Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What To Do With A Weekend Away?

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Summer may almost be over, but your desire to travel and go on vacation is not. But your pocket book may not be able to handle the added expense. What if you could win this said vacation. I think I would jump higher than high to get on this bandwagon. What if you could bring 100 of your closest friends for the ultimate give-a-way? I probably would use it for my adventure to Six Flags this coming weekend. How awesome would it be to wait for El Toro with everyone you know and love. Hampton Inn's have got your back. Now is the time to enter the Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes where the Grand prize is said vacay with 100 of your friends for a weekend. There is also the chance to win on a daily basis a weekend to any Hampton Inn for you and 3 of your friends. Entry is easy, just follow the link and enter all your information. And people, this is happening on a daily basis, so you have a great chance to win.  Ok so I have the Grand Prize picked out for this weekend, but the contest is on going.  Give other options, I may choose the Hampton Inn Miami-Coconut Grove/Coral Gables down in Florida.  With the weather unfortunatly about to turn, I am going to want a warm girls weekend and what town is better than Miami for that.  We will tan during the day, shop during the afternoon and hit the town at night.  I could not ask for a better getaway.  It is so important for us to take a vacay with our friends and escape the everyday lives we lead.  This will refresh and renew us to take on the challenges we left at home. You cannot take for granted all the memories you will make and laugh about for years to come.  But if you happen to win the Grand prize will you take me where ever you choose to go?
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Second String Dog, Please Stand Up

I am sick of all the press the beloved American hamburger gets on all these food blogs I satiate over. When is their grill BFF going to get to shine in the light? The hot dog deserves its comeback. Well in a little nook in Chicago you can get your dog on at Franks 'n' Dawgs.   These Dawgs range from your Classic weighing in at 1/4 of a pound to, to Dawgs infused with global flavors to the Hawt Dawgs which take 5-star dinning dishes and slap them on a bun.  From the Global corner the Lamb Keema with English peas, cucumber salad, pearl onions & Socca sounds like a trip to the Mediterranean.  Don't worry veg heads, you can partake in this Dawg craze too by ordering up the FU which is marinated tofu, grilled eggplant relish & portabello with salsa verde.  You no longer have to feel left out of this meat fest.  Each month a local, celebrity chef will whip up a gourmet dog which is available for just that month.  There is also a monthly charity, where the sale of the featured Hot Dog has 25% of its proceeds donated to the specific charity.  Now step up to the plate, and give that patty's friend a chance to be the shinning star.  You will soon be saying hamburger who?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Greek Goddess Eyes

Makeup by Korres at ShopStyle

Once upon a summer of 2008 I went to Greece, bought a ton of stuff. Of that stuff I thought I was buying make up from a brand I could not find stateside. Then I went to Sephora to replenish some cosmetics. Staring me right in the face is the Korres section. Korres just happens to be the eye liner I bought at a Grecian pharmacy. I love it, goes on smoothly and stays put all day long.  The pigment is rich which makes your eyes pop.  Now at Sephora you can get the Korres Vitamin E Color Pencil Kit which is 10 eye pencils for just $32. One retails for 16, so this is basically the deal of the century.  You are getting a $160 value at an 80% savings.  The colors range from your must own black to the fun green.  The pencils are full size and this kit is a limited edition.  Do not wait around to buy it.  This will complete your day and night make up needs.  Every girl needs gold eye liner.  The variety is endless and you can play with all the combinations. This is the best pencil kit to get this back to school season.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Want This Need That

Skinny Pants by J Brand at ShopStyle
They're back.  Yes the cargo pant is back.  It started this Spring.  This time around they have been made more feminine, with a skinny leg that does not add bulk to your sillouette.  And ladies are going crazy for the J. Brand Houlihan Cargos (Left).  I mean they are great; they have a skinny leg, and stretch that makes them feel like leggings.  Love them, need them, have to have them.  Then there is the sticker shock.  These pants will set you trendy girls back $230.  Do you know what I could do with $230?  A lot of damage.  Then this past weekend doing some preemptive fall shopping (eek) at Anthropologie I tried on the Simply Sketched Pants just to accompany the plethora of shirts I was interested in.  Then you know what happened.  I feel in love with these pants.  I only wear jeans so these pants are the perfect stand in for when I need a break from the dog days of denim.  They are a great transitional pant seasonally any time of day.  I will be wearing these today with a tank and some gladiators.  Come the colder days, wedge boots and a chunky sweater.  Yes I just said the S word.  These pants are just as flattering and won't set you back what feels like a month's rent.  These are in the normal range, setting you back less than $100.  I love these so much I foresee a problem developing.  Come fall, if you see me in these every day, it is okay to stage an intervention.  
Pants & Shorts by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Milk Your Muscles

This time of year gets me sentimental.  I feel like I should be sorting through my closet and packing all my costumes for theme parties.  You know what I am talking about, you miss college as much as the next bloke.  There are somethings you can enjoy even though you are not studying at the student center.  Well this tip is probably more for your boyfriend, brother, crazy dude at the gym.  Guys love their muscles, but they love their protein even more.  Have you ever gone into GNC and looked at the price tag.  Holy money pit!  What your man is paying for this he could be taking you out for a nice night on the town.  So next time he is talking about his workout regimen, suggest your man check out Campus Protein.  Geared towards the cash strapped college kid and based on campuses across the country the site offers you supplements, protein, vitamins and everything else the big box stores offer for a fraction of the price.  These are not second tier brands, this is the real deal.  Shipping is affordable; 7 bucks and you get it in 2 days.  Ladies, check it out, there may even be products for you.  Now if you need inspiration, there are some videos on the web that will get you in the gym, pumping iron.     

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Merkin Me Happy

There are some sample sales that you go to where you wait for hours, bump into everyone like its a game of bumper cars and you leave empty handed. So why would you want to go to the Lauren Merkin sale starting next Tuesday. Well because its Lauren Merkin. You have been coveting her bags for years and have tried to save up for one of those Louise Clutches.  So starting Tuesday head down to the Lauren Merkin showroom which is at 231 W 29th Street where  bags, clutches and accessories are 70% off.  Doors open at 11 AM and the sale runs through Saturday the 14th.  You will not be able to find one of her bags for $90 anywhere else.  Known for her clutches, Merkin constantly produces some of the sleekest hand bags that go from day to night, jeans to black tie.    Like any sample sale come during the begining of the week and go with a game plan.  If you don't know exactly what you want chances are you will come out with 3 bags you don't even love.  If you are no where near the city, check Gilt, Haute Look, or one of the 30 other sample sale sites out there, because I am sure that Lauren Merkin bags will be featured very soon.
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