Sunday, May 3, 2009


So you know my affinity towards vintage. I just love it; however do I want to pay $100 for a polyester blouse that still smells like the previous owners house? I do not think so. This is where Market Publique comes into play. Like eBay and etsy, this is a site that brings together buyer and seller, while cutting out the dirty work. Unlike the others you can actually get through most of the products on site. There is an edited collection of vintage items on this site. There is a solid amount of choices without being overwhelmed by thousands of skirt options. Prices are very reasonable. My eye caught an 1980s mini dress, that would be perfect with some wedge gladiators this summer; and it was only $25. I am sure a dress that is similar is sitting on the racks at Saks for four times as much. The pictures on site are incredibly clear, and easy to sort through. See something you like, chances are you can either bid on it or buy it now. You don't want to let some other fashionista get their hands on those suede cowboy boots. Sellers determine how much it should cost to ship, so each item maybe a bit different. From what I have seen on this site, everything looks to be of the highest quality and in the best condition. Go peruse the site, and find a look to set you apart from the rest.

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