Friday, May 15, 2009

So I have waxed eloquently about the virtues of vintage. I can't help it, I find charm in the old stuff. But you might be like the small bubbied housewife of NJ and get skeeved by other peoples things. Since vintage is and has been such a huge trend it is easy to find pieces that are inspired by decades past. I found this great belt at Urban Outfitters. The Deena & Ozzy Tiger Belt, looks like it came straight from the closet of my favorite blogger, Sea of Shoes. Yes, I am envious of a 17 year old fashionista, with a shoe collection I drool over every time I read her updates. This black belt is the perfect addition to any wardrobe looking to kick it up a notch without 
spending a ton. The elastic band is super comfortable and will stay in place; so this means no fidgeting with it through out the day. The tiger details are more interesting than say rosettes or buttons that could have anchored the chains. Animal buckles were a huge trend back then, and still add spice to an outfit. The floral dress that the belt is paired with on the site, is an unexpected twist. Its a refreshing take on something so girly. If that's too daring pair this belt with all your basics. I can guarantee you will get loads of compliments. At $34 this is a great item to update your button downs and jersey dresses this summer. What if you tried it with your suit at the office. Go ahead and take a leap onto the wild side.

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That is a great belt

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