Sunday, May 3, 2009

Practice What You Preach

This past weekend, I truly lived my life on a budget. I hit up a sample sale and tried to get some free frozen yogurt. So Saturday started out with me hitting up the Matt Bernson sample sale in Tribeca. I have been to countless sample sales, but never made an actual purchase. But yesterday I ripped that band aid off and got a killer pair of gladiators, for an incredible deal. So I picked up the Nour III for only $40; they retail in stores for $169. Talk about a deal. I even contemplated buying the Steve Madden knock offs. Best decision was not to. I got these bad boys for less than what the copies retail for. Did I mention they are incredibly comfortable? Well they are. On a fashion high, I pranced around the city for the rest of the day. So I know you are totally jealous of my fabulous fashion find, but the Shoe Box, are offering a deal. Its not as great as mine, but its 15% off when you enter code "Spring09." Shipping is also free.
So as I pranced around, I headed up to Union Square from Tribeca to refresh my pallet with some free frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Remember, I told you about it earlier this week with a post. So I get to the Union Square location at 3:15 and get on line to fill up on some free yummies. Then an employee comes out and cuts the line off. WHAT?! His explanation is that the line takes about 45 minutes to get through and that by the time the people in front will get up to the front it will be 4, the time when the promotion ends. What I specifically choose Union Square to continue prancing because Red Mango was located there. Then I get on line and I can't even enjoy my free yogurt. I have never been to Red Mango, and may never get to try it. This was my perfect opportunity to see if Red Mango was going to replace my The Lite Choice obsession. They should have cut the line off at 4, not when the person on line reaches the front at 4. I was mad, then I cooled off. Did a little aspirational shopping, hit up the farmers market. All in all I had a fabulous, budget friendly day yesterday.

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April said...

Is it legal for the Steve Madden ones to be almost exactly the same as the other ones?

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