Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its Always 5 O'clock Here

So if you are not as fortunate as me to win a happy hour for 50 of my closest friends at every establishment I drop my business card in there are other ways to enjoy a post work drink for less than the asking price. All you need in your possession is an I'm Not At Work card. At over 80 bars and restaurants in New York City this card opens discounts not avaliable to the rest of the general public, keeping happy hour a 24 hour occurance.  By purchasing this little card you have access to some sick discounts on food and drinks.  At Chelsea Brewing Company you get 10% off food and drinks all the time.  Throw back $1 drafts at The Bullpen.  Those are examples of some of the amazing deals this card opens up.  Have the card, but do not see your favorite watering hole?  Tell the manager to get on his game and offer exclusive discounts.  Thanks to this little wallet addition, there is never a reason to pay in full for a drink.        

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Kristin said...

Another reason why it must rock to live in NYC!