Saturday, February 26, 2011

Send Me to London

So I hate to ask my readers for a favor, but this one really means a lot to me.  I have entered a contest through Facebook where I could win a trip to London.  Flavorpill is giving away a trip to London Town to the person who has the most votes, which could possibly be me.  There is a condition that I need to have the most votes.  So I ask that you do me this one small favor, please click this link, and leave a comment, any old comment will do.  Maybe you could even tell all your friends about it.  There is no need to like the page, no need to give up your privacy.  It would be so cool if I won this trip.  As a thank you to all my readers I will do budget friendly research when I go over there.  I will look for all the places where your wallet won't be drained of pounds.  If I win, I promise to run a contest of some loot from London town I think everyone needs in their life.  There is a real chance that I could win this.  Make a girl's dream come true and send me back across the pond.  I will love all my readers forever.  Pretty please with scones and clotted cream on top will you give me your vote.

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