Sunday, May 10, 2009

I Ride My Free Bicycle

You may not be as daring to run with NYC traffic, Kelly Bensimon style, but you have always wanted to try biking the city streets, like a fabulous European. Well if you live in a true New York City apartment, you barely have enough room for your shoes, let alone a bike. However, starting May 13, you can rent a bike in the Fidi (Financial District for you out-of-towners) free of charge. For two and a half hours you can bike around Battery City Park, race from river to river, or pretend your back in your youth enjoying your free summer. Starting May 12 you can reserve your bike on the Downtown Alliance website. Skip the cab, and get on a bike. See the city from a new perspective. The environment and your lungs will thank you.


Anonymous said...

This sounds sooooo fun, but I would be afraid with NY traffice

Anonymous said...

They need to expand it to all of Manhattan