Friday, August 13, 2010

Want This Need That

Skinny Pants by J Brand at ShopStyle
They're back.  Yes the cargo pant is back.  It started this Spring.  This time around they have been made more feminine, with a skinny leg that does not add bulk to your sillouette.  And ladies are going crazy for the J. Brand Houlihan Cargos (Left).  I mean they are great; they have a skinny leg, and stretch that makes them feel like leggings.  Love them, need them, have to have them.  Then there is the sticker shock.  These pants will set you trendy girls back $230.  Do you know what I could do with $230?  A lot of damage.  Then this past weekend doing some preemptive fall shopping (eek) at Anthropologie I tried on the Simply Sketched Pants just to accompany the plethora of shirts I was interested in.  Then you know what happened.  I feel in love with these pants.  I only wear jeans so these pants are the perfect stand in for when I need a break from the dog days of denim.  They are a great transitional pant seasonally any time of day.  I will be wearing these today with a tank and some gladiators.  Come the colder days, wedge boots and a chunky sweater.  Yes I just said the S word.  These pants are just as flattering and won't set you back what feels like a month's rent.  These are in the normal range, setting you back less than $100.  I love these so much I foresee a problem developing.  Come fall, if you see me in these every day, it is okay to stage an intervention.  
Pants & Shorts by Anthropologie at ShopStyle

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