Thursday, October 9, 2008

There Is Never a Free Lunch….But you Can Try and Come Close

I do not know how it is around the rest of the country, but there is a great thing about NYC….Chinese and Asian restaurants on every corner. You could never leave your apartment and drown yourself in lo mein noodles. To make things even better at these restaurants are their lunch specials. In an effort to spur mid-day business many Asian restaurants, specifically Chinese and Thai, offer a lunch special that could feed a small army. Depending on the restaurant or neighborhood you can find a real deal. Read the fancier the area it may be more expensive, but no more than $10.

Today, I was in Williamsburg Brooklyn and had a lunch special at a Thai restaurant. I got a spring roll, a chicken dish and rice. My delicious meal was under $6. This was a modest portion compared to other places I have been to. At a Chinese restaurant near my office I got a spring roll, quart of soup, chicken in garlic sauce and fried rice. This meal was under $7. And it was delicious. I got 2 meals out of this lunch. This is a great way to stretch your dollar out.

Is this too much food for lunch? Wish they had a dinner special? They may not offer it for dinner but order the special later in the day and bring it home for dinner. Order what everyone in your house likes and do not feel like you have to compromise. When a single dish at dinnertime can cost $10, this is a great way to get a couple of meals. Find out if the Chinese restaurant in your town has this special. Maybe another cuisine has a great special. Or try and survive on Beef and Broccoli.

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Ruby-Jo said...

That's a good tip. You are making me hungry for Chinese.