Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Giveaway happening over on Examiner

Y'all I have been privileged to offer a giveaway over on my examiner site.  Click the link and enter to win the new innovative Clearasil PerfectaWash before it hits store shelves!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mas Tacos Por Favor!

I usually come up with a witty title for a blog post, but the place I am about to tell you about it the nail on the head.  Mas Tacos Por Favor is exactly what you will be saying once you finish your meal.  During finals week, I headed over the river and through the hood to East Nashville with a girlfriend of mine.  She happens to be from SoCal, so she knows a thing or two about authentic, delicious Mexican food.  She was fed up with what Nashvillians will accept as “Mexican” and I had heard rave reviews of this place.  In order to fuel up to finish our tech workshop we waiting on line for a good 20 minutes in what can only be described as a well maintained shack.  Thanks to Scoutmob we got one taco for free as an added bonus which was the initial draw.  You order from the counter which has the days menu written around it.  As we were waiting more and more items were being crossed off the board.  I was told the fried avocado tacos and the tortilla soup was out of this world. Well apparently they avocado tacos are not offered during “brunch” but the tortilla soup was unlike any soup I have ever had.  It is not your traditional tortilla soup.  It has a clear broth with wonderful fresh ingredients from chicken to avocado and of course tortilla strips.  But the flavors blend so well together but are still very distinct.  I am getting all Top Chef on y’all but what I should be saying is get the soup when you go.  This hearty winter soup packed a small price tag of only $5.  My soup was followed by fresh, local tacos that only rang up for $3 each (minus the free one).  The combinations are eclectic but not wired and there is an option for everyone.  It changes variety, but I had a breakfast and a fish taco and both were a pow of flavor.  Mas Tacos also has a food truck, so you can follow them around if you are not near East Nasty, but trust me it is worth the drive, the wait for these tacos.  I sure will be back.  Soon!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Marni Many

They are at it again.  Not even letting themselves cool off after the epic Versace for H&M do they announce their next collaboration.  The latest designer collab for H&M will be with the Italian design house of Marni, hitting stores in March of 2012.  Known for their boheminanesque designs Marni is the master of print and patterns.  The collection will be available both online and in over 250 stores, for both the ladies and the fellas.  It will feature both their iconic clothing and accessories.  Like all the past designer collabs not need to invest your life savings in one shirt; this stuff will be affordable.  Looking back on her favorite pieces founder Consuelo Castiglioni wanted to create a true Marni wardrobe by using their signature fabrics and prints. Like the higher priced versions it will have the classic juxtaposition of prints and colors, mixing modern tribal with Bauhaus graphic and adding sporty utilitarian elements, which gives it that classic Marni touch.  This collection will not follow the trends, but rather set them.   

Ladies, be prepared for vivid colors mixed with bold prints.  You may be drawn to the simple color block patterns that scream Marni or the African inspired prionts.  Sillouettes are going to be in the Marni staple from full pleated skirts, dresses, cropped pants to jacquard knits.  Top the look off with jewelry, shoes, bags and scarves.  Boys, the prints will be more subtle for you, but it will be 100% classic Italian quality.  The Marni for H&M collaboration is the perfect way to start your spring wardrobe out on the right foot.  Since Nashville does not have an H&M (COME ON!),  March 8th, I will be glued to my computer adding the whole collection to my cart.  Hopefully, this won't be another Missoni for Target crash down situation. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

West Egg is Over Scrambled

So I am visiting the bestie in Atlanta this weekend and we wanted to chow down on Southern food.  Sure I can get it in Nashville, but I do not get out much.  Being a grad student is time consuming.  So we first try JCT, 2 hour wait.  Since my stomach was about to eat itself we made a reszzie for a different night and moved on to West Egg which was just down the street.  Well let’s say this place was promising.  I looked at the menu and nothing pushed 15 bucks.  This budget queen was happy as a clam.  Then we sit down and everyone is so excited to order their Southern favorites.  Then the waiter is chipper to take our order and kindly tells the party they are out of a good portion of items on the menu.  No soup, no chicken and dumplings, no this and no that.  Since half the menu is basically wiped out we start to get creative with what we would like to order.  Since we have the world’s largest Deviled Egg fan at the table we think maybe we could scarf down some of those while we rethink our order.  Those pesky eggs are served on a platter with other Southern delicacy we just could not get behind.  Thinking the waiter would be accommodating, we asked if it were possible to just order those eggs, but he just could not.  The pathetic excuse we got, the computer can’t key in a special request.  We ordered what we could; the food was tasty.  We moved on to dessert. The banana pudding was outstanding and the red velvet cake was how it’s supposed to taste.  I do not understand the red velvet cake, but I do understand the rest of the world loves it.  Being adventurous we also ordered the Coca Cola cupcake to honor our meal in the ATL.  Well someone else must have gotten the cupcake because our table was served a brick disguised as a cute little dessert.  So the moral of this story is, West Egg needs to keep their eggs on the stove just a tad longer; no one likes runny scrambled eggs. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hair Soft As Clouds

I do not know why I did not immediatly post this here.  Last night I let my Examiner readers in on my new favorite hair treatment.  Its amazeballs, and is so affordable.  What is it you ask?  Well it is Pantene’s Professional Level Damage Ampoules and it will only run you 8 bucks from your local drug store. Pantene offers two Ampoules one for Medium-Thick hair and another for Curly Hair.  After shampooing take one ampoule and apply it to your hair.  In just five minutes time hair will never look better.  Pantene uses a potent amino-polymer formula to work fast by structurally reinforcing and helping to repair hair along its weakest spots.  Do I know what an amino-polymer formula is?  Absolutley not, but do I like what it does?  Hell yes!  The professional level formula smooths the hair cuticle, protecting it from micro-fractures and breakage.  Dry hair is strengthened and is no able to withhold damage and breakage.  When hair dries it is soft and light as a cloud.  Color looks rich and shine is restored.   Unlike other deep conditioning treatments, hair is not oily within eight hours of use.  Even after stroking your new healthy hair it will stay clean. It feeds hair the nutrients it so desperately needs.  After use hair is much more manageable which is what every busy woman so desperately needs.    The benefits of the Ampoules last; days after using the treatment hair will still feel soft. Trust me get to the Duane Reade, Target, CVS and buy these ampoule.  I accept almost anything in the form of thank yous. 
Image via Pantene

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Spare Me One

So if you follow me on twitter you will see I am no longer Living the Life...on a budget in New York City. I've taken the mantra to a new extreme as a poor grad student down in Nashville, TN. However, when I was up in NYC trying to live that life I always wanted to get together with friends and hit up the bowling alley. Like everything in NYC bowling was redonkulously expensive, as in $24 for one round. No thanks.  Take a trip off the island and head to Astoria for some king pin action at Astoria Bowl.  They have some amazing specials that go on throughout the whole week.  On Sundays from ten in the morning to one in the afternoon, you can bowl for just a buck.  That is less than a subway ride, a dirty water dog, or a pack of gum.  Then at night $1 games resume from nine until midnight.  Looking for midweek action?  Tuesday and Thursday nights, the Astoria Bowl has the same buck special from 9 until 12.  There is also a practice special, which you need to all ahead before showing up.  You can get 2 hours of bowling for $10 based on availability.  Celebrate your birthday at Astoria Bowl and if you are with a group of 10 or more, those fun bowling shoes are on the house.  Bowling is a great alternative when you do not want to participate in your standard evening fare.  Change it up and send one down the alley.  Also on your way back pick up a gyro at BZ Grill, you won't be disappointed.
Image via Jonathan Keelty

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Glow From The Outside In

Every New York woman should have a make up set in her beauty arsenal.  When time is of the essence it is the easiest thing to grab because it has all the essentials.  For example, tarte’s  Glow Your Way To Gorgeous 8-pc Maracuja & Clay Collection available through QVC is a great investment at under $55.  If you were to individually purchase the contents of the kit it would set you back almost $200.  It is an eight piece collection to help ladies keep that glow throughout the summer without having to worry that her make up will melt off in this New York summer heat.  The high quality ingredients of the Amazonian clay and pure maracuia oil aid in that rejuvenated and re-energized inner glow.  To use effectively start with the Maracuja Creaseless Concealer which comes in three shades.  With the blush brush that is included swipe on the Amazonian Clay blush for a hint of shimmer.  For the eyes there is a cream shadow that is to be used with the included brush to pat the cream on, and then intensify the eye with the SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Liner for a smoky effect.  Add the finishing touch with the Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara, which is a favorite among beauty addicts because you get voluminous lashes.  A beautiful blush toned, shimmery LipSurgence Natural Lip Luster is included which puts the final touch on the whole look from the kit.  This complete kit is perfect kit to grab if a last minute trip to the Hamptons is in order, you will be set to jet off.
The Glow Your Way To Gorgeous 8-pc Maracuja & Clay Collection is only available on, but Tarte cosmetics can be purchased at Sephora locations throughout New York. 
Image via

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not Your Average Joe

Heading to the Hamptons in the summer you would expect to pay through the nose for everything. Example, tomatoes at the Amagansett Farmer's market were 5.99 a pound. Could they be THAT good?  Then on a sweltering morning after purchasing the above tomatoes (yes they were that good) my mom and I headed into East Hampton.  In the mood to just browse we walked into Joe Fresh.  With its white washed floors, sparsely merchandised racks, we were expecting just to browse.  I was floored by the price tag of what I expected to be expensive basics: a simple fold over skirt for less than 20, ribbed tanks for 8. These are Old Navy prices without the disgusting messy dressing room.  Everything is merchandised on the racks by color with various styles from flowy dresses to to chic eyelet button-downs.  Sizes run the gamut, and there is a style for everyone.  I just came out with a ribbed tank, but had that simple $20 dress come in any other color than grey I would probably be wearing it as I write this.  Nothing was over $70, and the lowest priced item were the $4 flip flops.  The company is Canadian based, and the East Hampton shop is just a pop up. Don't fret that you won't be able to catch the Jitney before Labor day, Joe Fresh is opening this fall in Manhattan.  There will be even more variety than what this little shop has.  In the mean time lose yourself in the the website before the shop opens.
image via Joe Fresh

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Latest and Greatest Giveaway

Ladies and gents, I am so excited to tell you about the giveaway I am hosting over on my beauty column on Examiner.  Last month I attended the Clarisonic Evolution of Skin Care Event where I was reminded about what a break through the Clarisonic brush has been for washing our faces.  If you follow me on twitter, you know how obsessed I am with mine.  Since I have started using mine on a regular basis my skin is smoother, clearer, and overall more radiant.  The Clarisonic was created by the inventor who brought is the ever so popular Sonicare toothbrush, just like its predecessor the Clarisonic has been bringing professional skincare technology into the home since 1995.  There are many options from the classic to the travel ready Mia, they are so fashionable too that Sephora’s through New York sell a Jaguar Clarisonic.  The system uses 300 movements per second of a gentle sonic micro massage to deeply clean while lightly exfoliating. Makeup is removed, pores shrink, and skin tone improves in about 60 seconds a day.  It is so thorough that moisturizers and self tanners will work that more effectively.  The Clarisonic is a necessary luxury for beautiful skin.  After just a weeks use, your skin will thank you.  Guess what, I am giving away not one, but TWO Clarisonic Mias for you and a friend.  Head over to my article on Examiner and enter the contest.  All you have to do is tell me why your friend deserves a Clarisonic MiaEnter here and tell all your friends, she may surprise you as the lucky recipient.    

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dinner Tonight? Of Course I'm Hungry

Would you rather slave over a hot stove for a meal that lasts five minutes or have a leisurely meal in a restaurant.  Well cooking is more cost effective, but there are a million dinning deals out there.  There are group deals, codes that are texted to the phone, or even free redemption.  It is so hard to remember to print out the voucher, or find the text message in the mess that is your phone.  Then there is Dine Tonight, a new site that the savings are automatically taken off the bill when you arrive.  Head to their website and reserve a table for the place you will be dining at.  The restaurant will be notified that you will be dining there and when the bill comes the percentage of savings is reduced.  The savings are unlimited; the more hungry or "thirsty" you are the more is taken off the bill.  When you reserve a table you will know how much your tab will be reduced by.  Dining alone or with everyone of your twitter followers, the size of the group does not matter either.  If you choose the later, maybe you would want to warn the restaurant.  Love a place?  Come back for seconds, thirds and 100 more times because you can benefit the discount over and over again.  Now that you are hungry, figure out where you want to start chowing down and saving money. 
Image via austinevan

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Culture To Welcome Me Back

So looks like I took all of April off.  I am simply embarrassed, but I took a much needed vacation and dedicated my energy to get ready for it, have fun on it and then simply deal with the withdrawal symptoms of facing reality.  What better way to get back in the game than with a little art work.  Beginning tomorrow in New York City the 10th Annual Spring Affordable Art Fair will open its doors at 7 West 34th Street.  Here you will be able to find art from over 75 galleries exhibiting original art work.  Prices start at just $100 for amazing original pieces.  This is a great way for first time collectors to get their feet wet, or the seasoned buyer to see what the fresh talent is out there.  There is everything from paintings, sculptures, photographs and mixed media works.  Starting tomorrow, admission to the fair is free from 6-8, which is just an added bonus.  Head over and look at the art work, go home and think about it.  Since you cannot stop thinking about it head back with your check book and proudly hang that original art work on the wall.  When you come back you will have to pay for admissions.  This is an excellent opportunity to support talent and beautify your home.         
Image via mcdlttx

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's All Greek To Me

Manhattanites are notorious for never leaving the island.  Well this weekend, me and two girlfriends broke the mold and headed to Astoria for a late lunch.  What do you eat when you go to Astoria?  Greek food, duh.  Not knowing where to start I consulted a co-worker who lives out there where to go.  From her list of amazing options we picked the restaurant with the most stars on Yelp.  So off to Taverna Kyclades we went.  At 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon we arrived and put our name on the list.  It was an hour wait which I assumed was not actually horrible for a place with over 350 reviews online.  How could we deny this Greek pleasure.  To kill time we got $6 manicures before our feast.  As we were drying the hostess called us to let us know the table was ready instead of giving it to the next eager diners.  Starving we popped in to our table that was waiting for us.  To start the meal off all Greek we ordered $2 Greek Beers.  Not knowing what to order we got everything from the menu.  Between the three of us, we ordered calamari, various dips, a Greek salad, and kebabs.  Served family style we passed the plates around tasting everything.  Of course there were plenty of leftovers (aka the best lunch ever).   While we digested for a good amount of time we got our check.  Someone must have dropped their jaw because it was $48 for all that food we just got.  Not only was our feast beyond inexpensive no one rushed us out.  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon meal.  Additionally Monday through Saturday  Taverna Kyclades offers a lunch menu where nothing is over $10.  I can imagine that the portions are just as plentiful.  If you can't get to the Mykonos this summer, just take the N train to the end of the line. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Giveaway: $20 worth of Food from All Menus

Come home from a long day at work, then hit the gym, but then you get home and its already time for bed.  There is hardly any time for dinner, let alone cook it.  This is where you hit up the website All Menus.  With over with over 255,000 menus across the country available to search online there are plenty of options to figure out exactly what to eat.  Just like online shopping, diners see what restaurants will deliver in their neighbor hood, read reviews and submit the order.  Then the restaurant starts prepping your meal.  Gone are the days of calling up the Chinese restaurant ordering lo mien and getting fried rice instead.  There is no miscommunication because the restaurants get a notification that you are hungry and need your food STAT. 
Guess what, I have a gift for you, well my friends at Signpost do.  They have been nice enough to sponsor a giveaway from  Here is your chance to try out All Menus by wining a $20 credit to the site.  Signpost is currently offering a great deal for All Menus, where for $10 you can buy $20 worth of food.  In addition, there are other deals for purchase from Signpost, like a Hair Glossing Treatment  worth $50 for only $25 or even $65 for $275 worth of dental checkup.  Also search the site for all sorts of deals that you do not have to shell anything out for.  Remember, I told y'all about the splendor of Signpost?  If not, click for a refresher

To enter: In the comments please tell me what craving you would satisfy by using All Menus
(please leave an individual comment for each entry).  Please leave a valid email address if you haven’t linked to a blog in your comment.
For extra entries:
Sign Up for Signpost and comment with your user name
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Details: This giveaway ends Sunday, March 20th, Midnight EST.

Winner will be picked at random via

I am pleased to announce that a winner has been choosen.  Congrats Evie!

This $20 coupon code must be used in full and can be applied towards any purchase on in NYC and its five boroughs. To redeem, place an order on and when you select payment method during checkout, you’ll want to apply this code in the box where it asks for a gift card or key code. 
Image via Muffet

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Laura Geller's Not So Secret Sale

In the world of beauty it is rare for there to be a sale on favorite products. When there is do not hesitate to stock up. Run and load up on the best brands out there. Starting March 5th at her Upper East Side Location and online, Laura Geller is holding a not so secret sale. This is a one day sale, so block out time this weekend to be free. All products are 30% off; everything including signature items such as Baked Cosmetics, Spackle, Real Deal and Whipped Collections. Even spring product is included. Laura Geller is known for innovative products and wearable colors. Her make up is for real women operating in the real world. If one thing is on the list, make sure it is Laura Geller’s amazing Spackle Under Make-up Primer. It is the perfect base for applying make up. It smoothes skin, refines pores, and holds foundation long into the day.  This product, hands down will change your life.  In addition, to Laura’s own line enjoy 15% off her personal favorite items from fragrant Votivo candles and accessories from Lulu Guinness and Stephanie Johnson. If New York City is way too far away, the sale will also be held online.
Laura Geller
1044 Lexington Ave (betw 74th and 75th Street)
New York, NY 10021

Image via Laura Geller

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going Bonanza

It's almost that time. Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Go through your closets, drawers, corners, and storage to purge everything you will never use or wear again. There are a plethora of options where to get rid of everything. There is good will, a clothing swap, or Bonanza. Haven't heard of this site before I see. Well similar to ebay and etsy, Bonanza is a market place to sell all your fashions that you no longer will be rocking. Snap a pic of your cardi, write a small description, and list the item. You set the price, so there is no bidding. I first heard of this mecca from the lovely Rosa behind Love at First Shop and new instantly the lovelies who LTLOAB need to know about this site.  This is a place where you can find that dress you were coveting, or those pumps from two seasons back.  Sellers list their items at what they deem a fair price and hope that someone agrees.  But if this is not the case buyers and sellers can negotiate and come to a happy medium.  The seller can determine if they want to enable the best offer option.  Posting an item is free, but when it sells Bonanza will take a very small amount.  There is no expiration dates, except for rush sales, but no need to be at the computer at the most random time to make sure that you are the highest bidder.  Spend time browsing to see what you really want.  Now that you know the beauty of this site and that one man's trash is another's treasure spend the weekend cleaning out that closet.  

Whatever hatred saves the number.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Send Me to London

So I hate to ask my readers for a favor, but this one really means a lot to me.  I have entered a contest through Facebook where I could win a trip to London.  Flavorpill is giving away a trip to London Town to the person who has the most votes, which could possibly be me.  There is a condition that I need to have the most votes.  So I ask that you do me this one small favor, please click this link, and leave a comment, any old comment will do.  Maybe you could even tell all your friends about it.  There is no need to like the page, no need to give up your privacy.  It would be so cool if I won this trip.  As a thank you to all my readers I will do budget friendly research when I go over there.  I will look for all the places where your wallet won't be drained of pounds.  If I win, I promise to run a contest of some loot from London town I think everyone needs in their life.  There is a real chance that I could win this.  Make a girl's dream come true and send me back across the pond.  I will love all my readers forever.  Pretty please with scones and clotted cream on top will you give me your vote.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Go Skiing, on the Grass

Yes!  It is finally getting warmer.  Here is to open toed shoes, sun dresses and picnics in the park.  I can stand proud and say I will not miss winter at all.  I may even be getting ahead of myself.  Then there are some of you who will actually miss this weather. Ice skating, snowball fights and skiing.  Well come spring, you do not have to fly to the southern hemishpere to enjoy summer skiing.  In Basye, Virgina winter sports enthusiasts can keep up at their favorite activities throughout the year by Grass Skiing or Boarding.  A very athletic activity where you will burn some major calories.  From June on Bryse Resort offers this unique and eccentric activity.  Wearing just a helmet and some other protective gear first time riders will meet with a instructor to get a understanding of the sport.  It takes a little time to get adjusted from snow skis to grass skis or boards.  They are basically oversized skateboards.  Up the chair lift you go, then down.  Repeat.  Your first time down the mountain requirees a mandatory boarding or skiing package which includes lesson, lift ticket, skis or boards, pads & helmet.  Then once you get the hang of it a lift ticket is only $12 and rentals are $13.  What a great way to stay cool while doing winters greatest activities without the biting cold.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Munching on Maoz

From my recent tweets you may have caught wind of my latest obsession. Yes I think 16 Handles may have to share the spotlight.  I never thought I would say that I am constantly craving a vegetarian dish. My mom would be so proud. So what is this place you ask? Its called Maoz.  Its a falafel joint that serves up delicious, fresh, fast food.  I discovered this place while I was visiting Madrid when I lived abroad. But since I've been back stateside I knew I could eat at Maoz but never did. To be honest, I really did not like Falafels.  But last week starving after one of my many events (yes, I'm that important) I passed by a Maoz near Columbia.  So hungry and practicing my mantra of "you never know if you don't try" I walked in.  Serving only falafels in either a pita or on top of a salad maoz customers can customize their dish at the unlimited toppings bar. With the freshest ingredients meals can be topped with veggies and other Mediterranean delights.  There are meal deals available too.  For under $10, you can get a Falafell, soda and fries.  To your hearts content you can add as many healthy toppings to your meal.  Some of the best are the roasted broccoli and cauliflower and the chick pea salad.  Maoz has multiple US locations, so I know if I am ever on the road (which I am not) I can get my fix.  I am warning you, I will probably be hitting it up tomorrow night after another events.  When a Falafel pits is under $7 with all those toppings, its hard to say no.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Free Hair

New York City may have more celebrity salons then there are Crumbs Bake Shops. Once a celeb is connected to their uber hairstylist the ability to book an appointment in their salons becomes almost as possible as mastering astrophysics. To add insult to injury as the popularity rises the prices follow suit.  One can wait for a covet appointment to open up or get services during a training night.  Fredrick Fekkai has an extensive model program where participants can have their hair cut and colored by advanced students.  Potential hair models have the option for stylists in training to test their skills of what they have learned from cut, color and style.  The above link leads to a form for potential models to see if they qualify.  After submitting a coordinator will contact participants with dates when certain free services will be offered.  The program runs on a constant basis and Fekkai is always looking for models.  There are three salon’s in Manhattan where there is potential to be a model.  Due to the model program services take a bit more time than when a standard appoint is booked.  This accounts for when the teacher checks the student’s progress and execution.  Services are not skimped.  Models are treated like paying customers where they are treated like royalty with relaxing head massages when shampooing and night time ready blowouts using the famed Fredrick Fekkai products. 

Looking at my finances, I could no longer rock my Carrie Bradshaw roots but I could not afford to shell out the cash for new color.  I signed up for the program and was able to book an appointment soon after.  I was greeted by the Stylist in training Kara, who was more than nice.  She hadn't been affected by the blase attitude that plagues some of the divas working in the salon.  I was about to experience biolage highlights which are painted on and not foiled on.  In between layers hair is sepreated by saran wrap which can become very calstrophobic and hot.  But the misery was well worth it.  Kara finished her work and blew my hair out.  Sign up from the link above; Fekkai has salons all over the country.  Just to remind y'all I am truely living my life on a budget, I got $245 worth of highlights for free.  Now beat that.
Pics (l to r): Saran wrap highlights; finished product.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brunch Basket

Pot Luck Brunch Spread

 New Yorkers know how to brunch. We have made a sport of it. Every Saturday and Sunday we lazily get ready and eat our first meal at 1 pm. Also we have our 1st cocktail then too. Then there are those cold winter days where getting out of bed is our last option. This is why last Sunday I decided to switch up my normal brunch routine. Instead of trekking downtown for cold eggs Benedict and watery mimosas I threw a pot luck brunch for me and my girlfriends. Everyone was responsible for one thing whether it was a dish or being in charge of the varied mimosa and Bellini options.

Mimosas and Bloody Mary's

 There were egg dishes, bagels, and all other things for a mini feast. As we all sat quietly, because we were enjoying the delicious dishes the girl talk followed. We sat leisurely for the whole afternoon making the best of a Sunday. Although not better than quality girl time was the fact at how comparable in price brunch was , if not cheaper than all the restos hawking dry french toast. We sat for hours; there was no annoyed waiters to rush us out.  If we got full we could unbuckle our jeans.  I write this post because I highly suggest you change up that weekend routine for the same event with a different beat.  Being that pot luck was such a delicious success this is going to become a regular with the girls.

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