Sunday, January 16, 2011

Meet Me at The Cookie Bar with a Tall Glass of Milk

Its official the cupcake's time is drawing to an end.  Well i would like for it to at least share the spotlight.  This is where we call for the cookie to start opening up cafes.  In Chicago they have already set up shop at the Cookie Bar.  Each day of the week, 18 different flavors are offered for your consumption.  Each one costs only a $1.25 or a dozen for $12.  A great inexpensive treat after a long day.  Fancy yourself a simple chocolate chip you can have one of those.  But need a little change in the cookie department there are Minty Num-Nums that have peppermint patties melted over them.  Pink Pomegranate has real seeds folded in to give it a unique pink hue.  There are vegan and gluten free varieties for those who need to or choose to stick to a specific diet.  Feel like living on the edge, take a hot chocolate shot.  Next time you are in charge of dessert surprise everyone with the latest selection from the bar. 

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