuck inthe 80s; give me some credit please? However I know you have becomebored with your latest beauty routine. If this sounds like you,head to your mall or go to Sephora's (www.sephora.com) website right now. They have reintroduced the mega makeup kit to fill all your beauty needs. Go ahead and get your hands on The Sephora Brand Collector's Edition Palette. The "Ultimate Blockbuster" kit (http://www.sephora.com/browse/product.jhtml;jsessionid=PF02RHPCHB3RACV0KRTQ5UQ?id=P220561&categoryId=C7010#) is the ultimate steal this holiday season, a makeup kit with every color imaginable for your eyes, face, and lips. With this collection you can create any look you desire, try out the 1920s Hollywood starlet, or go for the dewy fresh from the spa look. This is an all in one compact with a rainbow of colors from Sephora's Brand of makeup.

This kit comes with 84 eye shadow shades, 60 lip glosses, 5 blushes, 1 compact powder, 1 lip liner, 1 eyeliner, 7 applicator brushes. They are all contained in a black case to make applying makeup easy and organized. This kit sounds like a fortune; however this amazing pallet is under $50. This is the steal of the year. Every item in the box costs you pennies. One would be crazy not to snatch up this kit before it is too late. This is the perfect holiday present for your friend who cannot leave a make-up counter empty handed. Treat yourself to a fresh new face, and then try out a new look over and over again. Match your make-up to your mood.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Have Your Cupcake and Eat it Too

Although you are probably still coming down from your Thanksgiving Day food coma, you still maybe able to make a bit of room for a cupcake. Maybe not? However, cupcakes have fast become my favorite dessert after apple pie. They are also becoming a trend across the country. Cupcakes are no longer reserved for your child's birthday party. They are chic, delicious and gourmet.

From sea to sea there are plenty of bake shops popping up specializing in cupcakes. Flavors run the gamut from passion fruit to a Twinkie cupcake. They are no longer your traditional chocolate and vanilla. If you cant find a flavor that tickles your fancy, you must not like cupcakes.

For your next dinner party or get together have cupcakes to serve. They are a great way to please everyone in attendance because you can have a variety of options. There is no need to worry if your friend's husband only likes chocolate flavored desserts, but your sister only likes fruity options. Get a variety and don't stress.

Here are some options around the country to pick up your next dozen. These places have original options that constantly rotate with the seasons. They use the freshest ingredients and inventive ideas to keep your taste buds on point:
Nashville: Gigi's Cupcakes http://www.gigiscupcakesusa.com/
Chicago: Chicago Cupcakes http://www.chicagocupcakes.com/
Portland: Saint Cupcake http://saintcupcake.com/
Seattle: Cupcake Royale http://www.cupcakeroyale.com/

Monday, November 24, 2008

Local Steals and Deals

I recently stumbled upon 8Coupons.com and have started to notice I can save a lot of money in my city. 8coupons purpose is to get coupons from local businesses into the hands of the people who actually support these establishments. Their goal is to help people make the most out of every penny they spend. This service is currently only available in New York City, but I can guarantee that this will catch on in other cities.

There are various ways for you to benefit from the services of this website. You can receive text messages to show the vendor the current deal being offered. There is no need to remember to print and bring them to the restaurant. They are free of charge, you only pay your carrier’s standard text message fee. Have a favorite place with no current deals, set up an alert and when your place offers a special you will be the first to know. Share coupons with the rest of the city to enjoy the deals and steals.

The coupons range from restaurants to shopping to basic needs. Save a bundle on your next shopping trip. You can get extras at your next meal; you didn’t want fries, but if they are free at POP Burger, why not? Go see the new musical Rock of Ages for about $40. Treat yourself to a day at the spa without feeling guilty about breaking bank. This is a great site to help find ways to do those things you have been yearning for but never wanted to spend that much on a meal. Go ahead and live your life as that superstar.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The busiest shopping day in America. Are you dreading Black Friday? But you do not want to miss out on all the deals? Well check out the official website that has compiled all the deals that will happen the Friday after thanksgiving: Black Friday @ Gotta Deal (http://blackfriday.gottadeal.com/). This is a great way to plan an attack at the mall. You can see what will be on sale where and if the deal is worth it. Hit the stores you think will have low inventory first because you do not want to miss out on saving boat loads of cash. Too many deals and not enough time? Go with a friend, a spouse, the homeless man on the corner! Just grab someone who won't grab that Nintendo Wii right from under your nose. You need to cover all of your bases before everyone snatches up the DVD players or button down blouses you need to buy for your mother-in-law. There are no excuses, you stuffed your faces the night before to sustain your energy for when Kohl's open's at 6 AM and JC Penny closes at 10 that same day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

More Sample Sales to Fawn Over...NYC

Thanks to Daily Candy:

What: Aloha Rag
Why: Celebrate Hawaiians in the White House with 40 percent off Balenciaga, Chloé, Linda Farrow, and Tom Ford.
When: Nov. 18. Tues., noon-9 p.m.
Where: 505 Greenwich St., at Spring St. (212-925-0882).

What: Bindya New York
Why: Scarves, handbags, and tunics are 65 percent off. Free gift with every $50 spent.
When: Nov. 19-21. Wed.-Fri., 10:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.
Where: 49 W. 38th St., b/t Fifth & Sixth Ave., 9th flr. (212-730-8852).

What: Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak
Why: French stripe sweaters are $88. Other layers start at 50 percent off retail.
When: Nov. 20 & 21. Thurs. & Fri., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 594 Broadway, b/t Houston & Prince Sts., ste. 305 (212-431-8900).

What: Filippa K
Why: Modern Swedish coats for men and women at $250 or $300.
When: Nov. 19 & 20. Wed. & Thurs., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 33 W. 26th St., b/t Broadway & Sixth Ave., 5th flr. Cash only.

What: Frette
Why: Italian linens good enough for The Ritz are 70 percent off.
When: Nov. 17-20. Mon.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 4 W. 58th St., b/t Fifth & Sixth Aves., 4th flr.

What: Gucci Group Watches
Why: Comb out that Gucci mane and save 90 percent. Save 70 percent on Bedat & Co. bling.
When: Nov. 20 & 21. Thurs. & Fri., 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
Where: 125 W. 18th St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves.

What: Heikejarick
Why: Voluminous and tailored coats in cashmere and alpaca. Diffusion line is 30 percent off wholesale
When: Nov. 19-26. Mon.-Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 262 W. 38th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., 5th flr. (212-764-0878).

What: John Robshaw Textiles
Why: Sheets, duvets, curtain panels, kaftans, and decorative pillows marked down at least 60 percent.
When: Nov. 20-22. Thurs., 10 a.m.-8 p.m. (cocktails, 6-8 p.m.); Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Where: 245 W. 29th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Ave., 11th flr. (212-594-6006).

What: La Perla
Why: Naughty bras were $268, now $67. Satin slips were $346, now $85. Men’s tees were $65, now $16.
When: Nov. 24-28. Mon.-Wed., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thanksgiving Thurs., 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; Fri., 9 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 260 Fifth Ave., b/t 28th & 29th Sts. (212-725-5400).

What: Noir
Why: Giant cocktail rings are $20-$60; bracelets and bangles are $5-$45.
When: Nov. 19-21. Wed.-Fri., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 350 W. 38th St., b/t Eighth & Ninth Aves. (212-244-4846).

What: Obedient Sons & Daughters
Why: Get into woodsy mode for autumn/winter duds at sample sale prices.
When: Nov. 22 & 23. Sat. & Sun., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 237 Lafayette St., b/t Prince & Spring Sts.

What: Rebecca Minkoff and Nicholas K
Why: Get your hands on Morning After bags and other cult favorites. Dresses, tops, pants, and accessories are 50 percent off.
When: Nov. 20-23. Thurs. & Fri., 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sat. & Sun., 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 33 W. 17th St., b/t Fifth & Sixth Aves.
What: Rogan and Loomstate
Why: Past-season overstock, rare samples, and one-offs are up to 75 percent off.
When: Nov. 29-Dec. 7. Mon.-Sun., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 91 Franklin St., b/t Broadway & Church St., behind the Rogan shop (646-827-7554).

What: Sari Gueron
Why: Ridiculously priced cocktail attire ($2,950) now somewhat less obscene ($590).
When: Nov. 19 & 20. Wed. & Thurs., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 133 W. 25th St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves., 4th flr. west.

What: Steven Alan
Why: Eponymous label at up to 75 percent off. Some Odd Rubies, The Generic Man, Demy Lee, and more for cheap.
When: Nov. 20-23. Thurs. & Fri., 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sat., noon-7 p.m.; Sun., noon-5 p.m.
Where: 87 Franklin St., b/t Church & Broadway (212-219-3305).
What: Té Casan
Why: Fancy flats for $75, pumps for $95, booties for $125, and boots for $175. When: Nov. 18-22. Tues.-Fri., 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.
Where: 260 Fifth Ave., at 28th St.

What: Three as Four
Why: Denim from the past three seasons ranges $4.44-$44.44. Very special archival pieces range $77-$666. Really
When: Nov. 20-24. Thurs.-Mon., noon-8 p.m.
Where: 77 Delancey St., at Allen St.

What: Tocca
Why: Take at least 45 percent off candles, fragrances, and other treats from the Italian beauty brand.
When: Nov. 19-21. Wed.-Fri., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.
Where: 542 W. 22nd St., b/t Tenth & Eleventh Aves.

What: Yigal Azrouël
Why: Merch from past and current seasons is 60-80 percent off.
When: Nov. 19-21. Wed. & Thurs., 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fri., 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: 225 W. 39th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., 7th flr. (212-302-1194).

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Well Read Budget

Are you dying to crack open Nelson DeMille’s latest best seller, The Gate House? Its almost $30? What?! That is crazy. If you cannot wait to read it I say go drive to your closest Barnes and Nobles and start reading. If you can wait a week, check out the deals on Half.com. Half.com is a partner website with eBay that offers excellent deals on books, video games, music and so much more. DeMille’s book will run you 55% less on half.com. With savings like this you can stock up on all the books you have been yearning to read.

Half.com brings together buyers and sellers to enrich the world with a more well read public. Due to the fact that you are not dealing with a big corporation you must be more patient with receiving your items. When you submit an order, the seller is given about 3 days to pack and ship your item. If you choose media mail (the cheapest but slowest) as your shipping option you will have to wait seven to ten days for your book to arrive. Often the books are used, but sellers try and give as much information about the book they are selling. When listing an item the seller ranks the item from brand new to acceptable for condition. If there is anything noticeable about the book such as tears, doggy ears or writing on the inside, the seller is required to note this. Every once in a while you will encounter a seller who is not completely honest. Chances of this happening are slim to none.

Saving over half is great, but what if you could buy a book for 99% off the suggested retail price? Would you stock your bookshelf just to look well read? I have no shame I just might. Make a dent in reading the classics such as To Kill a Mocking Bird for 75 cents. Want to indulge that guilty pleasure with Confessions of a Shopaholic? Go for it! With prices this low, there is no excuse to find the next great novel.

Check out my bookshelf too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Calling All My LA Ladies

Thanks to Daily Candy, here are some sample sales happening in the LA area:

What: Steven Alan Sample Sale
Why: Legendary NYC sale makes its L.A. debut with 30-75 percent off retail on the house label, Rag & Bone, The Generic Man, Demy Lee, and more.
When: Nov. 6-9. Thurs. & Fri., 8:30 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sat., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Where: 1937½ Hillhurst Ave., b/t Franklin & Finley Aves., Los Feliz.

What: Elaine Kim Open Studio Sale
Why: Current and previous collections from this up-and-comer are marked up to half off wholesale.
When: Nov. 7. Fri., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.
Where: 5971 W. Third St., b/t S. Fuller & S. Martel Aves., Hancock Park (323-937-0355).

What: Mike & Chris Sample Sale
Why: Leathers, silks, and knits from this past summer and all seasons before are 30-70 percent off retail.
When: Nov. 6-8. Thurs. & Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-3 p.m.Where: 843 S. Broadway, b/t W. Eighth & W. Ninth Sts., ste. 402, Downtown.
What: Cake Jewelry Parking Lot Sale

Why: Lori Cooper, Material Things, Mod Metals by Cake, and 18 Karat Cake are up to 50 percent off retail; vintage pieces are $5-$50.
When: Nov. 8 & 9. Sat., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.; Sun., 11 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: 4649 Russell Ave., at Vermont Ave., Los Feliz (323-363-3321).
What: Delite Sample Sale Pop-Up Shop
Why: Up to 75 percent off retail on Jimeale, Kale, Shih, Raj, Below the Belt, Dillon Rogers, and others.
When: Mon.-Fri., 11 a.m.-5 p.m. or by appt.
Where: 8053 W. Third St., b/t S. Laurel Ave. & S. Crescent Heights Blvd., Mid-City West (323-933-6800).
What: Citizens of Humanity Warehouse Sale
Why: Men’s and women’s denim and knits are going for up to 60 percent off retail.
When: Nov. 8 & 9. Sat., 8 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun., 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Where: 5715 Bickett St., b/t E. Slauson Ave. & E. 54th St., Huntington Park.

What: Fashion Elements Holiday Sample Sale
Why: Save up to 60 percent on clothing and accessories from more than 35 designers.
When: Nov. 8. Sat., noon-5 p.m.
Where: Smashbox Studios, 8538 Warner Dr., b/t Higuera St. & Steller Dr., Culver City.
What: Amenity Home Sample Sale
Why: Organic bedding, nursery gear, table toppers, pillows, wall art, and holiday ornaments and stockings priced $5-$200.
When: Nov. 14-16. Fri., 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun., noon-4 p.m.
Where: 453 S. Spring St., b/t Fourth & Fifth Sts., ste. 839, Downtown (213-624-7309).

What: Ella Moss and Splendid Sample Sale
Why: Save 50-60 percent off retail on cottony soft women’s, men’s, tweens, toddler, and baby wares.
When: Nov. 14-16. Fri. & Sat., 9 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun., 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Where: Cooper Building, 860 S. Los Angeles St., at Ninth St., 8th flr., Downtown.

What: Matteo Home Sample Sale
Why: Up to 75 percent off luxury bedding, sheet sets, blankets, throws, pillows, bath, tabletop, loungewear, and robes.
When: Nov. 15 & 23. Sat. & Sun., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Where: 912 E. Third St., b/t Alameda St. & Santa Fe Ave., Downtown (213-617-2813).

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


In honor of this historic election there are a lot of retailers that are offering specials.

Krispy Cream will give you a free donut with your "I voted sticker"

Wash it down with a free cup of joe from starbucks

Then cool down with a free scoop from Ben and Jerry's

If you haven't gained 10 pounds today go to BCBG and save $150 off a dress

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Can I Pay with My Air Miles?

Do you have a ton of airline miles, but not enough for a free ticket to paradise? Are they about to expire? Well don’t let those miles fall into the black hole. Redeem them at Points.com (http://www.points.com/). Points.com is a website where you can use your airline miles for gift certificates and items that you really need. There are a variety of places where you can redeem your miles from Maggiano’s Little Italian restaurant to Saks Fifth Avenue. If you cannot find a place to redeem your miles I would say you are not looking hard enough. Do you want to have a romantic dinner out, but don’t want to spend your whole week’s pay? Redeem some miles for a night at the famous Palm. Time for a vacation? You can redeem your miles for a trip on a Carnival Cruise.

Afraid your carrier does not participate? All the major carriers from American Airlines t Delta offer this as an option when redeeming miles. There are even regional companies such as Hawaiian Airlines who can help you earn great gift certificates and services. This is a great way to redeem your points before it is too late. You can redeem as little as 2,000 miles for a gift card. There is no excuse anymore to let these perks disappear forever.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Fellow Reader Has a Deal For You!

Look what one of my great followers sent to me:

Howdy! I couldn't find your contact information, but I was hoping to inform you of a fantastic sample sale happening Tuesday 11/11 to Friday 11/14. It's being put on by the NY-based high-end accessories company PONO, designed by Joan Goodman. The times are from 9am-7pm daily and it is located at:

Bobbi Trim/PONO

132 W. 36 St. 8th Floor

NY, NY 10018

All items will be 60-80% off retail price and purchases of over $100 will be able to pick a free item.

Please visit our facebook page to see our truly fabulous pieces and please.

****If you ever hear of a great sale, deal, or deal that you cannot keep to your self please pass that information along to me. I will post it in my next entry.****

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lucky For Us There are Sales Abound

Thank you to Lucky Magazine for compiling and thank you to the failing economy for creating a massive amount of sales to increase revenues. See what is going on in your neck of the woods.

DressCodes (www.dresscodesatl.com): This downtown Decatur boutique is reducing denim up to 70% off from brands such as Earnest Sewn, Deener, and Good Society. A small selection of knits from YMC and Bobi has also been marked down 20 percent. 201 W. Ponce de Leon Ave. 404-343-2894 Mon.-Sat., 11-7

Lisa Brown Atlanta: New to the floor at this dependable Sandy Springs boutique are dresses from Milly and winter sweaters from Rhys Dwfen. Look to the sale rack for fall and winter items from last year, including Milly separates and Amanda Uprichard cotton dresses, now reduced 70 percent. 6301 Roswell Rd. NE 404-255-4949 Mon.-Sat., 10-6

Dress (www.dressboston.com): Save 30 to 70% on fall and winter pieces by 3.1 Phillip Lim, Adam, Lyell, Manon, and more at Back Bay favorite Dress' midseason sale. 221 Newbury St. 617-424-7125 Mon.-Thurs., 11-7; Fri.-Sat., 11-6; Sun., 12-5Intimacy (www.myintimacy.com): Stop by this lingerie haven 10/26 and 11/6 for a bra fitting; buy a lace, plunge, strapless, or demi bra and receive a Hanky Panky thong for free. One more day without having to do laundry, that would be enough for me to stop by. Copley Place, 100 Huntington Ave. 857-277-7887 Mon.-Sat., 10-9; Sun., 11-6

Habit (www.habitshop.com): Through Friday, save 10 percent on anything black at Habit, in honor of Halloween. Browse sweaters by Dear Cashmere, scarves by Scarves by Tina, clutches by Shara Porter, and more. 703 E. Broadway, South Boston 617-269-1998

Violet Skin Boutique (www.violetskinboutique.com): Through Friday book a new-for-fall organic body and skin treatments—including the Moroccan Spice body wrap and Fango Mud body wrap—and receive a free mini facial. 257 Newbury St. 617-262-7546 Tues.-Sun., by appointment1362 Beacon St., Brookline 617-264-7546 Tues.-Sun., by appointment

Clever Alice (www.cleveralice.com): This shop is moving and needs to lighten its load when it sets up shop at 1920 North Damen Avenue on Saturday, November 1. The old locatuon at the River North will be open, with new winter collections from Kitchen Orange, Casting, Plastic Island, and Prairie Underground. 750 N. Franklin St. 312-587-8693 Mon.-Fri., 10:30-7; Sat., 10-6

Havilah (www.shophavilah.com): First-time customers who shop at the River North location save 20% on all new arrivals. Shop from lines like Botkier, Elizabeth and James, Madison Marcus, Mike & Chris, Rebecca Minkoff, Rebecca Taylor, Vena Cava, and more. 869 N. Larrabee St. 312-202-0012 Daily, 11-6PrettyCity (www.Prettycity.com/pink): Featuring 31 days of $31 beauty to raise breast cancer awareness and funds during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Visit www.prettycity.com/pink to find participating spas and salons in the Chicago area, through the month of October.

Guise Chic and White Chicago (www.guisechic.com) and (www. whitechicago.com): White Chicago and Guise Chic are teaming up for Consign & Shine: Through October, any bride who consigns her new or once-wed gown will receive a minimakeover (a $100 value) and 10 percent savings on all fall clothing at Guise Chic. White Chicago 222 W. Huron St. 312-397-1571 By appointmentGuise Chic 2128 N. Halsted St. 773-929-6130 Mon.-Fri., 9:30-8:30; Sat., 9:30-7; Sun., 9:30-6:30

Partners Card (www.partnerscard.org): Through Sunday use the Partners Card to save 20 percent on more than 750 stores and restaurants. The $60 card (100 percent of which supports The Family Place, an organization for victims of domestic violence) is accepted at top-notch retailers like Henry Beguelin, Anthropologie, and Billy Reid. Go to the site for more information.

The Spa by Whole Foods Market: October 29, receive 20% savings on every nail service at this relaxing spa. 11700 Preston Rd. 214-363-9760

Dolce Vita (www.dolcevitaspahouston.com): Time to treat yourself, unwind, and relax at the Dolce Vita Day Spa where this week Lucky readers pay only $80 for a $100 gift certificate (valid for any service). When purchasing make sure you mention Lucky magazine.2503B S. Shepherd Dr. 713-521-2100 Tues.-Fri., 9-8; Sat., 9-6Em & Lee (www.emandlee.com): This boutique is hosting its second annual Drop Dead Gorgeous Halloween party on Friday, October 31. You're invited for mojitos, pizza, and appetizers from Farrago's, plus a 20 percent discount on any purchase all day long. 314 Gray St. 713-522-1900 Event: Fri., 6-11 Regular hours: Mon.-Sat., 10-7:30; Sun., 12-6

Couture Blowout: Fatou Fall, who gained a following among the best-dressed women in town when she worked at Mix boutique, just opened this upscale resale shop. Reselling recent designer wares (many new, with tags still on), she's curated a collection of couture that includes Hermès, Rick Owens, Jil Sander, Givenchy, Nina Ricci, and Chanel, all at a fraction of their original cost.1621 Westheimer Rd. 713-520-7585 Sun.-Mon., by appointment; Tues.-Sat., 11-7

Los Angeles
The Suburban Glitz Designer Sample Sale: At this perennially well-stocked sale on Saturday save up to 70% on clothing and accessories by CC Skye, Splendid, Ella Moss, William Rast, and others. North Ranch Community Center, 1400 N. Westlake Blvd., Westlake Village Event: Sat., 9-4

Pasadena City College Flea Market (www.pasadena.edu/fleamarket): Hit this sprawling, outdoor market on Sunday and snap up vintage clothing, antique furniture, and collectibles, along with items by local upstart designers. Admission is free. 1570 E. Colorado Blvd., Pasadena 626-585-7906 Event: Sun., 8-3

Barneys New York (http://www.barneys.com/): In the Co-op department of this posh department store, look for great reductions on clothing from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Vince, and Theory, plus designer shoes and handbags. Find great deals on new designers who will be the sought after looks next season. This is what Barney’s is most famous for. 9570 Wilshire Blvd. 310-276-4400 Mon.-Sat., 10-7; Sun., 12-6

Madewell (http://www.madewell.com/): A mother lode of T-shirts, cardigans, button-down blouses, jeans, scarves, and other fall basics are marked down at least 30%. Century City, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. 310-772-0428 Mon-Fri., 10-9; Sat., 10-10; Sun., 11-6

Cusp (http://www.cusp,com/): Find an abundance of marked-down Elijah halter tops, beaded Tibi tunics, pretty Tory Burch patterned skirts, Dittos jeans, and other wear-right-now silhouettes by coveted designers. Westfield Shopping Center, 10250 Santa Monica Blvd. 310-552-0300 Mon.-Sat., 10-9; Sun., 11-6

Alice + Olivia (www.aliceandolivia.com/): Super-chic fall pieces, including polished-looking blouses, sequin-embellished dresses, and the line's signature figure-flattering pants, are reduced up to 40%. 134 S. Robertson Blvd. 310-247-0120 Mon-Sat., 11-7; Sun., 11-6

Ma Jolie: At this always-welcoming Westside spot, all new fall merchandise is up to 30 percent off. And past-season styles are reduced by 75 percent. Among the highlights: loads of wear-everywhere dresses by Michael Star, Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent, Velvet, Sky, and Single, plus jeans by Joe's Jeans, Seven for All Mankind, and Hudson. 147 S. Barrington Pl. 310-471-9545 Mon.-Sat., 10-6; Sun., 11-4

Sara: At this Brentwood boutique, the sale racks are rife with versatile pieces by T-Bags, Alice + Olivia, Walter, Tibi, and others. Also find markdowns on jeans by James Jeans and Hudson. All sale items are 50 to 65 percent off regular prices. 11640 San Vicente Blvd., Ste. 104 310-442-6725 Mon.-Fri., 10-6:30; Sat., 10-6; Sun., 11-5

Wicati (http://www.wicati.com/): 80% markdowns on current-season styles by Trina Turk, Tocca, Shoshanna, Cynthia Steffe, Nougat of London, and others. Shoes by Cynthia Vincent and Calleen Cordero are also on sale, with prices starting as low as $50. 2318 Westwood Blvd. 310-470-2651 Mon.-Wed., 10-5; Thurs., 10-7; Fri., 10-6; Sat., 11-6

Miami and Florida
Inca Swimwear: This bohemian-luxe swimwear company is the latest chic boutique to open at the Gansevoort South hotel. As part of the store's grand opening celebration, save 20% on anything in the store—including bikinis, one-pieces, resortwear, and accessories—now through Sunday. Gansevoort South, 2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach 305-673-9170 Mon.-Thurs., 11-8; Fri.-Sat., 10-10; Sun., 11-8

Addison Craig (www.addisoncraig.com): This antiques-adorned shop feels like an approachable version of your sophisticated aunt's drawing room, awash in a unique mix of shoes, handbags, and jewelry you won't find anywhere else in town. Save 20 percent on everything in-store—Beirn bags, Tory Burch ballet flats, gold jewelry imported from Brazil, and more—through Saturday, November 30. 28 S. Boulevard of Presidents, Sarasota 941-388-3400 Mon.-Sat., 10-6; Sun., 12-5

Uni. K. Wax Center Coral Gables (www.unikwax.com): The Coral Gables outpost of this well-known waxing chain—popular for its way-less-painful stripless waxing technique—is hosting a first-anniversary special. Now through Friday, October 31, save 15 percent on any service and/or get a free upper-lip wax ($8 value) with any leg waxing service. Uni. K. Wax Center Coral Gables 165 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables 305-403-3223 Mon.-Fri., 10-7; Sat., 10-6

Jem (http://www.palmbeachjem.com/): Located inside hip women's wear boutique Rapunzel's Closet, Jem specializes in hard-to-find jewelry, beauty, and home ambiance lines. In honor of the store's new website, it's offering 20 percent off online purchases through Sunday, November 30 (enter coupon code JEM002 at checkout). Stock up on beauty lines such as Trance Essence and Treat, home ambiance collections including The Laundress and Archipelago Botanicals, and jewelry by CC Skye, Alexis Bittar, and more. 326 South County Rd., Palm Beach 561-832-1225 Mon.-Sat., 10-6

Elizabeth Charles (www.elizabeth-charles.com): In celebration of Halloween, this bohemian-luxe West Village boutique is offering 30% off anything black or orange, from Thursday, to Sunday. 639 1/2 Hudson St. 212-243-3201

MaxMara (http://www.maxmara.com/): MaxMara is selling luxury Italian wares from lines MAX&Co., 'SMaxMara, and Weekend through Thursday at Savvy&Co.'s New York loft. You can also shop the sale online at Savvy's new website, thesavvy.com, until Thursday
Event: Mon., 1-8; Tues.-Thurs., 10-8 (in-store); Mon., noon-Thurs., midnight (online)

Dolce & Gabbana (www.dolcegabbana.com): Find a full range of Dolce & Gabbana and D&G items reduced up to 70% through the end of the month. Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St., Fourth and Fifth Fl. 877-703-4872 Mon., 1-6; Tues.-Wed., 9-6; Thurs., 9-8; Fri., 9-5

Kooba (www.kooba.com): Kooba's luxe, colorful handbags with signature hardware details are up to 80% off until Thursday 141 W.36th St. Daily, 10-8 (closed 2-3)

Miss Sixty (http://www.misssixty.com/): Shoes, tops, pants, outerwear, and more are all marked down 50 to 75 percent until Saturday. Best deals are a purple down jacket (was $449, now $95), a long-sleeved V-neck dress (was $179, now $45), and black satin shoes (were $193, now $95). 260 Fifth Ave. 212-725-5400

Lounge (www. loungesoho.com)This Soho boutique is closing its doors and slashing prices on all merchandise: Sonia Rykiel, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Monarchy, and more are 50 to 90% off. 593 Broadway 212-226-7585 Mon.-Thurs., 10-9; Fri.-Sat., 10-10; Sun., 12-8

Makins Hats (www.makinshats.com): Until the end of December Makins' one-of-a-kind hand-blocked hats are marked 50% off wholesale prices. 212 W. 35th St., 12th Fl. Mon.-Fri., 10-4

Arcadia Boutique (www.arcadiaboutique.com): Stop by this Northern Liberties boutique on Saturdayfor its annual Ladies' Denim Brunch. Enjoy homemade snacks from Soy Café, plus 25 percent savings on all new denim purchases and free on-site alterations. 819 N. Second St. 215-667-8099 Wed.-Sat., 12-8; Sun., 12-5

Mabel and Zora (www.mabelandzora.com): This cheerful boutique for great dresses and cute, affordable fashion finds is offering Lucky readers a 25 percent discount on sweater purchases through Sunday. Make sure to mention the magazine to get this deal. 1468 NE Alberta St. 503-335-6169 748 NW 11th Ave. Mon.-Sat., 11-6; Sun., 12-5

Catlin Gabel Rummage Sale (www.catlin.edu/news/rummage/index): A cherished tradition for more than 60 years, the school's annual rummage sale is one of the largest in the world. Every year there are stories of scores of vintage designer duds unearthed from the mix, as well as furniture, housewares, antiques, and more. This year's sale fills 88,000 square feet at the Portland Expo Center from Thursday to Sunday, with all proceeds to benefit student financial aid. Find the best stuff on the first day; admission is free. Portland Expo Center, 2060 N. Marine Dr. 503-297-1894, ext. 423 Event: Thurs., 5-9; Fri., 10-6; Sat., 9-9; Sun., 9-3

San Francisco and Northern California
Candystore Collective (www.candystorecollective.com): This Mission District spot carries charmingly offbeat clothing, vintage items, and home goods that can't be found elsewhere. Save 20% on any single purchase. 3153 16th St. 415-863-8143 Mon.-Fri., 9-6

Visage Studio (www.visagestudio.com): Cult and impossible-to-find brands (Anne Semonin, local line Wallit, Air Repair Skincare) line the 18-foot-high walls in this skin atelier, located in a loft building in the Dogpatch area. Save 20% on any single pampering treatment. 2325 Third St., Ste. 4111 415-503-1011 Tues.-Sat., by appointment

Ibiss: This Santa Clara boutique showcases Ibi Oluwole's sexy yet casual collection of apparel, handbags, jewelry, and shoes, as well as pieces from indie lingerie line Porcelynne, jewelry from Aiko Designs, and essential silhouettes by She Bible. Save 20 % storewide. 1231 Franklin Mall, Santa Clara 408-261-2050 Tues.-Fri., 12-7; Sat., 11-7

Zovo (www.zovolingerie.com): University District lingerie destination Zovo is celebrating election season by marking down bras from Aubade Jardin, Chantelle, and more up to 60%, now through November 4th. 4612 26th Ave. NE 206-525-9686 Mon.-Sat., 9:30-9; Sun., 11-6

Edressme.com: Until November 4—edressme.com is offering 20 percent off a selection of dresses inspired by Michelle Obama (sleeveless shifts and fun prints) and Cindy McCain (classic designer pieces). Try and channel the woman you think should be standing by her man for the next 4 years

Steve Madden (http://www.stevemadden.com/): Enjoy 20% off your purchase by entering “Votemadden” at checkout until November 5th. Stock up on black pumps you need or a great pair of flat boots. They are all the rage this season.

Turqjewelry.com: A huge assortment of one-of-a-kind necklaces, discontinued samples, and overstock items by this Atlanta designed line has been reduced 50%.

La Rousse (www. la-rousse.com): Long-standing Seattle boutique La Rousse sadly closed its doors, but the shop's new online outpost—with fall designs by American Retro, Feral Childe, Grey Ant, and more—is cause for celebration. Plus: Scope the blog for a preview of spring '09 and receive a 10% discount on preorders.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sample Sales in NYC

Courtesy of Daily Candy, they have filled me in on some sample sales happening in the Big Apple. This is a great way to get the looks for a fraction.

Bellhaus (http://www.bellhaus.net/)
Take 40% off fall and 85% off summer items from Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Lanvin, Bottega Venetta, Lacroix, etc.

When: Oct. 27. Mon., 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

Where: The Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves.

2 floors’ of fall and winter items

When: Oct. 27-31. Mon., 1-6 p.m.; Tues. & Wed., 9 a.m.-6 p.m.; Thurs., 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Fri., 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 123 W. 18th St., 4th & 5th flrs.

Up to 70% off past collections from the sporty, fancy, and ready-to-wear lines

When: Oct. 27-30. Mon., 1-8 p.m.; Tues.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-8 p.m.

Where: 145 W. 18th St., b/t Sixth & Seventh Aves.

Handbags, vests, and leather jackets at 50-80 percent off

When: Oct. 28-30. Tues.-Thurs., 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Closed 2-3 p.m.

Where: 141 W. 36th St., b/t Broadway & Seventh Ave.

Fred Perry (www.fredperry.com/)

Preppy classics like shoes and accessories for guys and gals. Cash only.

When: Nov. 4-9. Thurs., Fri., Mon. & Tues., 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Sat. & Sun., noon-6 p.m.

Where: 547 W. 27th St., b/t Tenth & Eleventh Aves. (212-736-3030).

75% off fall 2008, swimwear, and denim.

When: Nov. 5 & 6. Wed., 10 a.m.-6:30 p.m.; Thurs., 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Where: 231 W. 39th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., ste. 422.

Lambswool sweater cape for $104 (reg. $414); crepe long-sleeve gown for $200 (reg. $784); silk shift dress for $80 (reg. $320); belted cape jacket for $140 (reg. $559).

When: Nov. 5-7. Wed., 1-7 p.m.; Thurs., 9:30 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fri., 9:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m.

Where: Penthouse 15, 336 W. 37th St., b/t Eighth & Ninth Aves., 15th flr. (212-966-3773).

Save up to 75%. Silver metallic Aphrodite dress for $150 (reg. $795); taffeta rose applique dress for $120 (reg. $495).
When: Nov. 5-7. Wed., 9 a.m.-8 p.m.; Thurs., 9 a.m.-7 p.m.; Fri., 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

Where: 260 W. 39th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., 3rd flr. (212-840-6470).

Hayden-Harnett (http://haydenharnett.com/)

40-70% off fall 2008 collections and accessories.

When: Nov. 5-8. Wed.-Sun., noon-6 p.m.

Where: Edgo Noho, 65 Bleecker St., b/t Broadway & Lafayette Sts. (718-383-4450).

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fashion for a Fraction

It could cost you over 2 months rent to acquire the latest Venetian lace Prada dress. However there is a way to afford something similar and still be able to eat more than ramen noodles and keep your apartment heated this winter. Zara currently has a dress for sale that could be a dead ringer for the Prada; the cost obviously being a fraction.

Zara has been a staple in Europe for years and stateside for a bit of time. However, on my recent visits I noticed a quality make over. Zara takes inspiration straight from the runways and translates it for the fashionable everyday woman. Like H&M, the styles are current and similar to what Saks Fifth Avenue and Bloomingdale’s is selling. But unlike its competition, Zara’s garments feel like a million bucks. The quality is great. The wools are plush, the silks soft, and the leather supple. Due to an increase in quality the prices will be a bit higher.

On my most recent visit there many items stuck out to me. There was the lace dress I discussed above. If you are in need of a winter coat, try on the tweed one that is similar to a classic Chanel. In need of the latest heels? There are a pair of gladiator heels that look strikingly similar to the Christian Dior’s Carrie Bradshaw wore in Sex and the City the Movie. There are silk color block dresses that were all over the runway. Wide leg trousers come in every color way imaginable. If you are able to get into your nearest Zara, there is no excuse for dressing poorly this season.

Monday, October 20, 2008

1 Tequila 2 Tequila $3 Margaritas

NYC maybe the most expensive city in America, but I have found a way to drown my sorrows in a $3 margarita. Sometimes you just need to forget that a turkey sandwich may run upwards of $12. This is where Blockheads plays a pivitol role in my life as a city girl. It is always happy hour at this city joint. The margaritas are fresh, flowing and strong and always $3. A round trip on mass transit costs more.

When you think constant drink special, you assume dive bar and seedy crowd. But remember what happens when you assume! I have been to 2 Blockheads in the city and both were warm, inviting dining establishments. The wait staff is pleasant and attentive. My chip bowl and margarita was never empty. The food is delicious as well. I ordered a burrito that could feed a small family. The ingredients were all evenly spaced. Each bite was a mouthful of beans, rice, chicken and cheese. My friend's quesadilla was picture perfect made with the freshest ingredients like roasted red peppers and firm black beans. It was a struggle to finish our meals. We left our meal satisfied and a bit buzzed. It was a pleasant dinning experience and I will be returning often. There are Blockheads dotting all corners of the city. So whenever the urge to sit back with a fresh marg hits you know you are not too far from your local neighborhood Blockheads. One more margarita and I would have hit the floor.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Give My Regards to Broadway

With the current economy and the price of a Broadway show, I am surprised the lights have not gone dim. That’s because there are a select few who can still afford the $100+ a pop tickets for a night of live entertainment or there are the others who know about Broadway Box (http://www.broadwaybox.com/) before seeing Young Frankenstein. Broadway Box is a site that compiles all the current discount codes for all your Broadway needs. There are constantly offers for the biggest names on Broadway from Avenue Q to Hairspray. These offers are limited, so be quick to take up the opportunity to see a live production of the Lion King (Trust me the cartoon version is not quite the same). Savings can be up to 50% off the ticket price. Watching a Broadway show is magical experience that stays with a viewer for years. If you are in the New York area you should take advantage of these sites offers.

Do you live in London? Need a night off from gambling in Vegas? Broadway Box also has offers for shows on the West End and Vegas productions. Become mesmerized by the acrobatics at Cirque Du Soleil. How those performers bend will awe you for hours after the performance has ended. The Sound of Music on the London stage is supposed to be breath taking and the talent is unreal. Or go see Blood Brothers which has been showing on the West End for over 15 years. It is one of the best shows I have seen; sitting on the edge of my seat, tears filled my eyes as I was engrossed in this rich story. Take Broadway Box’s discounts to enrich your life with culture. Get off your butt and see live entertainment. The performers put their blood, sweat and tears into these performances for theater goers like you to be blown away. Walk down the street singing the lyrics to “Popular” with a great big smile knowing you had a great evening on the town.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Sales From Sea to Shining Sea

Events Across the Country

Atlanta Area

Neem Tree Spa (http://www.neemtreespa.com/): For the remainder of the month this spa is offering 25% off all massage, facial, and body treatments. Go ahead and treat yourself to much deserved R&R. 1198B Howell Mill Rd. 404-351-8446Blue Genes (http://shopbluegenes.com/): Bring your used denim to this boutique and receive $30 in Blue Genes Bucks to use on your next purchase of a new pair of jeans. The recycled jeans will be sold in the new Vintage Section of the outlet store at prices ranging from $25 to $100. Spend some time cleaning out your closet to make room for some new jeans. 3400 Around Lenox Dr. NE, 404-231-3400

Salon Next (http://www.salonnext.com/): Is offering 20% off all cuts and color. This is motivation enough to try out their classic bobs and angular cuts, which they are known for. And each treatment comes with invigorating complimentary scalp treatments, this is reason enough to make the soonest appointment. 857 Collier Rd. NW, No. 4, 404-609-7041

Boston Area

The Boston Design Center (http://bostondesigncenter.com/): Multiple Design Showrooms are hosting the annual Treasure Hunt this Saturday and Sunday (10/18-10/19). You can save up to 75% on everything from furniture, antiques, and accessories to fabric, rugs, and tile at more than 40 showrooms, including Baker, Webster & Co, Scalamandre, and Farrow & Ball. Everyone always needs a reason to see how they can spruce up their home. One Design Center Pl. 617-449-5501, Event: Sat., 10-5; Sun., 12-5

Luxe Newport (http://luxenewport.blogspot.com/): This Thursday (10/16) the in-store line Sharkaraa (www.sharkaraa.com)is offering 30% off their Gem Bar, where clients can create personalized healing gemstone jewelry. The sale includes all handbags and jewelry (except Gem Bar custom designs); there are also markdowns on select Rosamond clothing and home accessories. 22 Franklin St., Newport, RI, 401-619-3111, Opening party: Thurs., Oct. 16, 5-8Los Angeles Area

Subtle Tones (http://subtletones.com/index.php): This coming weekend (10/17-10/18) Subtle Tones is having a warehouse sale on their incredibly comfortable loungewear, pajamas, and cashmere sweaters. Prices will be reduced up to 75% off wholesale prices. Stay warm in these coming months with decedent cashmere. 660 Maple Ave., Torrance, 310-328-0408 x118

Shop Til You Drop Sale: This Sunday (10/19) save up to 60% on clothing, jewelry, and accessories from brands such as Kami Shade, Candice Held, and Jenny Jen. Admission is free with RSVP; call 818-358-9966. The Hilton Hotel, Universal City, 555 Universal Hollywood Dr. 818-358-9966, Event: Sun., 11-4

Elaine Kim (www.elainekim.com): Support this new up and coming designer with her first sample sale this Friday (10/17). Her line features leather trimmed tops and jersey dresses. Have her stuff before your friends find out about her when they read the January 2009 issue of Lucky (they are featuring her). 5971 Third St., 323-937-0355, Event: Fri., 5-9

Miami Area

The Spa at Sports Club/LA (www.mpsportsclub.com/clubs/miami/index.php): As part of Miami Spa Week, this spa within the Four Seasons is offering a Free Your Mind and the Rest Will Follow promotion. The popular 45-minute aromatherapy facial or massage for just $50 each (the facial normally starts at $138 and the massage is normally $152). This is a deal you cannot pass up for countless reasons. 1435 Brickell Ave., Miami, 305-533-1199

The Little Salon (http://www.thelittlesalon.com/): This Sarasota salon, located in the historic Rosemary district, is known for spot-on consultations, taking into consideration a client's hair texture, face shape, coloring, and lifestyle. Now through Saturday (10/18), save 20% on a color or clear gloss (regular price $25 to $35). This is a great way to extend your pricy highlights for an extra few weeks. 426 Central Ave., Sarasota, 941-955-4691
Van Michael Miami (http://www.vanmichael.com/): Located just off Lincoln Road, this beauty salon is offering 20% off all services if you mention “Lucky” when booking. Services include cuts, color, makeup, and waxing, from 10/15 all the way until 11/30. This is the perfect deal to get all your beauty needs done. Spread them out and keep returning to Van Michael’s. 1667 Michigan Ave., Miami Beach, 305-534-6789

New York City Area

Kipepeo (http://www.kipepeokipepeo.com/HomePage.htm): From Friday (10/17) until the end of the month, Kipepeo is offering 50 to 70 percent savings on its glamorous jewelry. In addition if you mention “luckymag.com” you can save 20% off full-price items. Now go pick up those great earrings for Saturday night’s big gala 250 Elizabeth St. 212-219-7555

Deeply Madly Living (http://www.deeplymadlyliving.com/): Their quirky, unique housewares are reduced 60 to 80 percent during the Wall Street Crash Sale, through the end of December. This is a great long sale to figure out exactly what you need for your home or apartment. 255 W. 36th St., Ste. 502, 212-564-1530
Flight001 (http://www.flight001.com/store/index.htm?partner=google_flight001): The innovative travel boutique is marking down its entire selection of bags—from designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Jack Spade—at 25 percent off, through Wednesday, October 15. Can’t make it into the store? The sale is happening online as well. 96 Greenwich Ave. Manhattan212-989-0001132 Smith St., Brooklyn718-243-000158 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn 718-789-1001

Sally Hershberger (http://www.sallyhershberger.com/): Every salon needs to train their stylists to be able to cut and color on a professional level. Stylists at the infamously expensive Sally Hershberger salon is offering cuts and color for $40 every Wednesday by hair-stylists in training. There is currently a waiting list, but call and put your name on the list. 425 W. 14th St., Second Fl., 212-206-8700
Chelsee Eyes: The store is reducing prices 40 to 60 percent off their designer frames until 10/27. Chelsee Eyes caries every brand from Lafont, to Prada reduced. 20 W. 20th St., Ste. 804, 212-242-4823

Philadelphia Area

Echochic (http://www.echochic.com/): This edgy fashion boutique is having a major sale: Buy one marked-down item and get the second half-off. Time to find the trends of the season you want to rock this winter. 1700 Sansom St., 215-569-9555

Portland Area

Sole (http://www.4mysole.com/): This accessories Mecca is offering 20% off shoes, handbags, and other accessories made and designed by local designers for the rest of the month. You know how I feel about supporting local artists, now please spread the word and accessories with a conscience. 1033 NW Couch St., 503-222-SOLE

Una (http://www.una-myheartisfull.com/): This small boutique boasting an stocking a mix of designer and vintage clothing and accessories recently received its new fall shipments from Mociun, Earnest Sewn, Decca and Harlan, Mercy, Rodebjer, Nami, and Tehen/Poles. They are offering 20% off select pieces from Bonubora, Clu, Coven, Chan Luu, and more. 2802 SE Ankeny St., 503-235-2326

San Francisco Area

Hydra (www.hydrasoap.com): Save up to 70% on handmade soaps, aromatic bath bombs, and relaxing salts. All products are handmade locally, sport adorable packaging, and make perfect gifts. After a long day of work you are going to thank yourself you indulged at hydra. 1710 Fourth St., Berkeley, 510-559-9796
Her Boutique (www.her-sf.com): The boutique is bringing back its annual denim sale with 20 percent savings on regular-price jeans from labels such as Joe's Jeans, Paige Premium Denim, and James Jeans, until the end of the month. Who really wants to pay full price on those jeans? 2053 Fillmore St. 415-923-9628

Seattle Area

Lucca Statuary (http://www.luccastatuary.com/): The annual fall sale is going on until 11/21. Garden items such as planters, birdbaths, benches, and statues are reduced 30%, and all fountains are marked down 20 to 50 percent. This sale will help you make it through the winter knowing that your garden will look beautiful next spring. Stockpile for warmer months at Lucca Statuary's annual fall sale, now through November 21. 3623 Leary Wy. NW, 206-789-8444

D.C. and Baltimore Area

Urban Chic: (http://www.urbanchiconline.com/): At the annual Pink is the New Black shopping benefit on Thursday, 10/16 enjoy a 20% discount on all merchandise, from Loeffler Randall, Catherine Malandrino, and Rory Beca. Ten percent of sales benefit the Komen Race for the Cure. This is a great way to support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, while sporting a stylist new purse or a great blouse. Event: Thurs., 5-8Urban Chic Georgetown1626 Wisconsin Ave. NW202-338-5398Urban Chic Bethesda7126 Bethesda Ln., Bethesda301-657-0290
Green and Blue (http://www.greenandbluestyle.com/): Its 5 o’clock somewhere and that place is the south Dupont boutique. They are throwing a daylong wine and cheese party on Friday, October 17, with 20 percent off all clothes, including Cynthia Steffe and Shoshanna. Stop in for a snack and maybe the buzz will encourage you to walk out with a Shoshanna dress. 1350 Connecticut Ave. NW, 202-223-6644

Thursday, October 9, 2008

There Is Never a Free Lunch….But you Can Try and Come Close

I do not know how it is around the rest of the country, but there is a great thing about NYC….Chinese and Asian restaurants on every corner. You could never leave your apartment and drown yourself in lo mein noodles. To make things even better at these restaurants are their lunch specials. In an effort to spur mid-day business many Asian restaurants, specifically Chinese and Thai, offer a lunch special that could feed a small army. Depending on the restaurant or neighborhood you can find a real deal. Read the fancier the area it may be more expensive, but no more than $10.

Today, I was in Williamsburg Brooklyn and had a lunch special at a Thai restaurant. I got a spring roll, a chicken dish and rice. My delicious meal was under $6. This was a modest portion compared to other places I have been to. At a Chinese restaurant near my office I got a spring roll, quart of soup, chicken in garlic sauce and fried rice. This meal was under $7. And it was delicious. I got 2 meals out of this lunch. This is a great way to stretch your dollar out.

Is this too much food for lunch? Wish they had a dinner special? They may not offer it for dinner but order the special later in the day and bring it home for dinner. Order what everyone in your house likes and do not feel like you have to compromise. When a single dish at dinnertime can cost $10, this is a great way to get a couple of meals. Find out if the Chinese restaurant in your town has this special. Maybe another cuisine has a great special. Or try and survive on Beef and Broccoli.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shameless Promotion

I have recently updated my Etsy.com account. Please take a look at my 8x10 photographs to decorate your homes or give as gifts in the upcoming holiday season. Take a gander here at http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5198819. All my photographs are original prints that are limited editions. They were taken on my travels around the world.

All my 8”x10” photographs retail for a mere $10; they all come with a free gift. They are a affordable price for an original piece of artwork. It is hard to find another price on the internet, let alone a gallery. The quality is impeccable on these prints. The colors are rich, and images are sharp.

They are perfect to decorate a hallway or any room you want to add a little artwork too. Do you have a friend who’s home looks like it needs an extra touch. This holiday surprise him or her with the perfect print for their place. Too big or too small? Do not worry; send me an etsy conversation and I will work with you on pricing and sizing. Now show the world you have impeccable artistic taste

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sample This

Sample sales were once reserved for the urbanites who could take a day off work to rummage through racks of clothes to find the one coveted item in their size. Thanks to the internet you no longer have to move into NYC or out to LA to be close enough to the great designer sample sales. There are 2 great websites that bring fabulous sample sales into your homes. Both sites Gilt Groupe and Haute Look have sample sales occurring at all times. Onsite are brands and designers you can find in luxury boutiques and high end department stores. The selection and quality are not to be beat. You now have the luxury to shop in the privacy of your own home for the one dress you have been dying for but cannot bare to spend $500 on. There is no sorting through racks and racks of tiny tops to find the one shirt that is your size. Everything is neatly organized on a grid to find exactly what you are looking for in your size. On both sites you can narrow down the clothes by size to see if they actually have those wide leg trousers in your size.
Currently Gilt Group is holding 5 sample sales from women’s clothes to accessories for your baby’s nursery. Choose from items by Costello Tagliapietra, Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent, DweelStudio, Diesel Men’s, and M Missoni. Haute Look has 3 sales currently running: Alex and Ani, Sass & Bide and Minnie Rose. Don’t like what is on the menu today? Both sites will tell you what sales are coming up in the next few days. Oh and I forgot to mention, prices are ridiculously reduced, well over 50%. That’s reason enough to shop. Go ahead, make your friends think you indulged at Bloomingdales.

Promos Galore

Spend $100 or more at J Crew (http://www.jcrew.com/) improving your fall wardrobe and receive free shipping. Enter the code ACORN at check out. PROMO ENDS TOMORROW, SO HURRY UP!

Keep your toes warm as it gets colder out. Free shipping on regular priced shoes at Nordstrom (http://www.nordstrom.com/). Enter the Code SHOES at check out.

Keep skin refreshed with your Avon (http://www.avon.com/) lady. Many skin care items are just $5. Its worth it to just try. Buy 3 or spend $15 and shipping is free. Enter FALL815 upon checkout.

There is 30% off selected styles on Steve Madden Shoes (http://www.stevemadden.com/)

Threadless (http://www.threadless.com/) is reducing prices on their female t-shirts to as low as $12. They sell limited edition, original artwork t-shirts. They are a great way for you to stand out and make a statement with your clothes. You can show your sense of humor, your artistic tastes or a cause you stand for.

FragranceNet (http://www.fragrancenet.com/) is offering $10 off a purchase of $60 or more. Enter code TSX86 by October 13 so you can smell good for days to come.

Herff Christiansen (http://www.herffchristiansen.com/view-all.php) is offering 35% off all items on their site. Enter the code 35OFF at check out. They sell great basics, such as light weight t-shirts and comfortable pants in four basic colors. Your only options are black, white, charcol and brown.

Make your home smell inviting and make the boys intoxicated by the sents from Malie Organics (http://www.malie.com/). Enjoy 25% off your entire order by entering CANDY upon check out.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Sales Make it Easier to Support Your Local Artists

Here are some promotions on Etsy.com.

Soap Deli (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=2871&order=&section_id=5028607&page=2user_id=2871&order=&section_id=5028607&page=2user_id=2871&order=&section_id=5028607&page=2) has marked down all her soaps by 30%. All ingredients are natural and smell like the real deal. Rebecca’s soaps are made with shea butter, rice bran, coconut, and olive oils that create a lather you can shave with.

Candy Argyle (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=82029) is offering 15% off all her items in shop. There are a great variety of items from cosmetic cases to baby booties. Have a friend who is expecting? Surprise them with an adorable changing mat.

Wall Express (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6067620) is slashing prices by 20% on all original wall hangings. They are a great way for you to add a finishing touch to a room that needs a little something more. All hand painted canvas works are signed by the artist.

Who is excited for Halloween? I sure am and I want to wish everyone a happy day of spooks and treats. The Frantic Meerkat (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5166491&section_id=5565523) is selling Halloween cards for $2.50. That is cheaper than some cards in your local Halmark store. Spread the holiday cheer with a card people are not expecting to receive.

Scatter Box (http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5278865&section_id=5517430user_id=5278865&section_id=5517430) is choosing to take the shop in a new artistic direction which the shopper benefits from tremendously. The remaining city map and scrabble pendants are reduced from $18 to $10. These make a great holiday present. Swipe them up before it is too late.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

This economy is forcing us to save, check out these sales

New York City
Samples for Ecompassion is a socially conscious sample sale with huge discounts up to 80 percent on Edun, Theory, DVF, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Vince. The sale benefits
Somaly Mam, a nonprofit dedicated to ending human trafficking and a tree will be planted with each sale. This sale begins October. 5. with an Opening party (with Somaly Mam book signing and photo exhibit), 6-9 p.m. It is located at 2 Great Jones St., b/t Broadway & Lafayette St.

Built by Wendy Sample Sale is hipstery picks like a boiled wool swing coat for $140 (reg. $326), sparkle minidress for $80 (reg. $209), and men’s flannel pullover for $35 (reg. $135). The sale begins this Friday. Hours are Fri. & Sat., 11 a.m.-8 p.m.; Sun., noon-6 p.m and it is located at 46 N. 6th St., b/t Wythe & Kent Aves. in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (718-384-2882)

Mischen Sample Sale is trying to move its fall and spring merchandise, custom prints, silks, and more at up to 85 percent off. The sale runs Thurs.-Sat., 9 a.m.-8 p.m. located at 255 W. 36th St., b/t Seventh & Eighth Aves., ste. 1106 (212-827-0854).


Boogaloos Boutique (http://www.boogaloosboutique.com/) is celebrating seven years with cocktails, food, and up to 30 percent off your entire purchase. Stop by this Friday from Fri., 6-11 p.m. at 246 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., Decatur (404-373-3237).


For Yourself:
Sugarcube (http://sugarcube.us/) is hosting a sidewalk sale/concert with Bare Knuckle, with 25 percent off Rogues Gallery, and 30 off Kyumi. The event starts Fri., 6-10 p.m at 124 N. Third St. (215-238-0825).


Lily Dermaceuticals (http://www.lilyskinsolutions.com/index.asp?PageAction=CONTACTUS), the skin care company is donating 20 percent of product sales to breast cancer research. Come in Thursday Oct. 31. at the Lily Day Spa & Salon, 14902 Preston Rd., ste. 506 (972-503-9912).

San Fransico
Rebecca Beeson (http://www.rebeccabeeson.com/ ) Sample Sale is selling their basics for up to 60 percent off this Saturday at 1345 Howard St., b/t 9th & 10th Sts. (415-865-0471).

Bare Necessities Sale (
www.barenecessities.com) is discounting most of their merchansies up to 20 percent or more.

S.Sung Sample Sale (
http://www.ravinstyle.com/shop/products.asp?d=309&sale=1). Interesting jewlrey and printed frocks.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Come Sail(Fly) Away

Has the fall chill made it to your bones yet? Does this economic situation make you want to escape reality? No longer have the cash to run from your problems? This is where Vacations To Go and Resort Vacations To Go come in handy. This makes cruising and vacationing so easy, hassle free, and in expensive. The sister sites list deals and steals on vacations on luxury cruise liners and decedent resorts. Both sites have a feature called the 90-Day Ticker listing last minute deals for the up-coming three months. So if you are dying to get away ASAP but don’t want to spend a small fortune you can book a last minute trip. For example one can take a Caribbean Cruise on the Norwegian Gem for only $699 for a whole week (http://www.vacationstogo.com/fastdeal.cfm?deal=27154). Not into cruising, why not a week at Breezes in the Bahamas for $628 (http://www.resortvacationstogo.com/resort_fd_popup.html?fd=10156). These are deals you cannot pass up. Airfare is not included, but Vacations To Go will help you get to your destination for the most inexpensive rate they can find. As the days get closer to the trip the resorts and cruises will lower their prices to entice you to get some R&R. Can’t just get up and leave with only 3 months notice? They have deals for those of us who like to plan in advance.

Destination options reach all corners of the globe. If you cannot find a place to visit, I suggest booking the next civilian trip to outer space. The site lists all appropriate details about the ship or resort. There are pictures for you to view and amenities to drool over. Reviews explain if it is worth your money to take time off or if you should find another option.

Once you have found the perfect vacation to unwind, you call up the toll free number to speak with an agent. You simply give them the deal number and they walk you through the process. It is an easy, seamless process that makes booking travel fun, not a pain. Go thaw your bones and show off your tan. Make your friends jealous!
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