Sunday, January 30, 2011

Give My Regards to Broadway

Theater in NYC is everything.  Its why people move to this city, its why people visit this city, its why time square is lit up.  Do not let those millions of bulbs fool you; it is the Broadway theater.  Then you go up to the box office for a single ticket and the agent asks you to hand them over one hundred plus dollars.  Expensive is right.  Going on since the 24th Broadway theaters are celebrating Broadway Week.  Right now until Feburary 10th you and a friend, lover (of theater) or a date can enjoy 2-for-1 tickets.  These are not the shows where they are desperate for ticket sales, these are shows that have won Tony Awards, have crowds singing soundtracks and in development for big screne debuts. From family friendly shows like Billy Elliot and the Lion King to the sports heavy Lombardi there is a show for everyone.    From the list I have seen four of the shows and do not have anything bad to say about them.  This deal is not to be missed.  Live theater is nothing like any other forum and the spirit a broaway theater brings to the audience can never be matched by other forms of entertainment.  Hail a cab and go straight to 42nd St.
Image via BWChicago

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