Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its Always 5 O'clock Here

So if you are not as fortunate as me to win a happy hour for 50 of my closest friends at every establishment I drop my business card in there are other ways to enjoy a post work drink for less than the asking price. All you need in your possession is an I'm Not At Work card. At over 80 bars and restaurants in New York City this card opens discounts not avaliable to the rest of the general public, keeping happy hour a 24 hour occurance.  By purchasing this little card you have access to some sick discounts on food and drinks.  At Chelsea Brewing Company you get 10% off food and drinks all the time.  Throw back $1 drafts at The Bullpen.  Those are examples of some of the amazing deals this card opens up.  Have the card, but do not see your favorite watering hole?  Tell the manager to get on his game and offer exclusive discounts.  Thanks to this little wallet addition, there is never a reason to pay in full for a drink.        

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wear It Like You Mean It

So there are those outfits you think you look hot in, but you need someone's honest opinion about it.  Sometimes our friends do not want to hurt our feelings so they just say it looks fine.  Then there are the boyfriends who know that the only answer to respond with is "Yes, you look beautiful."  For example, the outfit to the left has just a tad too much going on.  In reality you need and unadulterated, honest opinion that you actually look divine in your over the top fur vest.  Thanks to this great new invention of social media and the Internet, Go Try It On is your answer to what exactly you should walk out the door in.  If your in the dressing room and are thinking, should I buy this, just snap a photo, post it to the site and let the answers pour in.  Give a blurb about where exactly you would wear this, why you want to wear it etc.  Is it for a date, job interview, girls night out?  Basically, pour your heart out about this frock.  Then you share this info, which will be featured on the home page for users to review and give you advice.  As the feedback rolls in you will be able to decide if this will be your go to outfit, or you are going straight to Goodwill.  Now that you have your honest best friend at your fingertips now, you will never have a day looking bad on the street. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So there are somethings I take for granted and assume everyone knows. One of these things are the coins hibernating in your couch creases is money just like those greenbacks filling your wallet.  When you have accumulated enough they actually add up. This maybe an extreme but from high school through college I filled a Costco sized animal cracker vat with coins. Heavy yes, that's the understatement of the year. I took, more like dragged my teddy bear of coins to what is now TD Bank, where they or shall I say computer will count your coin for free. Not like Coinstar which charges about 8% of your total; can we say rip off?  So the machiene counts, spits out European coins you thought were pennies, then prints you a grand total. Take your recpit up to the counter, grab a lolly (no matter the color they are all cherry flavored), and the teller will had you stacks of cash.  See all those coins really do add up.  TD bank may be regional but you can probably bet that your bank too will gladly trade you.  Just ask them, you can only gain a fabulous pair of new boots.  So now tell me, what would you spend this sudden windfall on?
Image via Corrine Brown

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Parisian on The Upper East Side

Image via cherrylet
Tickets to Paris, on the pricey side.  So the only way for me to get back is participate in French like activities: wear breton stripe shirts and black ankle pants, have a slight attitude, and eat excessive amounts of cheese washed down with gallons of wine.  On that gastro note I finally redeemed my groupon for the Yorkville Creperie this weekend. I stumbled upon it over a year ago when enjoying a very good Springsteen cover band next door.  Being located on York Ave and me lazy never made it east for a short gastro trip to Paris. On this beautiful fall weekend we made plans to get our crepe on. The dark wood floors, brick walls and chalk boards covered in specials add to that homey french flair.  The menu has both extensive options for both sweet and savory crepes.  If you can't find exactly what you like feel free to make your own. There are salads and paninis if crepes are not exactly your thing. Each night after 5pm the creperie offers a different special; everything from two for one drinks to $15 for an entree and cocktail. Your meal may last only a short period of time but the quality of ingredients and care put into your meal will transport you to that little sunlit cafe with a few outdoor tables.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Velvet Rope

Some trends are easy to adopt in full force: Military. Others not so much: velvet. When I saw this cascading down the runway I admit I was on the fence. I loved it on all these lithe models but really could not see myself incorporating it into my daily wardrobe. Its either too fancy and I am not going to any balls or galas in the near future. Or it was too heavy; the last thing I want to do is futz with my dress. Then the bell went off. Sometimes go small or go home is the way to go. The best way is to start of in the accessories department.  Always starting with the toes, shoes pack the trendiest punch.  With a pop of color and a lot of luxe, the Asos Luxe Velvet Bow Ballerina is the best way to dip into this trend.  The jewel tone is bright enough to add a twist to your boring blacks, browns and greys.  They are sweet and innocent for your very adorable girly attire.  As the days get colder, your head is going to need some adornment.  I find this BLUI hat to be an interesting style but have great function.  For some reason it reminds me of Elmer Fudd's hunting cap in an incredibly wearable, functional, and oh so cool way.  There are even cool accessories sporting Velvet details.  Anthropologie's Plush Bangle, which is conveniently on sale, has it going on.  There is ruching, color and everything in a small little bracelet.  So remember when trying to be trendy, start small, and then work up to embracing a gown like the one above.       

Friday, October 8, 2010

Meat Mondays

When was the last time you went out for a steak dinner and paid for it.  Never, unless we are talking about the hockey puck I prepared last week with discount meat from Trader Joe's.  Stop worrying, my health is great, he he.  Now thanks to the Food Network's The Best Thing I Ever Ate, I can now afford a huge steak dinner on Monday nights for $15.  At The Butcher Shop Steakhouse in Memphis and around the south, each Monday they offer their epic special.  Where just a rib eye costs $25 on any regular night, you can have that with a baked potato and a salad for ten bucks off the asking price.  You most def are getting your money's worth.  This maybe the best steal and a half because just go to your butcher and your uncooked steak will ring up to the same price.  After the manic Monday you are probably going to have this is the best way to end the day with a meal you do not have to cook or clean.  Now when the bill comes, do not be shy, pull out your plastic and treat your party to a meal to remember.           

Thursday, October 7, 2010

There Is Always A Second Way In

So you hear about all these events. They range from charity to food fests. You want to participate but then after a quick research you clearly cannot afford the price of admission, even if it is for a good cause. You need to pay your electric before you can dance with the stars under the stars on a 100 foot yacht. There is another way to get your foot in the door. Well guess what, some friends and I are doing just that this weekend. The annual New York Food and Wine Festival is coming to town this weekend.  Being the not so secret foodie, I yearned to afford tickets.  No go, my small wallet put that to a screeching halt. Then it was brought to my attention that I could volunteer to work these sorts of events.  Granted I won't get to enjoy it leisurely but I jumped at the chance to see what all these things are about. This week we got our assignments, none the same but they are all pretty darn cool.  There is a chance we will get to sight our favorite Food Network stars or maybe even get to enjoy the food that is being served. All in all if nothing comes of it we will be helping the Food Bank for New York City. This is a great way to do something different with your time. Normally my weekends are filled with shopping, errands and brunch. This is a way to break it up  your routine while having a fun time. Go find what big events are coming to town and see how you can get involved.  Added bonus is the volunteer t shirt I will now be sporting at the gym.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boost Your Avalibility

 This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let's face it its time to admit your addictions, to your phone.  Let's just say I face a bought with anxiety whenever I leave mine sitting on my night table in the mornings. I am one of those fancy people, or let's just say overly connected who has a smart phone to tweet, update, BBM whenever I am lucky enough to get service.  When I am stuck on the subway I am playing by 6,000th game of Solitaire.  These phones can get expensive; Boost Mobile is a great way to get the perks of a smart phone whitout draining your wallet and battery.  To make it even easier they have introduced the Re-Boost program.  It is a method to add funds to your cell prior to use.  Like a gift card, your cell will only work if there are funds to keep it up and running.  There are super easy ways to make sure you never loose touch with the twit-o-sphere.  You can pay online, in person or by the phone; 3 options, super easy.  Sometimes forgetful?  Set up your plastic for automatic payments.  Great for if you consistently use the same amount of minutes per month.  What's amazing about Boost is their phone options.  There is the ever popular Blackberry, which are no longer just for business anymore.  For $60 a month you can call nationwide, text, browse the web, email etc on an unlimited basis.  There is the i1 Motorolo as well.  This one is awesome since its powered by Android.  That means applications up the wazoo.  These are great for you to check in on four square, update your Twitter or write on your bestie's Facebook wall.  You will never be disconnected from your world or out of the loop about who just who became mayor of their dry cleaner.  Being in the know is your game and you can still be on top of it with Boost Mobile.  You know I am constantly updating, just look at my twitter feed.  Usually its from my trusty cell because all the web applications are a bit to confusing for me.  For a simple price you can have that great Facebook and other social connectivity for a monthly price.  Talk, talk, talk, tweet, tweet, tweet because you can at a low monthly price.       

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Get The Shecky Out of Here

Us girls need a little time with our friends. Whether its eating raw cookie dough out of the tube or dressed to the nines getting down on the dance floor its always better when your best friends are along side.  But what's the best activity to do with a gaggle of girls? Shop, duh.  Across the country Schecky's makes this easier with their Girls Night Out events.  Touring the country, these events make an appearance for about 3 days bringing joy to every attendee.  Sponsored by major brands, your price of admission opens you up to a shopping event of up-and-coming designer names from across the country.  While shopping enjoy complimentary cocktails and mini makeovers.  At the New York event which I will be attending this week I am looking forward to browsing jewelry from Claudia Gill Designs and see what 5th and Madison has to offer.  In addition to shopping I am going to need something to sustain me.  And what is better than food and drink.  At the end of the night, attendees get to tote home an amazing gift bag worth well over the price of admission.  It has everything from books to cosmetics.  Find out when they will be holding their event in your town.  Grab a gaggle of girls and go laugh the night away. 
Image via Annie Mole