Sunday, May 31, 2009

Life's A Beach

So you are dying a slow death in this concrete jungle, and the daily grind is getting to your head. Usually a break from reality means breaking the bank. You wish you could sink your toes in the beaches of the Hamptons or Martha's Vineyard, but you don't have a trust fund to rent a summer place. Well head over to Queens to the Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, for some R&R. Although it does not cut it for a beach vacation it is a quick fix for your summer pleasures. Just one subway stop from Manhattan is a beach oasis, free of charge for city dwellers to unwind at. This 20,000 square foot beach is open until Columbus Day for everyone to enjoy. You can choose to sun yourself, or join in on a pick up volleyball game. There are constant events happening here from children's activities to a Friday Chicken Dinner. Although swimming in the East River is generally frowned upon, cool yourself down by the misters that line the beach's perimeter after your activites. Like your favorite beach club, there are snack bars for you to replenish your energy and quench your thirst at great price. A healthy turkey hot dog only costs $2. Sick of the bar scene at nights? Head over for the beach party, where all your favorite beverages are served for you to drink as you listen to local DJs spin the latest hits, and tunes of the past. Now enjoy this small paradise and don't forget to put on some sunscreen. Go ahead and tell your friends and family your glow is from your quick trip to the cape.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Curls, Waves, Hair to Die For

The alarm goes off Monday morning, and you have pressed the snooze button about 5 times. Your extra sleep has cut your prep time by 75%. Now you have a choice, beautiful blow dried hair or arriving to work on time. In this tough economy you want to be at your desk at 9 on the dot. So what to do with your hair, you ask. My suggestion is Sunsilk Captivating Curls De-Frizz Lotion. This stuff revolutionized my daily beauty regimen. I take a dime-size dollop, and rub this stuff through the ends of my hair. As my hair air-dries, I get natural, soft curls. This stuff transforms my natural wavy hair, into a mass of curls. If I want them even tighter, I take my wet hair, sleep with it in a bun, and release in the morning. The curls bounce, and bop as I walk down the street. Oh and I forgot to mention, this stuff is cheap. Its under $5. You get your money's worth; I have had my current bottle for almost a year. This stuff lasts, since I use my lotion probably 5 days a week. You can pick this stuff up in any drug store.

Monday, May 25, 2009


No you are not seeing spots, you are seeing polka dots.  This summer, make sure you have spots all over if you want to keep up with trends.  All things, 90s seem to be making a comeback, which can be scary for many.  I don't think I will be scouring the thrift stores for a pair of Dr. Marten's, but I can embrace this spotty trend.  Who What Wear featured their spot on dots a couple of weeks back with how our favorite celebs are sporting this trend.  Take a look at their favorite looks to see what inspires you with this trend.  On my quest to find an inexpensive alternative, I was lead to Newport News by various fashion magazines covering this trend.  I just bought this sleeveless tie-neck top to stay current with this trend.  At only $29 I can see myself living in this top and really get my money's worth.  It will be great at the office, with some skinny pants and a sturdy high heel.  Or at night I am going to wear it with modest black shorts and a killer gold shoe.  I have a feeling I am going to love this tops so much that my friends are going to stage an intervention to incorporate something else into my daily wardrobe.   

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lil' Prices at Lil' Frankie's

If you know me, I watch
Diners, Drive-ins and Drives like most watch their daily soap opera.  Living in the city, I am always looking for a great place to eat, that will not eat a hole in my wallet.  This past Friday, I met a friend down in the East Village at Lil' Frankie's, to catch up over some dinner and drinks.  I met my gal pal outside on the first unofficial night of summer at this hot spot.  The crowd spilled onto the sidewalk because they were waiting for a table.  This was an instant sign that this was going to be a good meal.  Although it looked as if we were going to have to wait awhile, we were actually seated only after a few minutes of waiting.  
Walking into this place, felt like I was stepping across the pond into a local hole in the wall in this hills of Italy.  The brick walls, low lighting, and cozy seating hugs you close as you enjoy your meal.  The wait staff is incredibly friendly and helpful with the menu.  As I studied the menu, I ordered my new favorite wine, a montepulciano.  No item on their menu is over $14.  My friend got a goat cheese pizza, with fresh arugula and eggplant.  I treated myself to homemade gnocchi, which was baked in the over with a seasonal tomato sauce.  It was incredibly light, and perfectly cooked; unlike some gnocchi I have had that rivals marble consistency.  This place is now at the top of my list of favorites.  So next time you are starving, in NYC, and want a cheap eat, head over to 1st and 1st for pizza and wine.  Just remember to bring some greenbacks, this place is cash only.  

Friday, May 22, 2009

Priceless Safety

So your safety is priceless, but an alarm system can get a bit expensive especially for your studio apartment. SimpliSafe is your apartment's solution to an alarm system. This is a professional security system that costs $225 to install and a low monthly payment of $15. It is a system designed for those who move frequently. Wireless door, window and motion detectors are installed and professionally trained dispatchers are on call 24/7, 365 to respond to any emergency you may have. There are no contracts to tie you down; cancel anytime if you do not feel you are getting your money's worth. So you may not be the regular Bob the Builder, but this product is easy to install. If you have a half hour, you have a safe home. The sensors come with pre-programed and self adhesive for you to stick up on the walls. You received a key chain remote to control the system with a push of the button. Like your car keys the panic button allows you to alert the authorities that you need help. Worried scruffy is going to set the alarm off every time he jumps up on the couch? The detectors are pet sensitive. Installing an alarm comes with a lot of questions, so my suggestion is to contact SimpliSafe for their free consultation at 1-888-95-SIMPLI. This is a smart investment to make, so you can feel safe at night as you dream the night away.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Recycle Your Soapbox

So everyone is perched high on their soapbox preaching about how its time to start living green. Well take a step down and start practicing what you preach. Check out New Soap, Old Bottle, where they take bottles that most people throw out (but should recycle) and repurpose them for you to use for your household chores. This site sells liquid soaps and cleansers packaged in old soda and beer bottles. Of course all bottles are cleaned, and sanitized to be used in the safety of your own home. The options run from 2 liter bottles full of soap to wash your car, to a 20oz former coke bottle of hand soap. All items are filled with name brand products that the company buys by the vat load. Prices are the same as what you find in stores, so there is no difference in price. All come with child safe caps, so there is no need to worry that little Jimmy is going to drink the windex because he thinks it is Mountain Dew. Most of the bottles do not exactly go with most decor though. But since most of these products go under the sink, does it really mater what they look like?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rainbow Digits

So you are about to take a daring step in fashion; you are going to paint your nails neon yellow. But what happens if this is too much to handle. Bright nails like that could wake you up in the middle of the night. Its too expensive to get a mani just to leave the salon with nails you hate. So why don't you try Orly Manicure Miniatures . This pint size bottle is the perfect size nailpolish to give apple green a test drive. They are not a huge investment, only about $3.50. Colors range from the subdude Je T'Aime all the way to the outrageous Blue Collar . If you can't make up your mind, get the four pack for under $10. Its a great way to test all the colors of the trend, because royal purple has the potential to get boring. So get over to your local drugstore and pick some color options up. I know Ricki's in NYC sells the whole rainbow of options. By the time the trend is over, you will have already lost this mini bottle at the bottom of your junk drawer and no longer feel guily about having blood orange nails only once.
**If you were curious, I am currently rocking a lime green, and loving it.***

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Play Ball

Now that The Biggest Loser is over and Helen was crowned the winner (I am still mad), your Tuesday nights have freed up. What better way to fill that void with non other than a trip to the ball park. Do you really think I am going to throw that kind of cash down for a Tuesday night. Baseball games have gotten so expensive lately. Well if you are in San Francisco this Tuesday, May 26th, head over and root your team on for $10. The Giants are hosting the Atlanta Braves; go see who turns out victorious. Purchase your tickets online and enter code CANDY at checkout. If you could careless about the game, go for the peanuts and crackerjacks. You don't have to clean the shells off the floor.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten for Under Ten

Courtesy of my bible, Daily Candy, here are ten options for you Seattle-ites and Atlantans to save and enjoy your city this summer.

First is for those on the left side:
1. Sip and sun with Basque Kalimotxo ($4) and a small plate (most under $4) on Txori’s outdoor patio.
2. At only $4, a dip in Olympic-size heated saltwater Colman Pool (0pens May 23) won’t break the bank.
3. Find Zen for $5 or less at the Japanese Garden in the Washington Park Arboretum with its new gate sculpted by artist Gerard Tsutakawa.
4. Paddle a canoe or rowboat around Lake Washington with a friend for $7.50/hour at the University of Washington Waterfront Activities Center.
5. Kick back at Shorty’s front patio with a Chicago-style dog for $4 before getting it on with Donkey Kong. Or hit the Funhouse for a game of horse on the outdoor b-ball court and a pitcher of beer.
6. Charting a boat would sink your budget but hopping on a ferry to Vashon or Bainbridge (with or without a bicycle) to take in the city lights, sunset, and ocean air comes in under ten.
7. Wheel a deal by renting a Dutch Bike Monday-Friday for $10/hour (regularly $12/hour) when you print out this e-mail.
8. Save some hard cash by planting Kentucky Colonel mint, peppermint, or sweet basil ($3.29 each at City People’s Garden Store). Then whip up some drinks for friends on a hot day.
9. Hit the cheap seats at a ball game. Mariners center-field bleachers are a sporty bargain at eight bucks or less.
10. Poco Carretto’s new pint combo offers flavors like salted butter caramel gelato and green apple sorbetto side by side. Through June 22, save $2 with this coupon for DailyCandy readers.

Now for the Right Siders:
1. Tag, you’re it, with Montana Gold spray paint and cap set from Sam Flax. This is a cheap and easy way to redecorate that room that bores you everytime you enter it.
2. Feeling lucky? Pick a peck of lotto tix. (It’s all for the kiddies.) As we say up here in NY, "Hey, you never know!"
3. Cool off with sweet tea at Park 75. Brewed iced tea cubes mean it never waters down. Nothing says southern summer like a cold sweet tea.
4. Don’t be a drip. A cup of joe at mug hub Method Coffee Bar will set you back barely five bucks. Wi-Fi doesn’t cost a thing. We all know that I love a good cup of coffee/
5. Set the scene with bright cloth place mats from Swoozie’s. The extra $5 for the monogram is worth it. Every southerner knows the value of a good monogram.
6. Lap up nuanced flavors of local honey at Harris & Clark.
7. While away the hours with a best-seller or dusty old novel from book bungalow Atlanta Book Exchange (591 North Highland Avenue; 404-681-3122‎).
8. Take a jukebox spin at Waffle House. (Livin’ la vida scattered, smothered, and covered.)
9. You wear your heart on your sleeve. Dress your baked goods accordingly with a sweetly shaped cookie press.
10. Keep papers in their place with silver initial paperweights from Festivity.

Friday, May 15, 2009

So I have waxed eloquently about the virtues of vintage. I can't help it, I find charm in the old stuff. But you might be like the small bubbied housewife of NJ and get skeeved by other peoples things. Since vintage is and has been such a huge trend it is easy to find pieces that are inspired by decades past. I found this great belt at Urban Outfitters. The Deena & Ozzy Tiger Belt, looks like it came straight from the closet of my favorite blogger, Sea of Shoes. Yes, I am envious of a 17 year old fashionista, with a shoe collection I drool over every time I read her updates. This black belt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe looking to kick it up a notch without 
spending a ton. The elastic band is super comfortable and will stay in place; so this means no fidgeting with it through out the day. The tiger details are more interesting than say rosettes or buttons that could have anchored the chains. Animal buckles were a huge trend back then, and still add spice to an outfit. The floral dress that the belt is paired with on the site, is an unexpected twist. Its a refreshing take on something so girly. If that's too daring pair this belt with all your basics. I can guarantee you will get loads of compliments. At $34 this is a great item to update your button downs and jersey dresses this summer. What if you tried it with your suit at the office. Go ahead and take a leap onto the wild side.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bankable Coffee

So my day doesn't start until I get my daily jolt of caffeine. I usually make tea or attempt to put up with the thicker than tar coffee my office provides. If I could have it my way, I would have a sugar free skim vanilla latte every morning. Even when I treat myself to a tall at Starbucks I feel guilty about spending almost $5 for a little pick me up. Well this morning I passed, what I thought was a bank, but ended up leaving with the perfect skinny sugar free vanilla latte. ING Direct has opened a cafe at the street level of their bank. They offer delicious drinks at an affordable price. With my usual order the milk tends to deflate by the time I open the cap to add some splenda. Well at my new favorite coffee place, the foam was so think, I was convinced it was marshmallow fluff, not milk. My latte with a flavor shot was only $3 and 16 ounces. This same beverage at another coffee house would have been pushing $5 with fifty cents for my sugar free flavor. Coffee and Iced tea is only $1. Go look between the couch cushions. I am sure you have enough change down there to support your habit for a whole week. Feel like cheating on your diet? Cookies are also a dollar and pastries are two. Walk into the deli next door and the price increases two fold. They also sell tea's and coffee from Peet's Coffee and Tea and LION Coffee. I was so excited when I saw this because I had been searching for Peet's Hibiscus C Blend. Trust me, its a delicious herbal tea. I even contemplated buying it online and paying shipping, which I hate. But it was fate that it was sitting in my new favorite cafe.

I bet you don't believe me that this coffee is as good, if not better than the artisan place down the block. Well here is a free beverage on ING. Pick any drink you think you would like. Get the fanciest coffee concoction you can think of. Also as you sip your joe, enjoy the free Internet. There are even free seminars from the art of tea to hand crafts. Feel inspired to save some dough for the future, you can talk to a representative. That's the purpose of this place. Get advice on your finances in a relaxed environment. These cafes stretch from sea to sea, and beyond into Hawaii. From Philly to LA sip your lattes and cappuccinos and laugh at those who dropped a small fortune to enjoy a bitter cup of reality.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Virginia Is For Those Looking to Save

Now that the days are getting warmer and longer you are looking for things to do to occupy your time. Its season finale time also, so there is no TV to run home to. I know you are bored with your city, so it maybe time for a long weekend in Virginia. Forty years ago, the famous "Virginia Is For Lovers" slogan was created, and in honor of this mantra, the state is celebrating. How are they celebrating you ask? With travel deals of course. There are deals for all parts of the state from the Chesapeake to Norfolk. In an attempt to spread the love there are 3 different promotions currently running.

The first is $40 off deals and promotions. For example in Goshen, you can get $40 off your two night stay. This deal is valid until the end of the year. Or you can choose the Buy 3 get one free deal. Headed to the beach? Get a fourth night free at the Founders Inn and Spa. Head to Williamsburg to learn about the beginnings of the USA, and get your fourth ticket on the house. Last but not least you can save 40% off hotel rooms or other attractions. Headed to the state capital? Richmond has some great hotel deals for a fraction of the cost. Now head to VA, and test the theory if it really is for lovers. You have forty+ reasons to.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Ride My Free Bicycle

You may not be as daring to run with NYC traffic, Kelly Bensimon style, but you have always wanted to try biking the city streets, like a fabulous European. Well if you live in a true New York City apartment, you barely have enough room for your shoes, let alone a bike. However, starting May 13, you can rent a bike in the Fidi (Financial District for you out-of-towners) free of charge. For two and a half hours you can bike around Battery City Park, race from river to river, or pretend your back in your youth enjoying your free summer. Starting May 12 you can reserve your bike on the Downtown Alliance website. Skip the cab, and get on a bike. See the city from a new perspective. The environment and your lungs will thank you.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Want This, Need That

So this style is not for the faint of heart or the small bladdered, but if you are daring, i say take the leap to try the jumper. Yes, I know you have not worn one voluntarily since you were a toddler. Yes, I know you have some questions about how you go to the bathroom when wearing one. However, these are issues you can easily get over.

This is a trendy item this season, so my advice is not to make a huge investment on it. But if your pockets are lined with gold, go for the Diane von Furstenberg Dahlia Jumper. This number is adorable and great to jump into hot weekends when you don't have the faintest idea what to wear. It is in this seasons latest floral print as well. But honestly who is going to drop $325 on something this trendy. So I found the next best option at Top Shop. The Magnolia Playsuit is simply precious and fits the void perfectly. Not to sound trite, but it is absolutely playful, with the bows at the shoulder, and the swing at the waist. It could almost be mistaken for a dress. Its like buying 2 items for the price of 1. What a steal, at $80. With your student discout, even cheaper. It will look great with flat gladiators and a straw fedora while shopping around. Spice it up at night with big gold hoops, strappy heels, and a slick backed pony tail. Just remember to leave your mess outside the house--boys, drama, etc--you don't want to make mom mad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sleep Tight in the City That Doesn't

Spring in New York City is the best time of year to come visit. Air fair is cheap, so there is no excuse to not visit the city that doesn't sleep. However, when you get here you may just need a place to hang your hat, and rest your feet between strolling in Central Park and cruising to the Statue of Liberty. The Franklin Hotel is a great option, especially since they are offering a 15% discount on their best available rate at any time. To get this offer you can call 1-800-607-4009 or visit their website; make sure to use the code "GOODNEIGHBOR." The Franklin Hotel is situated in the heart of the Upper East Side, you can pretend you are one of Serena's BFFs from Gossip Girl as you enjoy the complimentary wine and cheese reception. Wake up every morning to a European Breakfast buffet that is included with your stay. Enjoy fresh juices, hot coffee and freshly baked pastries with your New York Times. This boutique hotel has only 50 rooms with European-style antique beds dressed in 100% Egyptian cotton linens, pillow-top mattresses, Bvlgari bath products, and Frette cotton terry bathrobes. With beds like this it may be hard to leave in the morning, but you don't want to miss the shopping on Madison Ave; it is only steps from your hotel room.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Everyone wishes they could have eyelashes that extend for days. But getting that effect requires some intense falsies. Who has the time to sit in front of the mirror to apply individual lashes? Who has the money to employ a make-up artist to do the same? Who has the patience? You could opt for the version on a strip that you can pick up at your drug store. We all know that option makes it look like you work the strip. So we all want to find the happy medium. I found it. Through pure boredom with my current mascara option, I decided to step out on a limb and try a new brand. I picked up L'Oreal Bare Naturale Luminous Lengthening Mascara and now I get the look without the time and effort. With the sweep of wand, I get the lashes any girl dreams of. Adding the perfect curve and length, it looks as if I was born with natural lashes that run for miles. Its great for during the day; it looks like I have slept for hours. At night with my perfect shadow application my eyes simply sparkle. L'Oreal claims that it "noticeably lengthen and illuminate every lash"; and it does. Best of all this stuff is natural. There are not harsh chemicals, so its safe and okay for contact wearers to apply.

The best feature of this product, is that it is cheap. It is under $10 and you can get it at your local drug store. For mere pennies you can now look fabulous. Go flutter your lashes to any admirer. I can guarantee they will be stopped in their tracks.

Its Cinco De Mayo....

Go my old post about my favorite Mexican resturant in town.

Living the Life....On a Budget: 1 Tequila 2 Tequila $3 Margaritas

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Practice What You Preach

This past weekend, I truly lived my life on a budget. I hit up a sample sale and tried to get some free frozen yogurt. So Saturday started out with me hitting up the Matt Bernson sample sale in Tribeca. I have been to countless sample sales, but never made an actual purchase. But yesterday I ripped that band aid off and got a killer pair of gladiators, for an incredible deal. So I picked up the Nour III for only $40; they retail in stores for $169. Talk about a deal. I even contemplated buying the Steve Madden knock offs. Best decision was not to. I got these bad boys for less than what the copies retail for. Did I mention they are incredibly comfortable? Well they are. On a fashion high, I pranced around the city for the rest of the day. So I know you are totally jealous of my fabulous fashion find, but the Shoe Box, are offering a deal. Its not as great as mine, but its 15% off when you enter code "Spring09." Shipping is also free.
So as I pranced around, I headed up to Union Square from Tribeca to refresh my pallet with some free frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Remember, I told you about it earlier this week with a post. So I get to the Union Square location at 3:15 and get on line to fill up on some free yummies. Then an employee comes out and cuts the line off. WHAT?! His explanation is that the line takes about 45 minutes to get through and that by the time the people in front will get up to the front it will be 4, the time when the promotion ends. What I specifically choose Union Square to continue prancing because Red Mango was located there. Then I get on line and I can't even enjoy my free yogurt. I have never been to Red Mango, and may never get to try it. This was my perfect opportunity to see if Red Mango was going to replace my The Lite Choice obsession. They should have cut the line off at 4, not when the person on line reaches the front at 4. I was mad, then I cooled off. Did a little aspirational shopping, hit up the farmers market. All in all I had a fabulous, budget friendly day yesterday.


So you know my affinity towards vintage. I just love it; however do I want to pay $100 for a polyester blouse that still smells like the previous owners house? I do not think so. This is where Market Publique comes into play. Like eBay and etsy, this is a site that brings together buyer and seller, while cutting out the dirty work. Unlike the others you can actually get through most of the products on site. There is an edited collection of vintage items on this site. There is a solid amount of choices without being overwhelmed by thousands of skirt options. Prices are very reasonable. My eye caught an 1980s mini dress, that would be perfect with some wedge gladiators this summer; and it was only $25. I am sure a dress that is similar is sitting on the racks at Saks for four times as much. The pictures on site are incredibly clear, and easy to sort through. See something you like, chances are you can either bid on it or buy it now. You don't want to let some other fashionista get their hands on those suede cowboy boots. Sellers determine how much it should cost to ship, so each item maybe a bit different. From what I have seen on this site, everything looks to be of the highest quality and in the best condition. Go peruse the site, and find a look to set you apart from the rest.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

So every time you go on a health kick and head to your local Whole Food's you spend a small fortune on organic food. Your whole paycheck is drained so you can "enjoy" carrot sticks and apples that have not been touched by pesticides, or other chemicals. Then two weeks later you are back on Cheetos and downing mountain dew. Your bank account is full, but you must admit you feel a little bloated too. Then I found Mambo Sprouts to help bloat my wallet, and debloat my waist line. This website has a section of printable coupons for only organic products. I absolutely love how the first coupon featured is for organic mixers, I am sure there is an organic vodka or tequila for you to mix it with. You wouldn't want to compromise your beverage's organic composition with cheap liquor. Print them from your home computer, and start racking up the savings. There is an option to have email alerts for when new coupons come on the market as well. Use this site in good health. Both your wallet and waistline will thank you for introducing more organics into your life.

Friday, May 1, 2009

So its supposed to rain all weekend here in the tri-state area, but I am sure in other parts of the country the sun will be shining and you will be enjoying your Spring weekend. So why don't you add a little refreshment to that day with some free frozen yogurt from Red Mango. Tomorrow at all participating locations Red Mango will be giving away servings of their newest flavor Tangomonium from 12PM until 4PM. It is their newest flavor that is meant to be light and refreshing with flavors of fruit and citrus. It seems like it is going to be the perfect treat come the hot summer months. With only 90 calories per serving it may become a daily habit. If I am in the mood, I may just pair it with the topping suggestions such as mangoes, pineapples, or fruity pebbles. So go to your local branch tomorrow, and add some flavor to your spring afternoon. I probably will put my rain boots on and try some yogurt for myself.

Bespectacled Beantowners

So I got a great email about the Robert Marc Sale that is going on in Boston. Robert Marc produces some of the most innovative and cutting edge frames on this side of the pond. Every time I pass one of his boutiques in NYC, I cannot help but drool. The craftsmanship and quality is impeccable, and to get it at a deeply discounted price is an added bonus. I may just have to jump on a Bolt Bus to get myself up to Boston to find new frames. I am looking for the perfect pair to make me look slightly nerdy, but incredibly hip. That's what all the kids in the East Village are wearing.

The warehouse sale on Newbury Street has been extended to May 31st and new merchandise has been added. Due to their their first-ever Boston sale, this eye glass shop is extending their warehouse sale at their Newbury Street boutique until the end of May. They have cleared their European warehouses and brought in new merchandise from exclusive lines such as Robert Marc, Lunor, Natural Buffalo Horn, Retrospecs, FreudenHaus and more, while keeping prices rock-bottom at 50-70% below retail. At the sale, Robert Marc will offer a 20% discount coupon, valid until 6/30/09, redeemable on all lenses for frames purchased at this sale. This is a unique opportunity to purchase luxury, handcrafted sunglasses and eyeglass frames at wallet-friendly prices!
Price points:
- Robert Marc eye wear, originally $395-695, start at $119.
- Lunor glasses, originally $475-995, start at $145.
- Natural Buffalo Horn frames, originally $695-995, start at $269.
- Retrospecs reconditioned vintage metal frames, originally $545-1600, start at $218.
- FreudenHaus eye wear, originally $295-435, now $119.
- Robi polarized sunglasses, originally $265-295, now $149.
Address: 35 Newbury Street (between Arlington & Berkeley), Boston, MA 02116, 617-450-4900
Hours: Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri/Sat: 10am – 6pm Thu: 10am – 7pm Sun: 12pm – 6pm
Payment Type: American Express, Mastercard, Visa or cash
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