Thursday, February 17, 2011

Let's Go Skiing, on the Grass

Yes!  It is finally getting warmer.  Here is to open toed shoes, sun dresses and picnics in the park.  I can stand proud and say I will not miss winter at all.  I may even be getting ahead of myself.  Then there are some of you who will actually miss this weather. Ice skating, snowball fights and skiing.  Well come spring, you do not have to fly to the southern hemishpere to enjoy summer skiing.  In Basye, Virgina winter sports enthusiasts can keep up at their favorite activities throughout the year by Grass Skiing or Boarding.  A very athletic activity where you will burn some major calories.  From June on Bryse Resort offers this unique and eccentric activity.  Wearing just a helmet and some other protective gear first time riders will meet with a instructor to get a understanding of the sport.  It takes a little time to get adjusted from snow skis to grass skis or boards.  They are basically oversized skateboards.  Up the chair lift you go, then down.  Repeat.  Your first time down the mountain requirees a mandatory boarding or skiing package which includes lesson, lift ticket, skis or boards, pads & helmet.  Then once you get the hang of it a lift ticket is only $12 and rentals are $13.  What a great way to stay cool while doing winters greatest activities without the biting cold.

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Kristin said...

Viva la open toed shoes! LOVING this weather!