Thursday, October 7, 2010

There Is Always A Second Way In

So you hear about all these events. They range from charity to food fests. You want to participate but then after a quick research you clearly cannot afford the price of admission, even if it is for a good cause. You need to pay your electric before you can dance with the stars under the stars on a 100 foot yacht. There is another way to get your foot in the door. Well guess what, some friends and I are doing just that this weekend. The annual New York Food and Wine Festival is coming to town this weekend.  Being the not so secret foodie, I yearned to afford tickets.  No go, my small wallet put that to a screeching halt. Then it was brought to my attention that I could volunteer to work these sorts of events.  Granted I won't get to enjoy it leisurely but I jumped at the chance to see what all these things are about. This week we got our assignments, none the same but they are all pretty darn cool.  There is a chance we will get to sight our favorite Food Network stars or maybe even get to enjoy the food that is being served. All in all if nothing comes of it we will be helping the Food Bank for New York City. This is a great way to do something different with your time. Normally my weekends are filled with shopping, errands and brunch. This is a way to break it up  your routine while having a fun time. Go find what big events are coming to town and see how you can get involved.  Added bonus is the volunteer t shirt I will now be sporting at the gym.

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