Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Milk Your Muscles

This time of year gets me sentimental.  I feel like I should be sorting through my closet and packing all my costumes for theme parties.  You know what I am talking about, you miss college as much as the next bloke.  There are somethings you can enjoy even though you are not studying at the student center.  Well this tip is probably more for your boyfriend, brother, crazy dude at the gym.  Guys love their muscles, but they love their protein even more.  Have you ever gone into GNC and looked at the price tag.  Holy money pit!  What your man is paying for this he could be taking you out for a nice night on the town.  So next time he is talking about his workout regimen, suggest your man check out Campus Protein.  Geared towards the cash strapped college kid and based on campuses across the country the site offers you supplements, protein, vitamins and everything else the big box stores offer for a fraction of the price.  These are not second tier brands, this is the real deal.  Shipping is affordable; 7 bucks and you get it in 2 days.  Ladies, check it out, there may even be products for you.  Now if you need inspiration, there are some videos on the web that will get you in the gym, pumping iron.     

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