Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give My Regards to Broadway

Theater in NYC is everything.  Its why people move to this city, its why people visit this city, its why time square is lit up.  Do not let those millions of bulbs fool you; it is the Broadway theater.  Then you go up to the box office for a single ticket and the agent asks you to hand them over one hundred plus dollars.  Expensive is right.  Going on since the 24th Broadway theaters are celebrating Broadway Week.  Right now until Feburary 10th you and a friend, lover (of theater) or a date can enjoy 2-for-1 tickets.  These are not the shows where they are desperate for ticket sales, these are shows that have won Tony Awards, have crowds singing soundtracks and in development for big screne debuts. From family friendly shows like Billy Elliot and the Lion King to the sports heavy Lombardi there is a show for everyone.    From the list I have seen four of the shows and do not have anything bad to say about them.  This deal is not to be missed.  Live theater is nothing like any other forum and the spirit a broaway theater brings to the audience can never be matched by other forms of entertainment.  Hail a cab and go straight to 42nd St.
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Friday, January 28, 2011

Hair Ready

Its the weekend and the last thing your really want to be dealing with is your hair.  Whether its extra time to catch up on the explosive Real Housewives Renunion or the fact that firing up the blowdryer on your day off gives you hives there is no reason why you should be blowing that wig out.  However, for the price of dinner you can have a great blowout for the weekend and maybe even going into Monday depending on your hair texture.  Located in Chicago's River North neighborhood Blo Dri is your beauty destination for stylish blowouts.  Starting at $27 ladies and gentlemen can get their hair blown out for an on the go no fuss look.  Services are quick and only take about a half hour.  Just like a menu at a diner you can add extras for a little bit more such as a flat iron finish.  In addition to blow outs hair cuts, highlights and other salon services are offered.  They even have a loyalty program where if you get 9 blow outs the 10th is on the house.  Keep going to Blow Dri and never see a bad hair day in the future
Image via s.ovett

Monday, January 24, 2011

If You've Gotta Deal, Flaunt It

I guess in my subconscious I thought I had already told you about this. I guess its from my extensive twitter relationship that I figured my readers were all clued in. You are following me on twitter, right? But if you don't tweet, you must know about Signpost.  What Signpost does is bring everything that is great about social networking and deals into one place.  Since there are secret deals just waiting to get out, members are given the platform to tell everyone on the site about it.  I now know where to get 7 dollar ramen on a cold winter Monday night or how I can get a haircut for next to nothing.  There are deals that expire so be quick to get in on the savings, and then there are those that you can come back for seconds, thirds and fourths.  Signpost will often offer grouponlike deals for users, like the most recent one which was 2 burgers for $5.  Really where can you get a deal like that?  For those who use the site the most, they can become big deals.  Big deals get perks, like happy hours, or dance classes.  All the frugalistas and their friends get together and enjoy life on the cheap.  Since this post is brought to you from a bid deal who has plenty of karma points, I have head the pleasure of shaking my thang at a hip-hop class and if all else goes well I will be attending their happy hour.  Signpost has found the balance for bringing together the social aspect of the web by hosting meet up events for users to have fun together.  For me it has created a great deal finding network and I am scouring the site as I write this post for a dinner date with a friend for this week. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smile Beauty Your Saving a Ton

Beauty products can get expensive sometimes. Women are often loyal to their specific products. When thrown a bone women will go crazy to save on their beauty gear. Next week the coveted beauty emporium Space NK Apothecary is hosting their semi-annual private sale at their SoHo flagship location at 99 Greene Street! Beginning at 8:00am on Thursday, January 27, enjoy up to 75% off select items of current and discontinued brands. The sale lasts until Saturday January 29th. Everything from Lipstick Queen, to their in house brand, Space NK will be deeply discounted. The flagship, New York store has been open since 2007 bringing beauty lovers stateside the philosophy that has made this company such a success across the pond in the U.K. Buyers spend copious time sorting through products that are of the highest value for their customers. They will only offer what will benefit consumers. Space NK carries brands from all over the world as well as their own private label. From make-up to wellness, Space NK has their customers well being as a top priority. Although this sale is only at their flagship location, Space NK has locations at various Bloomingdale’s in the cosmetics department.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meet Me at The Cookie Bar with a Tall Glass of Milk

Its official the cupcake's time is drawing to an end.  Well i would like for it to at least share the spotlight.  This is where we call for the cookie to start opening up cafes.  In Chicago they have already set up shop at the Cookie Bar.  Each day of the week, 18 different flavors are offered for your consumption.  Each one costs only a $1.25 or a dozen for $12.  A great inexpensive treat after a long day.  Fancy yourself a simple chocolate chip you can have one of those.  But need a little change in the cookie department there are Minty Num-Nums that have peppermint patties melted over them.  Pink Pomegranate has real seeds folded in to give it a unique pink hue.  There are vegan and gluten free varieties for those who need to or choose to stick to a specific diet.  Feel like living on the edge, take a hot chocolate shot.  Next time you are in charge of dessert surprise everyone with the latest selection from the bar. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

In The Tiki Hut

Just because its as cold as you would like it to get out there doe not mean you cannot pretend to be somewhere tropical. What goes with this imagination? A drink. Better yet a fruity drink. What better idea than to throw a luau in the dead of winter. Keep the hope alive. Pina coladas are for kids, try a little sophistication with Trader Tiki's Exotic Syrups.  Far from the Tropical local where these syrups draw their inspiration, small batches are being concocted up in Portland, OR.  All flavors are inspired by the traditional tiki drinks that had their glory days in the 1950s and 60s.  There are no preservatives and no high fructose corn syrup used in making these drink mixes.  Flavors range from Cinnamon to Hibiscus Grenadine.  Each page has links to various recipes where they are needed.  So even though you are wrapped in a sweater with a scarf does not mean this weekend you should not order various syrups from Trader Tiki's.  Take a mental vacay while sipping on a sweet, tropical drink.  Don't forget to serve with mini umbrellas.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Examine Your Beauty

So December was a crazy month for me, thats why blogging was at a minimum.  I am sorry.  But in my semi hiatus I became's New York Beauty Examiner.  Click the link to read all my articles about the best beauty products out on the market.  Make sure to subscribe so you never miss out on the latest articles.  If you miss the blogging, you can get me over on Examiner.
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