Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shameless Promotion

I have recently updated my account. Please take a look at my 8x10 photographs to decorate your homes or give as gifts in the upcoming holiday season. Take a gander here at All my photographs are original prints that are limited editions. They were taken on my travels around the world.

All my 8”x10” photographs retail for a mere $10; they all come with a free gift. They are a affordable price for an original piece of artwork. It is hard to find another price on the internet, let alone a gallery. The quality is impeccable on these prints. The colors are rich, and images are sharp.

They are perfect to decorate a hallway or any room you want to add a little artwork too. Do you have a friend who’s home looks like it needs an extra touch. This holiday surprise him or her with the perfect print for their place. Too big or too small? Do not worry; send me an etsy conversation and I will work with you on pricing and sizing. Now show the world you have impeccable artistic taste


Zingo Tots said...

There is no shame in promoting your own site! Isnt that what the blogs are for, afterall!?!?!
I love your photography and have bookmarked you for Christmas ideas!!!

twiddlestix said...

I love your painted buildings photo! Great work!

kelly said...

Beautiful pics Stephanie! Are they taken in Venice?

Stephanie said...

Yes many were taken in Venice. One of my favorite cities!