Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's All Greek To Me

Manhattanites are notorious for never leaving the island.  Well this weekend, me and two girlfriends broke the mold and headed to Astoria for a late lunch.  What do you eat when you go to Astoria?  Greek food, duh.  Not knowing where to start I consulted a co-worker who lives out there where to go.  From her list of amazing options we picked the restaurant with the most stars on Yelp.  So off to Taverna Kyclades we went.  At 2:30 on a Sunday afternoon we arrived and put our name on the list.  It was an hour wait which I assumed was not actually horrible for a place with over 350 reviews online.  How could we deny this Greek pleasure.  To kill time we got $6 manicures before our feast.  As we were drying the hostess called us to let us know the table was ready instead of giving it to the next eager diners.  Starving we popped in to our table that was waiting for us.  To start the meal off all Greek we ordered $2 Greek Beers.  Not knowing what to order we got everything from the menu.  Between the three of us, we ordered calamari, various dips, a Greek salad, and kebabs.  Served family style we passed the plates around tasting everything.  Of course there were plenty of leftovers (aka the best lunch ever).   While we digested for a good amount of time we got our check.  Someone must have dropped their jaw because it was $48 for all that food we just got.  Not only was our feast beyond inexpensive no one rushed us out.  It was the perfect Sunday afternoon meal.  Additionally Monday through Saturday  Taverna Kyclades offers a lunch menu where nothing is over $10.  I can imagine that the portions are just as plentiful.  If you can't get to the Mykonos this summer, just take the N train to the end of the line. 


Cindy Waffles said...

There's so many good eats in Astoria. I've never been to Taverna Kyclades, but I'll have to check it out some time. Love grape leaves, spinach pies, and kebabs!

Kristin said...

Mmmmmmm, I am so in love with greek food!

featherfactor said...

Mmm this place sounds delicious (and don't you love it when you are pleasantly surprised by the check?) I'll have to check this place out sometime!