Monday, October 25, 2010

Wear It Like You Mean It

So there are those outfits you think you look hot in, but you need someone's honest opinion about it.  Sometimes our friends do not want to hurt our feelings so they just say it looks fine.  Then there are the boyfriends who know that the only answer to respond with is "Yes, you look beautiful."  For example, the outfit to the left has just a tad too much going on.  In reality you need and unadulterated, honest opinion that you actually look divine in your over the top fur vest.  Thanks to this great new invention of social media and the Internet, Go Try It On is your answer to what exactly you should walk out the door in.  If your in the dressing room and are thinking, should I buy this, just snap a photo, post it to the site and let the answers pour in.  Give a blurb about where exactly you would wear this, why you want to wear it etc.  Is it for a date, job interview, girls night out?  Basically, pour your heart out about this frock.  Then you share this info, which will be featured on the home page for users to review and give you advice.  As the feedback rolls in you will be able to decide if this will be your go to outfit, or you are going straight to Goodwill.  Now that you have your honest best friend at your fingertips now, you will never have a day looking bad on the street. 

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