Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going Bonanza

It's almost that time. Spring cleaning is just around the corner. Go through your closets, drawers, corners, and storage to purge everything you will never use or wear again. There are a plethora of options where to get rid of everything. There is good will, a clothing swap, or Bonanza. Haven't heard of this site before I see. Well similar to ebay and etsy, Bonanza is a market place to sell all your fashions that you no longer will be rocking. Snap a pic of your cardi, write a small description, and list the item. You set the price, so there is no bidding. I first heard of this mecca from the lovely Rosa behind Love at First Shop and new instantly the lovelies who LTLOAB need to know about this site.  This is a place where you can find that dress you were coveting, or those pumps from two seasons back.  Sellers list their items at what they deem a fair price and hope that someone agrees.  But if this is not the case buyers and sellers can negotiate and come to a happy medium.  The seller can determine if they want to enable the best offer option.  Posting an item is free, but when it sells Bonanza will take a very small amount.  There is no expiration dates, except for rush sales, but no need to be at the computer at the most random time to make sure that you are the highest bidder.  Spend time browsing to see what you really want.  Now that you know the beauty of this site and that one man's trash is another's treasure spend the weekend cleaning out that closet.  

Whatever hatred saves the number.


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